New albums and singles preview – 2008 June week 1

Sung Shi Kyung Vol. 6 – Here In My Heart (June 12)
1. Here In My Heart
2. Anywhere
3. Comes To Be Beautiful
4. Goodbye My Love
5. Lost Things
6. A Dance With You
7. Baby You Are Beautiful
8. Dazzling Proposal
9. To Love
10. Picnic
11. You Are So…

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“A sincere and simple piece of work done together with the best singers and songwriters”

▶ The “ballad prince” with a contemplative tone of voice has returned

Singer Sung Shi Kyung, known as the “ballad prince” ever since his debut, has released albums with many great hit songs. He made history as the best ballad singer for the current decade. Songs such as “The Path To Me”, “Like The First Time”, “Smiling Angel”, “You Were Impressive”, “It Would Be Nice”, “Bear To…”, “Two People”, “On The Road” and “Another Break-up” are all hit songs that Sung Shi Kyung has come out with. He wrapped up his promotional activities for his single “Another Break-up” last year and took a long hiatus to prepare and complete his new 6th album. During his hiatus, he looked back on his life and music and was grateful to be able to receive so much love from many of his fans. He felt most grateful and touched when seeing fans come together at his concerts or on tours. He has found out what kind of role he wants to play when he’s performing on stage and what kind of music he truly wants to sing for the rest of his career.

▶ Sung Shi Kyung vs. Yoo Hee Yeol, Sung Shi Kyung vs. Singer-Songwriter

After making it big with his hit song “On The Road” in 2006, it has been exactly a year and 8 months for him to come out with another official album. For this album, Sung Shi Kyung worked together with Yoo Hee Yeol (aka Toy). His title song “Goodbye My Love” is a farewell song that was composed together by Sung Shi Kyung and Yoo Hee Yeol. Although the lyrics are sad, the song itself is quite cheerful and can be seen as another type of love song. This album is special and important to Sung Shi Kyung because it is the last album that will be released before he enlists in the army. The title song is very meaningful because it expresses his gratitude and love, yet sends sad messages out to his fans that they would have to wait for his return. He put all his true feelings into the song. Another song that Yoo Hee Yeol composed in this album is “Here In My Heart”, which is quite similar to the title song, but has more of a folk-ballad style. Many famous singer-songwriters and composers have contributed to this album and Sung Shi Kyung personally produced this album himself, making it even more special. There are a total of 11 tracks in this album that are filled with meaningful words and messages. 2008 can be seen as a highly anticipated year for Sung Shi Kyung. (credits to purpletiger86)


Super Junior Happy – 1st mini album (released)
1 Cooking? Cooking!
2 Pajama Party
3 You and I
4 Sunny
5 Good Luck!!

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Super Junior Happy have come with their first mini album with the title track, Cooking? Cooking! and it’s about a funny episode when a guy eats a meal made by his girlfriend. This fun track is bound to be a hit song this summer. In addition to this song, Pajama Party is a hopeful track about wanting a pajama party with one’s lover. With swing rhythms and guitar melodies, the love song You and I has retro Bokgo beats of the 70’s. Sunny is a disco track while Good Luck! is a medium tempo track which showcases the group’s harmonization. There are a total of 5 tracks in this album. In addition, the album jacket cover is of the pajama party and cooking theme and it includes a 28-page photo-booklet perfect for fans.


Alex Vol. 1 – My Vintage Romance (June 11)
1 All of a Sudden
2 If It’s You
3 Always You (feat. Thomas Cook)
4 Sorry For Making You Wait
5 Tears that Wet the Tip of My Toes
6 Feel Like Making Sunshine
7 Empty Shell Gets Stuck feat. Gaeko from Dynamic Duo
8 Waltz Lesson (feat. Whale)
9 Lover
10 I Love You
11 A Good Day
12 Daydreaming
13 Miss Understand (feat. Simon Doninic)
14 Daisy
15 Flowerpot (Bonus Track)

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Alex debuted in 2002 as part of Clazziquai Prjoect’s first album with Lounge, House, and Electronica music, which wasn’t common in Korea. He has now come back to the music scene with his first solo album, which showcases his romantic and sweet voice. In this album, Alex is to show fans a different side of him with “Elegant Ballad” music, which includes romantic and jazz ballads as well as modern rock. The title track of the album is If It’s You. In addition, artistes such as Dynamic Duo and Whale feature in the album.

Jaurim Vol. 7 – Ruby Sapphire Diamond (June 9)
1. Oh, Honey!
2. Blissful Prince
3. Something Good
4. Drops
5. 20th Century Boys And Girls
6. Firefly
7. Carnival Amour
8. Love Rock’N Roll
9. 27
10. Long Ago
11. The Devil
12. Poor Tom
13. Blue Marble

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Jaurim [Ruby Sapphire Diamond]

Korea’s best rock band have returned with their awaited 7th album [Ruby Sapphire Diamond]. A keyword to best explain Jaurim is “carnival”. Jaurim’s 7th album is filled with a variety of musical tracks. Their title track “Carnival Amour” is an interesting track that will show a different side of Jaurim. Out of all the tracks, “Carnival Amour” is expressed as the most fascinating and sad track in the album. Jaurim have challenged themselves to produce something new and hope the results are satisfying to their fans and music listeners! (credits to purpletiger86)


Battle – Step by Step (June 10)
1 Big Change (feat. Deegie)
2 Step By Step
3 Luv U

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Battle, who released their second single last year in May, have returned a year later with their third single, Step By Step. There are a total of three songs: Big Change, Step By Step, and Luv U. Battle worked with top producers who are responsible for hit songs by Big Bang, SE7EN, Kim Dong Wan, and Son Dam Bi. This single is modeled after New Kids on the Block in the 1990s. The title track, Step By Step, has disco rhythms and is of the electronica genre. Anyone can easily sing along with the song. In addition to this song, Big Change has hip-hop beats. With soft vocals and powerful rap, Luv U has electronica sounds. This album is to hit stores on June 10.


Kim Hyun Jung Vol. 8 – In and Out (June 12)
1. Slight Bang
2. Night Club (Bling Bling)
3. I Love You And I’m Sorry
4. Comeback To Me
5. A Person I See Whenever I Want To
6. Bruise (Remix Version)
7. Slight Bang (Simple Version)
8. Cry And Cry
9. Ashes (Burning The Memories…)
10. Will Be Delighted
11. Want To Rest
12. Bad Habit
13. Several Days Like That
14. Slight Bang (Instrumental)
15. I Love You And I’m Sorry (Instrumental)

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– The original long legged beauty singer “Kim Hyun Jung” has returned after a long hiatus of 3 years with her 8th album.

Kim Hyun Jung is known for her powerful vocal skills and great dance songs that are perfect for the summer. This year, she is back with a totally different music genre. The album title is called “In And Out” and there are a total of 14 tracks (6 ballads, 6 modern rock tracks and 2 MR tracks). The title song “Slight Bang” is a fusion rock track (combination of rock and bokgo style), which is a refreshing track that is quite different from most of Kim Hyun Jung’s dance tracks. To make this album extra special, a remake version of her hit song “Bruise” is included. Kim Hyun Jung’s 7th album is a highly anticipated album of 2008. (credits to purpletiger86)


Bae Chi Gi Vol. 3 – Out Of Control (June 9)
1 Out of Control
2 No.3 (Feat. Sol Flower)
3 You Can’t In a Person’s Presence feat. Han Ki Chul of Silver Spoon
4 Laugh, Cry, and Laugh Again feat. Ho Yun Joo
5 Meeting 3
6 Skit
7 A Bluebird Has It feat. Kingston Rudieska
8 Adult Illness feat. Mr. Room9
9 Moulin Rouse feat. Wheesung
10 1402
11 Spark feat. Skull of Stony Skunk
12 Mask Play feat. Ag
13 Seven Year Life
14 S Kill Race feat. Leo Kekoa & Double K

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Bae Chi Gi have returned to the music scene with their third album, “Out of Control.” There are a total of 14 tracks and many famous artistes such as Wheesing, diva Sol Flower, Double K,and Skull of Stony Skunk took part in the album. The title track is No. 3 which features Sol Flower; it was composed and written by Bae Chi Gi themselves. The song, Moulin Rouse has old and funky beats and it features Wheesung. The music video for this album is to be produced by Hong Won Gi, who has also made videos for SS501’s Déjà vu and Song For You, Epik High’s One, and Nell’s Time to Walk in Memories. It is to be comical and dynamic.

Transfixion Vol. 3 – Revolution (June 12)
1. Perfect Day
2. Radio (Feat. Xeno)
3. Confession
4. I Don’t Love You Anymore
5. Chariots Of Fire
6. I Want You, Baby
7. Maybe
8. Mary Jane
9. Always For You (Feat. Xeno)
10. Get Show (Remastering)
11. My Jina (New Version)
12. Radio (Original Version)
13. For Victory (New Version)
14. Get Show (Remix) (Feat. Xeno)

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Transfixion have finally returned with their new 3rd album [REVOLUTION]! The title song is called “Radio” and there are a total of 14 tracks on this album. Unlike their previous albums, this 3rd album is filled with tracks that have lyrical melodies. As this has been a long-awaited return for Transfixion, many fans are anticipating their album! (credits to purpletiger86)

Young Turks Club Vol. 8 – Slap Shot (June 12)
1. Friend
2. Maria
3. U Turn
4. Youth
5. Take It
6. Do It!
7. Stalker
8. Lesson
9. Kissing Gourami
10. Friend [Instrumental]
11. Maria [Instrumental]

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– Young Turks Club’s 8th album [Slap Shot]

Young Turks Club have returned with their 8th album, the title song being “Maria”. They made their debut in 1996 with the title song “Affection”, which was a big hit at that time because it was a new type of dance song. In the 1990s, they were known as one the best groups in Korea and released 7 official albums in 10 years. The title song “Maria” is a Spanish-like hip-hop track with a strong beat and rhythmical rap to it. As many co-ed groups such as Cool, Typhoon and Koyote are currently inactive in the music industry, Young Turks Club will be bringing back the original old school K-pop. (credits to purpletiger86)


Happy Chair Vol. 1 – First Page of My Diary (June 10)
1 Happy Happy Happy
2 But…Let’s Forget
3 There’s Memories Here
4 Good Work
5 Perhaps Today
6 I Loved
7 White Season
8 Even If I’m By Myself
9 White
10 Star Light Coupling
11 But…Let’s Forger (Classic Ver)

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Rookie group Happy Chair debuted this year with their first album, “First Page of My Diary.” This group have already gained much fame with their single, “Good Work.” The title track of this album is Happy Happy Happy and it shows the members’ hardships. The song is about how the group members continued on with their dreams despite the suffering. Anyone can listen to this song and feel hope.



Other releases:


Miracle (single) – Sketch (released)

Yein (single) – Loving You (released)

Bellamafia (single) – Over Step II (released)

Xeno (single) – 내가 다시 2008 (released)

Best Gayo Remix Vol. 3 (June 10)

Jigg Dogg Vol. 1 – Missing You (June 10)

Mellow Park Vol. 1 (June 10)

Dr. Core 911 Vol. 2 – Eat or be eaten (June 11)

T.G.U.S Vol. 1 (June 11)

20th Century Boy Vol. 1 – 20th Century Boy (June 12)



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