New albums and singles preview - 2008 June week 2

Brown Eyes Vol. 3 – Two Things Needed For The Same Purpose And 5 Objects (June 20)
01 Your Eyes
02 Don’t Leave Don’t Leave
03 Like a Flame
04 This Moment, Like This
05 Because of You
06 Let’s Get Down
07 Summer Passion
08 Piano Nocturne (Piano: Yoon Gun)
09 Don’t You Worry
10 Tell Me Love
11 Let It Go
12 One Step
13 Luau
14 Don’t Leave Don’t Leave (Instrumental)

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Yoon Gun and Naul, whom we have missed, have finally returned. They had changed Korea’s music back with their hit songs, “Already One Year” and “More and More.” It’s been five years since their last album release and for the past two years, the duo had kept their recordings a secret. With a total of fourteen tracks in this new album, all the songs are worth listening. The title track of the album is “Don’t Leave Don’t Leave” and it was composed by Yoon Gun himself, with the lyrics written by Lee Ssang member, Gary. It’s a three beat up tempo ballad and we can hear the duo’s great harmonization and charms. The song is about the emotions one feels after a breakup. In addition, the song, “Because of You” is a medium-tempo pop track like “Already One Year.” “Like a Flame” is an electronica house song with oriental strings. “Summer Passion” is of the club house genre and its funky rhythms and electronic effects are great to listen to when out for a drive or at a club. “Don’t You Worry” is a trendy house track and it is filled with romantic melodies. “Let’s Get Down” has a Latin flavor and bright melody.


Ok Ju Hyun Vol. 3 – Remind (released)
01 Honey
02 It’s a Lie
03 He’s Coming to Me
04 I Should’ve Done Well
05 My Romeo (Duet With SG Wannabe Kim Young Joon)
06 Break Up
07 Greeting
08 Did You Really Hate My Love
09 Thorn Cushion
10 Finally Us (Duet with Brown Eyed Soul Ah Jung Yup)
11 Number Without a Title
12 Mute

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One of Korea’s best musicians, Ock Joo Hyun, has returned with her third studio album after four years. The title track is Honey, and it was composed by Cho Young Soo. Honey is of the lounge and electronica genres; it has a simple theme with piano instrumentals. This dance track is of medium tempo and its great melody matches well with Joo Hyun’s voice. The music video is made by Jo Soo Hyun, who has also made videos for MC Mong’s Circus and Jewelry’s One More Time Shh. The video was recorded with a 35mm film camera.


J-Walk Vol. 3 – My Love (June 17)
01 My Love feat. Eun Ji Won
02 Good For You
03 Perhaps
04 Year’s Propose
05 Focus
06 Memories…Farewell
07 Bad Love
08 Our Love Story in the 21st Story (feat. Vink)
09 Outside Love
10 Shell
11 My Love (Inst.)

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J-Walk, who did very well last year with their single “Fox Rain”, have come back with their third album. The title track of their album is “My Love”, which is an easy-listening house track that only J-Walk could master. Kim Seh Jin, who is also responsible for Lyn’s “We Loved” and Wheesung’s “If it’s a Year”, composed this song. Eun Ji Won is featured in the track. There are a total of eleven tracks  in this album and fans who have anticipated this album will enjoy it from the click of the play button.


Lee Jung Vol. 4 – Fourth Force (June 17)
01 When I See Only You
02 Person
03 When Breakup Ends
04 Empty Space
05 Let Me
06 Where
07 Last Leaf
08 Thank You (To My Fan)
09 My Heart
10 Love For You
11 Empty Space (House Remix)
12 Love For You (House Remix)

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One can feel Lee Jung’s force just as his new fourth studio album suggests. Lee Jung, who debuted solo with “Again” in 2003, has gained much fame over the years because of his ballads. In this album, Lee has matured much more since his last and one can feel this through his music. The title track of the album is “When I See Only You”, a ballad track with similar styles to “Just One Breath” and “Love For You.” It has sad, touching lyrics. One can also see Lee Jung’s acting skills through the music video as well as the show, “Unstoppable Marriage” in which this song was originally showcased.


Il Ji Mae (SBS Drama) OST (June 16)
01 Sad Footsteps (Main Title)
02 Incarnation – Park Hyo Shin
03 Japanese Apricot Tree
04 Fate – Ung San
05 Red Shadow
06 Shout at One’s Fate – Bae Ki Sung (Can)
07 Darkness’ Swamp
08 Chivalrous Iljimae
09 Ginko Tree Hit – Yoo Ul
10 Japanese Apricot Tree (Orch Ver.)
11 Bush Warbler
12 A Mountain Village Tune
13 Sad Footsteps (Gtr. Ver)
14 Fate’s Match
15 Recollection – Noritoh
16 Novice Love
17 Darkness’ Wanderer
18 Pretending You Can’t See
19 Fate (Orch Ver)
20 Incarnation (Orch Ver)

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SBS Drama Special, Starring Lee Junki, Han Hyo Joo, Park Si Hoo
Wednesday/Thursday Drama [Iljimae] Original Soundtrack!
[Iljimae] OST, Park Hyo Shin’s “Incarnation”
Number one on all charts!

Many talented artistrs have take part in this OST: Park Hyo Shin, Ung Sang, and Yoo Ul. Park Hyo Shin had previously gained much fame with a previous soundtrack song, “Snowflower” from the drama series “I’m Sorry I Love You.” Many famous actors and actresses have taken part in the actual drama series: Lee Junki, Han Hyo Joo, Lee Young Ah, and Park Si Hoo.


MC the Max ISU (single) – I Love You (released)
01 I Love You
02 I Just Want to Sing
03 Things That Come After Love
04 Memory Pain
05 The Sound (feat. Gavy NJ Jang Hee Young)

ISU, who released his debut solo album in April, has returned with a new album. The title track of the album, “I Love You”, was composed by Min Myung Ki, who wrote Gave NJ’s Lie, and Choi Gap Won, who wrote ISU’s last title track, “Pierrot.” “I Love You” is a rock ballad which, unlike most ballads, is a bit faster with beats. ISU’s smooth vocals can be heard through this song.



Other releases:


Earls Vol. 2 – Earls Loves X3 Now (released)

The Cross – Alive The Cross (released)

Lee Ji Soo – Forever With You (released)

The Name (single) – The Love (released)

Eva & SAT (single) – Friends

Due – This is Corssover (June 16)

Park Kang Sung Vol. 6 – Out Going In Seven Years… (June 17)

Yoo Young – Again (June 17)

Seogyo Group Sound – Seogyo Group Sound (June 17)

Belle Epoque Vol. 1 – 일요일들 (June 17)

I and I Djangdan – Cultural Tree (June 18)

Tear The Shadow – Revive Through The Broken Heart (June 19)

Monni – And (June 19)


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