Lee Sung Jae, Han Eun Jung, Ryu Soo Young, and Lee Soo Kyung will lead the MBC drama

6/18/08 – Lee Sung Jae, Han Eun Jung, Ryu Soo Young (이성재, 한은정, 류수영), and Lee Soo Kyung (이수경) will lead the Wednesday-Thursday drama "Great ~ Han Min Gook Attorney (~한민국 변호사)"  scheduled to be aired by MBC on 7/9, following the final episode of "Spotlight".


Great ~ Han Min Kook Attorney


Great ~ Han Min Kook Attorney




Each character in the drama is drawn between love and human relationship through breakups, love, and conflicts happened in reality.


Lee Soo Kyung (26) plays the cheerful lawyer Woo Yi Kyung (우이경) who handles a divorce lawsuit for the client Han Min Gook (한민국) played by Lee Sung Jae (38).  The lawsuit involves splitting a large property worth 100 billion Won.  Romance and money are intertwined in the process of the legal fight.  Han Eun Jung plays the role Lee Ae Ri (이애리) who is Han Min Gook’s divorced wife and Yi Kyung’s best friend.  Ryu Soo Young plays another lawyer Byun Hyuk (변혁) who is specializing in divorce cases.


Actor Kang Sung Jin (강성진) plays the reporter Bae Soo Jin (배수진) focusing on news reports about the star Lee Ae Ri. 

Lee Soo Kyung’s latest drama was "Daughter-in-Law’s Golden Age (KBS2)". Han Eun Jung’s was "The Person in Love (사랑하는 사람아, SBS)".



Kang Sung Jin:

 Kang Sung Jin











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