New albums and singles preview - 2008 June week 3

Mighty Mouth Vol. 1 – Energy (released)
01 Move
02 Energy feat. Sun Ye
03 All 4 U feat. Solbi
04 On Come feat. JJ
05 I Love You feat. Yoon Eun Hye
06 Skit #1
07 Mighty Mouth
08 Cry feat. Horan
09 Since 2004 feat. Yuri
10 Skit #2 feat. Beatbox Dg
11 Oh! Yeah!
12 Lalala feat. Kim Chang Ryul
13 Twist Song
14 Bean Paste Girl
15 Movie Star
16 M.U.S.I.C feat. Double K, Ruda

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Mighty Mouth, who debuted in March with their digital single “I Love You” featuring Yoon Eun Hye, have gained much popularity and fame, rising on the charts and winning Rookie of the Month and Song of the Month awards.

This duo have finally come back with their first studio album titled “Energy”. The title track of the same name features Sun Ye of Wonder Girls. This hip-hop song has sweet lyrics about one’s love being his energy. There are also many collaborations with famous artistes such as Solbi, Horan of Clazziquai, Kim Chang Ryul, JJ, and Yuri.

Gourmet (SBS Drama) OST (June 27)
01 Unamjung’s (?) Morning
02 Present – Lee Juck
03 Dream’s Time – Tei
04 First Love (Drama Ver.) – Lee Sora
05 What the Eyes Say – Shin Hye Sung
06 Love Me – Sweet Pea
07 Becoming Cherry Blossoms (Drama Ver) – Malo
08 Love and Punishment
09 To You – Casker
10 Dependent
11 Secret – Jiteun & Han Hee Jung
12 Heyday – Funny Pink
13Towards My Dream – Lemon Tree
14 Competition
15 Fate

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This is Pastel Music’s third soundtrack production following “Coffee Prince” and “New Heart.” Top producers and stars took part in this music for the Gourmet Drama, including Lee Juck, Tei, Lee Sora, Shin Hye Sung, and Sweet Pea. Each singer puts his/her sweet vocals to good use in bringing the songs alive. The drama itself is originally from a comic book, and was successfully made into a movie last year. This drama stars Kim Rae Won and Nam Sang Mi.


Dae Sung (single) – Look at Me, Gwi Soon (released)
01 Look at Me, Gwi Soon

would happen if YG meets trot? This was unimaginable but it occurred through Big Bang member Daesung. Following the footsteps of fellow member Taeyang, Daesung is the second member of Big Bang to go solo. This surprise gift is for fans who have always loved Daesung’s bright personality. The single, which is titled “Look at Me, Gwi Soon”, was composed by KUSH and G-Dragon and written by G-Dragon. The happy melody and fun lyrics make this trot song very enjoyable.


Byul (single)– Like A Star (Showcase) (released)
01 For 6 Years
02 Kiss Day
03 For 6 Years (MR)

Byul, who came to the music scene like a comet with the song “December 32nd” in 2002, had released many more hits and in 2007 released her 5th studio album, “ Like a Star.” A year later, she has returned with “Like a Star – Showcase.” What’s special about this release is that it’s the first of the “Like a Star” Series in which, starting from this month until September, more will come out, the titles being “Like a Star_Bikini” and “Like a Star_Primary.” In “Like a Star – Showcase”, just as the title suggests, it’s only the beginning of Byul’s new color. The title track of the album is “Kiss Day” and it’s of the lounge house genre, something Byul is trying for the first time.


8Eight (single) – I Love You (released)
01 I Love You (feat. SNSD Jessica)
02 I Love You (Original Version)
03 I Love You (Inst.)
04 I Forget Love and Sing (Rock Ver)

8eight, who were the winners of Show Rival, have come back recently with their sophomore album, “Infinity.” Their second single is “I Love You” and in time for the summer, a remix version has been recorded, featuring Jessica of SNSD. This song has house rhythms which match well with the melody. The electronica style makes it listenable wherever you are. Jessica’s participation definitely upgrades the song. Also included in the single is 8eight’s debut song, “I Forget Love and Sing” rock version.

Shin Ji (single) – Breakup Asks for a Tiding (released)
01 Breakup Asks for a Tiding

Shin Ji, who is to release her first solo album, has decided to first release a digital single, “Breakup Asks for a Tiding.” The song is a medium-tempo swing track in which Shinji wrote the lyrics herself. The song was composed by Jung Jin Soo, who also wrote Kim Jong Gook’s “Star, Wind, Sunlight, and Love.” The lyrics are about how one continues to wish for the return of a loved one who has separated from the relationship. In addition, Cha Tae Hyun does the narration in the song. Fans will notice this change of Shinji’s style from her usual in Koyote, perhaps for the better.


Solbi (single) – Cute Love (released)
01 Cute Love

Solbi’s song, which is filled with her love, is finally being released. Solbi, who is to release her solo album this July, decided to put this song, “Cute Love”, up for listeners online. This digital single was written by Solbi herself and the lyrics are words she wanted to say to her “We Got Married” partner, Andy. “Cute Love” is a medium-tempo track which is easy to sing along to. This song will be used as the theme song for Solbi in the show. Most importantly, this is a gift to fans of the Solbi-Andy couple.



Other releases:


Mario (single) – Goodbye (Cool Mix Version, feat. Crown J) (released)

Veil Vol. 1.5 – Lessons Completed (released)

Ssen Vol. 1 – First Album (June 24)

DJ Koo – I’m DJ Koo (June 24)

Wave Vol. 5 – Refresh and Renew (June 24)

Shinhwa Vol. 9: White Editon (June 26)



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