Monthly Top 10 K-pop Album Sales: May 2008

MIAK Monthly Sales Information:
First off, I’m sorry that I switched to MIAK for this month’s sales. Though there aren’t huge differences in some of the numbers between Hanteo and MIAK, MIAK sometimes doesn’t include certain artistes. With that said, Hanteo can sometimes switch too quickly, so I was unable to get the numbers for May. This will be the first and last time this occurs.

In the No 1 spot for May, we have Tae Yang, who has obviously had a good start to what could be a flowering solo career. His first single has already shot to No 1 on various music charts, so hopefully that will increase the album’s longevity with regard to sales. In second place is Kim Dong Wan, who is the fourth Shinhwa member to release a solo CD this year. Though he has had good first week sales, he has fallen lower than two of the other members, so hopefully his album will chart longer. Epik High, who were first last month, have fallen to third spot for May. Their album last year was one of the few to reach 100,000 copies, so let’s hope that that happens again. Not far behind them is Super Junior’s first concert album. Maybe their album will chart similar to that of Dong Bang Shin Ki’s, as both have significant selling power. At No 5 is SG Wannabe’s fifth album, which is still doing considerably well. It seems as though they won’t be able to copy the sales amounts they achieved last year, but will still have some pretty decent sales.

Barely slowing down is Lee Seung Ki’s second cover album at No 6. What’s so surprising about this is that it hasn’t dropped a lot in sales as compared to last month. It seems his albums are quite popular. V.O.S are in seventh place with their new album. Their first single is doing quite well on the charts, so hopefully that will reflect in June’s sales. The Yeon Ga 2008 album is charting at a surprising eighth. I must say that although the album looks quite expensive, it is quite worth the money considering it is four CDs worth of smash hits. Right below that is Kim Dong Ryul’s album which is nearing the 100,000 copies mark. Another month and he will most likely hit it. And finally at tenth is SHINee’s debut mini-album. Even though sales might look somewhat weak for now, it’s no doubt that as time goes on, they will most likely see a boost in sales.

1. Tae Yang – 1st Mini-Album

Sales: 31,285

2. Kim Dong Wan – Vol. 2 "THE SECRET"

Sales: 16,537

3. Epik High – Vol. 5 "Pieces, Part One"

Sales: 16,011

4. Super Junior – 1st Concert Album "Super Show"

Sales: 15,016

5. SG Wannabe – Vol. 5 "My Friend"

Sales: 11,562

6. Lee Seung Ki – Vol. 2 Special Album "When a man loves a

Sales: 10,984

7. V.O.S – Vol. 3 "Wonderful Things"

Sales: 10,300

8. Various Artists – Yeon Ga 2008

Sales: 9,609

9. Kim Dong Ryul – Vol. 5 "Monologue"

Sales: 8,608

10. SHINee – 1st Mini-album

Sales: 8,223

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