New albums and singles preview: 2008 July week 1

Davichi Vol. 1.5 – Vivid Summer Editon (released)
01 Water Bottle
02 Love and War
03 Sad Oath [Remix]
04 Only Love
05 Even If I Hate You, I Love You
06 A Night When the Stars Shine
07 I, Who Am Bad and Sick
08 Is It Like This
09 Putting on Thick Lipstick
10 Sad Love Song
11 Barely Barely
12 Opposite of Separation
13 Sad Oath [Original]

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Rookie singers Davichi are to release their 1.5 album. This group has gained much fame already this year not only because Hyori Lee was featured in their music video, but because member Kang Min Kyung was previously an ulzzang. Davichi were successful with their title track, “Even If I Hate You, I Love You” and their second single, “Sad Oath.” The title track for this 1.5 album is “Love and War” which was composed and written by one of Korea’s best combo, An Young Min and Jo Young Soo. HaHa’s comical rapping is also featured in this fun dance track. Another new song included is “Water Bottle” which is also composed and written by An. Lastly, “Sad Oath Remix”, which was originally available only for digital download, is included to complete the album.


The Name: Best & New Album – In The Name of Love (released)
01 I Love You Today Too
02 The Name (New Mix)
03 Love Is
04 After…Separation (Duet with Choi Jini (Rumble Fish))
05 Love, Separation, and Memories
06 Beautiful Time of the Year
07 Erasing and Even if I Erase
08 Even If It Seems Like Love
09 In No Time, an Adult
10 Let’s Meet Smiling
11 The Day We Loves
12 Leave
13 Please Find Her

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THE NAME will be releasing his best album, “In the Name of Love.” Ever since the release of his first album, he was in the same ranking as Brown Eyes’ Naeul and enticed many fans with his R&B voice. He released a total of three albums and gained plenty of recognition. The title track is “I Love You Today Too”, which was composed by the famous Park Geun Tae, with lyrics written by Wheesung. This easy-to-sing-along song is a medium-tempo modern rock track. The rest of the songs included in the album are quality songs that were previously in THE NAME’s first, second, and third albums. His debut track, “THE NAME” is also included in the album, but with new studio mixing.


Ajoo – PAPARAZZI (released)
01 Paparazzi (feat. Younha, TaeWan AKA C-Luv)
02 Lady Lady
03 Crazy Love (feat. Hyun Moo (of Trespass))
04 Bending on One’s Knees
05 Paparazzi (Instrumental)
06 Bending on One’s Knees (Instrumental)

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AJOO, who debuted in February, is to release his EP album this month. AJOO has gained much popularity overseas, such as in Japan and Thailand, right after he debuted. In this album, the genres of the songs are teen rock, trendy dance beats and reggae to fit the summery feel. The title track of the album is “Paparazzi,” with lyrics written by Younha; she has also participated in the song. AJOO’s vocals have improved greatly in this dance track. C-Luv is also featured in the song. In addition is the song “Bending on One’s Knees”, which was composed by 17-year old AJOO himself. It showcases his vocals and harmonization.


G-Dragon (single) – Only Look At Me Part 2 (released)
1. Only Look At Me (Part 2)

– G-Dragon’s Only Look At Me Part 2

Tae Yang’s hit song "Only Look At Me" has received great response from many senior musicians and now a new version of the song has been released. The song has a very lyrical melody and has been topping the music charts for many weeks. YG Entertainment has released a new version of the same song (Only Look At Me Part 2) on June 30. "Only Look At Me Part 2" is sung by G-Dragon from Big Bang. Unlike the original, G-Dragon made the song into his own style by changing the singing parts to rap. Being in a boy band, both Tae Yang and G-Dragon have been showing different singing styles. We will be able to hear the difference as we compare the same song sung by two different singers. This is the first time in (Korean) history where another singer has released the same song as the original singer who is currently promoting the song. (credits to purpletiger86)


Gummy (single) – You Are So Faraway (released)
1. You Are So Faraway

Another challenge for singer Gummy! Through Gummy, the song "You Are So Faraway" is reborn again after ten years.

Earlier this year, Gummy successfully returned as a dance singer with her song "I’m Sorry". Now she is back as a rocker with a remake song originally sung by famous rocker Shin Joong Hyun. "You Are So Faraway" received much popularity in 1969 when it was used for the theme song of a Korean drama, which was sung by singer Kim Chu Ja. It became a great hit and many other talented musicians such as Jo Gwan Woo and Jang Sa came out with their own remakes of the song. Composer Robin contributed by rearranging the song for Gummy. Through this song, Gummy
will showcase her sad and powerful vocals. (credits to purpletiger86)


Kim Hyun Joong (SS501) single Thank You (released)
1. Thank You
2. Thank You (Instrumental)

– SS501’s leader Kim Hyun Joong’s solo track "Thank You" release!
– He has contributed by personally producing the single and will be showing a different side that his fans have never seen before on stage!

The track "Thank You" is a nice ballad with an acoustic sound and lyrics that were written with honesty. The song is about a man proposing to the woman he loves. Prior to releasing this single, SS501 recently released a digital single "You Are My Paradise", which is already receiving great response. Kim Hyun Joong is currently starring in a variety show called "We Got Married", in which we are able to see a romantic side to him. It is a nice love song to listen to in the summer. (credits to purpletiger86)



Hwang Bo (single) – Gift for him (released)
1. Get Hot (Original Ver.)
2. Get Hot (DJ Koo [Koo Jun Yup] Remix Ver.)
3. Mature
4. Mature (MR)

– Hwang Bo, who is currently gaining much popularity as an entertainer, has released a digital single!

Ex-Chakra member Hwang Bo has released a digital single with tracks that are of the Euro-electro house genre. Known for having both a boyish and ladylike charm, we will be able to hear Hwang Bo’s voice blending with house-sound tunes. Singer Koo Jun Yup (from Clon) contributed by making the choreography for this song. Currently working as a DJ at clubs, this single also includes Koo Jun Yup’s remix version of the title track "Get Hot". The third track is a ballad track that brings out a more mature side of Hwang Bo. Just like the title, the song is about a woman falling in love in a mature way. It’s a nice ballad track that brings out warmth and honesty. (credits to purpletiger86)



Namolla Family 3rd digital single album – Love Couple (released)

1. Love Couple (Feat. Tae In)

2. Good Morning (Feat. Tae In)
3. I’m Sorry (Feat. Tae In)
4. Love Couple (Inst.)
5. Good Morning (Inst.)
6. I’m Sorry (Inst.)

– Gagmen (comedians) "Namolla Family"
– Summer of 2008, 3rd single album "Love Couple" release!

Namolla Family released their first album (I Love You) in 2007 and a single album (Want To Look Only At You) earlier this year in March, and now they are back with another single album. With every song they have come out with, it has topped the charts. Through this new single, they expect to receive the same popularity. Their title track "Love Couple" is a wonderful love song about a celebrity’s love and dreams becoming true in reality. It is a fun and easy song to sing along to in the summer. Their second track titled "Good Morning" is about sending out a love message to the special person you think about when you wake up first thing in the morning. Both tracks are great songs with a fun and lovely melody, which are nice to listen to in the summer for couples. As usual, singer Tae In is featured in both tracks. The album was produced by Seo Doong Sung and the tracks were composed and written by Oh Sae Wook. (credits to purpletiger86)


Other releases:


Rhapsody Part III (single) – Bobby Kim & Lee Eun Mi (released)

Kim Jung Min (single) – Trinity (released)

Yozoh (single) – Nostalgia (released)

Galaxy Express Vol. 1 – Noise On Fire (released)

Nekton – What A Life (July 7)

Verbal Jint – 누명 (July 7)

Jung Joon Hee – 40th Anniversary Celebrations (July 8)

Zac & Lemi Vol. 2 – 사랑 그리고…사랑 (July 8)

Starry-Eyed Vol. 2 – Sweet Night (July 8)

Shin Hae Chul – Remembrance: 20th anniversary memorial album (July 10)



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