New albums and singles preview: July week 2

Lee Hyori Vol. 3 – It’s Hyorish (July 16)
01 Unrivaled Lee Hyori
02 Lesson
03 U-Go-Girl (With Natsun)
04 Photo Album
05 A Barbershop’s Daughter
06 Don’t Cry
07 Do You Think It’ll Be Ok? (With Bigtone)
08 Sexyboy (With Wheesung)
09 Red Car (With Kim Gun Mo)
10 Hey Mr. Big
11 P.P.P (Punky Punky Party) (With Natsun)
12 My Life (Foreign Song)
13 Unusual (With Suh Jung Hwan)

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The title of Lee Hyori’s third album is “It’s Hyorish.” Fans have already known this through the teaser which was released earlier. “Hyorish” means the charms only Hyori can pull off. There are many stars who are sexy and stylish while others are truthful, but Hyori is both. There are two title tracks in the album, “U-Go-Girl” and “Hey Mr. Big.” The first track was included in the teaser, so fans should be familiar with it. It has hip-hop beats and is a dance track. The rap and melody of the song will simply flow into the listeners’ ears. As the title suggests, it tells girls to not be shy and instead be truthful. This was composed by newbie E-TRIBE. “Hey Mr. Big” has euro dance rhythms and electronica sounds. While “U-Go-Girl” was a song for the girls, “Hey Mr. Big” is for the male fans, telling the guys to have courage. This was composed by No. 1 composer Park Geun Tae and the lyrics were written by Wheesung. In addition, senior singer Kim Gun Mo is also featured in “Red Car” and Wheesung is featured in “Sexyboy.” Hyori herself wrote the lyrics to “A Barbershop’s Daughter.” There are a total of 13 tracks in this album.


Lee Ki Chan Vol. 10 – Singing All My Songs For You (released)
01 Intro
02 You Have to Be Happy
03 Thank U
04 Person I Like Syndrome
05 I Want to Hold You for 1 Minute feat. Hwayobi
06 Lie
07 A Person Good to Love feat. Park Jung Ah
08 Interlude – Le Retour
09 You Don’t Know
10 Memento feat. Mighty Mouth
11 Ole Ole Oh
12 Music
13 See Love With One Eye
14 Love too…Breakup too… (Bonus Track)
15 Awaited Days as Well as Forgettable Days (Bonus Track)

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Lee Ki Chan, the prince of ballads, has come back with his tenth album. It’s been 12 years since Lee’s debut and this album is definitely special. Lee has put much effort into it. He produced the entire album, composed five songs, and in addition to pop and R&B songs, he has tried out bossa nova, hip-hop, and rock dance. There are also songs featuring famous artistes such as Park Jung Ah, Hwayobi and Mighty Mouth. The title track of this album is “You Have to be Happy” and it has great rhythms. In addition, “Person I Like Syndrome”, which Lee composed, has lyrics which Hwayobi helped write. Hwayobi is also featured in the song “I Want to Hold You for 1 Minute”. “Memento” is a song where Lee’s voice harmonizes with Mighty Mouth’s rap. “Interlude – Le Retour” is another song composed by Lee and one can hear guitar sounds. “Music” is a remake by famous Japanese singer Angela Aki. Lee sang this song in his own style. “A Person Good to Love” also showcases Park Jung Ah’s smooth vocals.


Baby Vox (Re. V) Vol. 2 – I Believe (released)
01 I Believe
02 Sexy
03 Why
04 Crazy (You Drive Me Crazy)
05 Permission
06 Fake Love
07 What Am I to Do?
08 Never Say Goodbye (China Ver)
09 I Believe
10 Crazy (You Drive Me Crazy)

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An Jin Kyung (25), Yang Eun Ji (24), Hwang Yun Kyung (23), Oh Min Jin (25), and Park Sori (18) have returned as the upgraded Baby Vox Re. V, Oh and Park being the new members. Soon after their debut, these girls have brought the name Baby Vox to various places including China, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Mongolia, Taiwan, and Kuwait. These girls have gone to more Asian countries than other Hallyu stars. This summer, the girls have gotten ready for their second album for their motherland, Korea, postponing concerts in Thailand, China, and Cambodia. The title track for this album is “I Believe”, which is a Bokgo dance track with powerful dance choreography. The songs, “Why” and “Crazy” have funky styles and the melodies are very lively. In addition there is a ballad track, “Fake Love”, to show another side of the girls.


Shin Ji Vol. 1 – The Day the Sun Rises (July 17)
01 The Day the Sun Rises (feat. Mighty Mouth)
02 Tattoo
03 Cry Alone
04 Should We Date?
05 Don’t Cry and Leave Well (Feat. Lee Ki Chan)
06 Breakup Asks for Safety… (Narration by Cha Tae Hyun)
07 Melody
08 Thorn
09 Hidden
10 Late Love (Part 2)

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It’s been 10 years since Koyote vocalist Shinji’s debut and she has finally released her first solo album. The title track of the album is a remake song, “The Day the Sun Rises”, originally sung by Song Dae Gwan. It is a bright dance track with different colors due to Shinji’s unique style. Through this remake, the younger generation is able to enjoy the song as well. There are a total of ten tracks in this album and many famous composers who have followed Koyote, such as Joo Young Hoon, Jung Jin Soo, Park Sung Jin, and Kim Seh Jin, have participated in the album. Because of this, they were able to make the perfect songs for Shinji. Included in the album is “Breakup Asks for Safety…” which was released in June. The lyrics were written by Shinji herself.


2am (single) Vol. 1 (July 17)
01 This Song
02 To Say It’s Not
03 What to Do
04 This Song (Inst)
05 To Say It’s Not (Inst)

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Jo Kwon, who has been training for eight years, has joined Lim Seul Ong, Jung Jin Woon, and Lee Chang Min under the group name, 2AM. The name 2AM was given by JYP. 2AM is the time when one usually looks back on what they did that day and therefore the members are to do likewise with their music. The members put their tears and sweat into making this album and JYP specifically helped produce it. 2AM have put much passion and 200% of their effort. The title track of the album is “This Song” and it was produced and written by JYP. In addition there are two other songs, “To Say It’s Not” and “What to Do”, which showcase the four members’ vocals.



Shin Hye Sung (single) – Color Purple (released)
01 Purple Rain
02 Purple Rain (Inst)

The second story of the Color Project is finally released! The song, “Purple Rain,” which is a sad ballad, is sung by Shin Hye Sung. The first story was sung by Seeya, Davichi, and Black Pearl and they received much love. The newly released “Purple Rain” is composed by Kim Do Hoon and the lyrics were written by Choi Gap Won. The lyrics are about feelings for a loved one despite how much the person wants to forget his love. The song continues with how much loneliness and sadness one feels because of this.



Lee Seung Chul (single) – Moving Star (released)
01 Moving Star

These days, the music industry has switched to a digital era. Yet, Lee Seung Chul continues making music with his sweet voice and performing with the same energetic passion. This summer, Lee has come back with a present for his fans. The song is “Moving Star” and it is a Bokgo dance type of song. With newly released Synthpop, the song has disco rhythms and is very easy to dance along to. This song, which was produced by Akadu, was originally supposed to be included in his own album. However, he felt honored to give it to Lee Seung Chul.


Choi Jung Won (single) – Sunshine On Summer Time (released)
01 Sunshine on Summer Time (Rock Ver)
02 Sunshine on Summer Time (Dance Ver)
03 Sunshine on Summer Time (Rock Ver) (Inst)
04 Sunshine on Summer Time (Dance Ver) (Inst)

UN’s Choi Jung Won who is known for his height and looks, as well as a multi-dimensional character, has come to the music scene with his first digital single, “Sunshine on Summer Time.” It was composed by Uzumoto Naoki and the lyrics were written by himself. It’s been eight years since Choi debuted and it’s his first solo single. The song is a remake of Japanese rock group deen with the song of the same title. It was released in 1996. It has refreshing rhythms and Choi has upgraded the song with his own style.



Typhoon (single) –Song of Hope (released)
01 Song of Hope

Soon after their debut, Typhoon rose to become one of the best dance groups. This summer, they have returned with “Song of Hope.” It is a digital single composed by Park Sung Jin, who is  also responsible for writing Koyote’s “Bingo” and Jung Hoon, who composed Typhoon’s hit song, “I’ll Wait.” “Song of Hope” is a medium-tempo song that gives hope to listeners, especially those in hard times. This reminds us of IMF when Korea was in financial trouble. The song gives a strong message telling people to work together to overcome obstacles. It’s been a year since Typhoon’s last comeback.



Other releases:


Hard-Fi – Once Upon A Time In The West (released) – All About South (released)

Park Sang Woo – I Love You Noona (released)

Dacy Vol. 1 – Dcay (released)

Tae Sa Bi Ae (single) – 줄래 (released)

Kim Jong Seo (single) – Father (released)

R.O.Z (single) – Nude (released)

Emjel (single) – 3!4! (released)

Sweety (single) – So Sweet (released)

Symmetry – Passion of Paradiso (July 14)

Zi-A Vol. 1 – Road Movie (July 14)

Iota Vol. 1.5 – 첫…설레임 (July 15)

Blue Bee – Bule Bee First 2008 (July 15)

Tata Clan – Internet Killed Video Star (July 16)

Double Juice – Unbalance (July 17)

Eco Bridge Vol. 2 – Ordinarian (July 17)

Kyun Woo Vol. 2 – 너였구나 (July 17)

Gumx Vol. 3 – Old (July 17)

Revenans – Beholder & Xenorm (July 17)

Go Go Star – Go Go Party! (July 17)

Pia – Urban Explorer (July 18)

Main Street – Babyback Ribs (July 18)


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