Monthly Top 10 K-pop Album Sales: June 2008
MIAK Monthly Sales Information:
I’ve decided to switch to MIAK because sales are a lot easier
to get. With Hanteo, things change too often and the sales aren’t very
stable. Even though MIAK doesn’t count certain albums, the chart is far
more stable.

At the top of the charts for this month is Brown Eyes,
with incredible sales of 64,000 copies. It’s been 6 years since their
last album and during their early days, they were big sellers, so it’s
no wonder they’re doing so well. Right below the duo is Sung Shi Kyung,
who is one of Kpop’s top male balladeers. Strong sales from him,
especially considering he’s going into the military soon. In the third
spot is Wonder Girls with their third project. For a
mini-album, the sales were quite high, but that could be due to the
success of their first single, So Hot. It seems the Wonder Girls are
everywhere now. Super Junior’s next sub-group, Super Junior-Happy,
is out and doing quite well. Super Junior’s live album came out last
month and this mini-album has already beaten its sales. Finally for the
top 5, we have Jaurim‘s new album, which is their first in 2 years. They seem to be off to a good start for the year.

In sixth position, we have SG Wannabe who only suffered a
small drop from last month’s sales. Hopefully their album will be a long
charter and be able to stay in the top 10 of the year. Not far behind
them is Kim Dong Ryul, who is still charting.
Congratulations to him as he was the first artiste to hit sales of
100,000 copies this year. The interesting thing is that he actually
jumped in sales from last month. For those fangirls out there, you will
be happy to know that SHINee have actually increased in sales.
The boyband look as though they will be having quite a bit of success
and it will be interesting to see what will happen with a full-length
album release. The hip-hop duo, Baechigi, are back again with their third album. Hopefully, this album can beat the sales of their previous one. And lastly we have J-WALK
with their new album, MY LOVE. Sadly, only one member is promoting the
album at the moment as the other is at military service.

1. Brown Eyes – Vol. 3 “Two Things Needed For The Same Purpose And 5 Objects”

Sales: 64,911

2. Sung Shi Kyung – Vol. 6 “Here In My Heart”

Sales: 37,402

3. Wonder Girls – 3rd Project “So Hot”

Sales: 31,840

4. Super Junior-Happy – 1st Mini-album “Cooking? Cooking!”

Sales: 20,978

5. Jaurim – Vol. 7 “Ruby, Sapphire, Diamond”

Sales: 18,414

6. SG Wannabe – Vol. 5 “My Friend”

Sales: 10,898

7. Kim Dong Ryul – Vol. 5 “Monologue”

Sales: 10,738

8. SHINee – 1st Mini-album

Sales: 9,609

9. Baechigi – Vol. 3 “Out Of Control”

Sales: 9,500

10. J-WALK – Vol. 3 “MY LOVE”

Sales: 6,968

Sources: YesAsia,

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