Kwon Sang Woo and Son Tae Young’s wedding will be held on 9/28

7/18/08 – On 7/18, in the press conference held at Seoul Plaza Hotel, Kwon Sang Woo (32) announces that he and Son Tae Young (28)’s wedding ceremony will be held on 9/28.

Kwon Sang Woo, Son Tae Young

KSW and STY met each other through actor Kim Sung Soo (김성수). Son Tae Young and Kim Sung Soo belong to the same agency. When STY visited KSS at the filming site of the drama "Cruel Love", KSS introduced STY to KSW. Since then, they have been dating. When KSW proposed to STY, he was so excited that he shed tears.

The wedding ceremony will be held at the outdoor ceremony field of "Shilla Hotel (신라호텔)".

KSW states, "My father passed away 6 months after I was born. Thus, I have always been thinking about raising a family where I could provide a resting place for the mind of my beloved ones. My dream is to meet the person I want to marry and I won’t regret to give all my love to her." He says that their family members get along well and Son Tae Young has been bringing lots of laughter to his family. He states, "I will always love her." He states that he and STY will continue their entertainment careers after they get married.

In the meantime, KSW and the musician/pianist Yiruma (이루마) become in-laws due to this marriage. Yiruma is STY’s elder sister’s husband.

Kwon Sang Woo

KSW and Yiruma

KSW and Yiruma