Artist of the week – Gavy NJ





Jang Hee-young (lead vocal)
Year of birth : 1985
Education : Department of Popular Music, Dongdeok Women’s University

Jeong Hye-min (leader, vocal)
Year of birth : 1982
Education : Department of Popular Music, Seoul Arts College

Noh Si-hyun (Vocal)
Year of birth : 1988
Education : Hweekyung Girls’ High School


2006 21st Golden Disk Newcomer Award




Our featured artiste this week is female R&B trio Gavy NJ. The name of the group “Gavy NJ.” comes from 歌妃, meaning ‘queen of music’. NJ is the combination of abbreviations of the last names of the trio.


The trio debuted in 2005 and were known at the time as the female version of SG Wannabe, although that title later shifted to See Ya. Gavy NJ indeed have a lot of resemblence to SG Wannabe – their music style is R&B ballads, and they are winning fans with their music, not with their physical appearance. Despite not performing much on music shows, their debut hit "Happiness" was a top-5 song. The group were particularly popular in internet charts and also had decent album sales.


They adopted the same strategy in their 2nd album "The Very Surprise" and also a digital single "Snowman". However, it was not as successful as their debut album. Meanwhile, at that time there were a few other girl groups who debuted with similar concepts (e.g. See Ya, Brown Eyed Girls, Black Pearl, Davichi, 2NB). Those group were more active in promoting themselves. As a result, Gavy NJ became the forgotten group.


In 2008, Gavy NJ switched to another record company and released their 3rd album, "The Beginning". This time, the trio finally appeared more often on music shows to promote their songs and get closer to fans. They also sported a more sophisicated stage image. Despite this change, their music style has remained the same. The title song "Lie" was written by Min Myung Ki, who has been working with them since the first album. "Lie" became a top-10 hit, and once again Gavy NJ are rising to the forefront. The follow-up song is "I Guess There’s No Such Thing As Love", which is featured on the popular MBC TV Show "We Got Married".





The Very First (1st album, 2005) : Happiness, But I Love You, I Will Live On, Party 2 Night, She’s My Friend, I Shed Tears with a Smile

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Snowman (1st Digital Single, 2005) : Snowman


The Very Surprise (2nd album, 2006) : She’s Crying, Standing On The Opposite Side, Beautiful Day, Love Poem, No Words, In Mind, Again Again Again, Come Back, Smile, Love Is Hard, Fire Light, Hair, Only You

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The White (2nd digital single, 2006) : Winter Love, Wave, Snowman

The Beginning (3rd album, 2008) : Lie, Blue, I Guess There’s No Such Thing As Love, Shake Shake, Starlight, Fool, The Beginning, Pay Back, Tear Rain, Fox’s Diary, You Don’t Know, Violet (Your Song)

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I Guess There’s No Such Thing As Love (repack single, 2008) : Lie, I Guess There’s No Such Thing As Love, The Beginning, Shake Shake, Violet (Your Song)




credits: KBS World,, ~S2~, edward1849