First Half; Top 10 Album Sales 2008

MIAK Monthly Sales Information:

Kim Dong Ryul is at the lead of the pack this year. Even though sales are down once again, he was able to achieve the 100,000 copies mark, which was great as no one was sure how low the sales would have dropped. Next is the legendary boyband, Shinhwa, who have also hit 100,000 copies. Surprisingly, Epik High have only reached 74,000 copies this week. Whether they will hit the 100k mark by the end of the year is questionable. SG Wannabe – who were last year’s top sellers – are in a similar position. Maybe it was the change in membership? And last in the top 5 is Brown Eyes, whose sales only account for 1 month, unlike the other 4. Hopefully, they will be able to carry their album to the mark by the end of the year.

At sixth is So Nyuh Shi Dae, who are the first girl group in a long time to do so well. Though they sold only 64,000 copies this year, their total sales come to an amazing 121,000 copies. More than 10,000 copies lower is Nell, who have done surprisingly well this year. At eighth is the Kpop prince, Lee Seung Ki, who actually sold more copies of his special album than he did with his studio albums. Next is a compilation of various artistes. It’s not very shocking to see the album sell so well considering it contains hits like Wonder Girls’ "Tell Me" and SG Wannabe’s "Partner For Life". Finally in 10th spot is Sung Shi Kyung, who like Brown Eyes, has only had 1 month of sales. Hopefully everything will pick up by the end of the year.

1. Kim Dong Ryul – Vol. 5 "Monologue"

Sales: 107,608

2. Shinhwa – Vol. 9 "10th Anniversary Album"

Sales: 102,315

3. Epik High – Vol. 5 "Pieces, Part One"

Sales: 74,684

4. SG Wannabe – Vol. 5 "My Friend"

Sales: 67,189

5. Brown Eyes – Vol. 3 "Two Things Needed For The Same Purpose And 5 Objects"

Sales: 64,911

6. So Nyuh Shi Dae – Vol. 1 "Girls’ Generation"

Sales: 64,339

SNSD - Vol. 1 \

7. Nell – Vol. 4 "Separation Anxiety"

Sales: 50,251

8. Lee Seung Ki – Vol. 2 Special Album "When a man loves a woman"

Sales: 41,836

9. Various Artists – Yeon Ga 2008

Sales: 38,716

10. Sung Shi Kyung – Vol. 6 "Here In My Heart"

Sales: 37,402

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