Weekly Music Chart 2008 – August week 1

1. (+5) Davichi – 사랑과 전쟁 (Love and War) *** 1 WEEK NO. 1 ***
Score: 888
Genre: Pop / Dance

Davichi1.5Music: Cho Young Soo / Lyrics: Ahn Young Min
Album: Davichi Vol. 1.5 Track 2 Purchase this album
Watch: MV Live Performance
Comment: Davichi score their first No. 1 song with "Love and War", narrowly beating last week’s top song, Uhm Jung Hwa’s "D.I.S.C.O", by the slightest margin of 1 point. Already considered one of the top rookie groups in 2008, now they have a No. 1 song to add to their resume. Davichi are also our featured artiste this week.



2. (-1) Uhm Jung Hwa (feat. T.O.P) – D.I.S.C.O
Score: 887
Genre: Pop / Dance

DISCOMusic: Teddy, Kush / Lyrics: Teddy, T.O.P
Album: Uhm Jung Hwa mini-album D.I.S.C.O track 3 Purchase this album
Watch: MV Live Performance
Comment: Despite gaining in scores, Uhm Jung Hwa moved back one spot to No. 2 with "D.I.S.C.O". This song is written and produced by 1TYM’s Teddy and Stony Skunk’s Kush, who are also responsible for Tae Yang’s "Watching Only You". This song is a modern interpretation of retro disco. The music video is done in a cool modern style with the vibrant music and Uhm Jung Hwa’s urban allure.



3. (-1) Brown Eyes – 가지마 가지마 (Don’t Leave Don’t Leave)
Score: 876
Genre: R&B Ballad

BrownEyes3Music: Yoon Gun / Lyrics: Gary of Lee Ssang
Album: Brown Eyes Vol. 3 Track 2 Purchase this album
Watch: MV
Comment: As the representative track of Brown Eyes’ 3rd album, “Two Things Needed For The Same Purpose And 5 Objects,” Yoon Gun and Na Eol, who reunited after 5 years, blend their alluring voices in exuberant-sounding melodies in this ballad. The music was written by Yoon Gun and the lyrics by Leessang’s Gary. Actor Yoo Seung-ho stars in the music video which created a stir for its strange storyline. (credits to Arirang TV – Pops in Seoul)



4. (+3) Shinee – 누난 너무 예뻐 (Noona’s Pretty (Replay))
Score: 786
Genre: R&B/Dance

ShineeMusic: Jason Pennock, Tchaka Diallo, Jack Kugell / Lyrics: Kim Young Hu Album: Shinee 1st mini-album Track 1 Purchase this album
Watch: MV Live Performance
Comment: This is the title track of Shinee’s 1st single, "Noona’s Pretty (Replay)," which is the debut album for the 5-member teenage contemporary band. The dance track offers a nice balance of sophisticated rhythms and addictive melodies. The lyrics earnestly express the feelings of a teenage boy who has fallen in love with an older woman. (credits to Arirang TV – Pops in Seoul)



5. (-2) Wonder Girls – So Hot
Score: 768
Genre: Pop / Dance

SoHotMusic + Lyrics: Park Jin Young
Album: Wonder Girl mini-album "So Hot" track 1 Purchase this album
Watch: MV Live Performance
Comment: Featured as the title song of Wonder Girls’ 3rd project album, "So Hot," this funky dance track is enhanced by sophisticated rock ‘n’ roll rhythms. Embracing the concept "21st century’s self-obsessed beauties," the lyrics amusingly tell of the agony of being too pretty. The Wonder Girls transformed into sexy vixens in the music video, all decked out in leopard prints. (credits to Arirang TV – Pops in Seoul)



6. (-2) Mighty Mouth (feat. Sun Ye) – 에너지 (Energy)
Score: 758
Genre: Hip-hop

MightyMouth1Music: Shin Sa Dong Ho Raeng E / Lyrics: Lee Sang Chul, So Joon Sup
Album: Mighty Mouth Vol. 1 Track 1 Purchase this album
Watch: MV Live Performance
Comment: This is the title track of Mighty Mouth’s 1st full-length album of the same name. Being a speedy hip-hop track with stylish sounds, Wonder Girls’ Sun-ye adds more energy to the song with her featuring. The overall message of the song is that "Everything you love becomes the source of energy in your life." Singer Min Hyo-rin starred in the music video that features cool animated effects. (credits to Arirang TV – Pops in Seoul)



7. (-2) Sung Shi Kyung – 안녕 나의 사랑 (Goodbye My Love)
Score: 742
Genre: Pop Ballad

SungShiKyung6Music: Yoo Hee Yeol, Sung Shi Kyung / Lyrics: Yoo Hee Yeol
Sung Shi Kyung Vol. 6 Track 4 Purchase this album
Watch: Live Performance
Comment: Title song from Sung Shi Kyung’s 6th album "Here In My Heart". Ever since his debut, Sung Shi Kyung has been labeled as the ballad prince. This song "Goodbye My Love" is one of the more up-tempo songs you’ll hear from Sung Shi Kyung. It is a farewell song that was composed together by Sung Shi Kyung and Yoo Hee Yeol. Although the lyrics are sad, the song itself is quite cheerful and can be seen as another type of love song. Sung Shi Kyung has been enlisted in the army, so this will be his last full studio album for a while.



8. (–) Alex – 그대라면 (If It’s You)
Score: 650
Genre: Pop Ballad

Alex1Music: Lee Jae Hak / Lyrics: Lee Jae Hak, Choo Hun Kon
Album: Alex Vol. 1 Track 2 Purchase this album
Watch: MV Live Performance
Comment: Being the title track of Alex’s 1st solo album “My Vintage Romance,” this ballad brings out Clazziquai’s male vocalist Alex’s soothing vocals. The classic and romantic way of confessing one’s love in the lyrics leaves a lasting impression. The music video was made to look like a film, giving the work a more polished look. (credits to Arirang TV – Pops in Seoul)



9. (+18) Lee Hyori – U-Go-Girl *** BIGGEST MOVER OF THE WEEK ***
Score: 639
Genre: Pop / Dance

LeeHyori3Music + Lyrics: E-Tribe
Album: Lee Hyori Vol. 3 Track 3 Purchase this album
Watch: MV Live Performance
Comment: Korea’s sexy queen Lee Hyori is finally coming back with her 3rd album. The title song "U-Go-Girl" is already topping various internet charts and winning the Inky Gayo mutizen award. The album also unseated Brown Eyes’ 3rd album to become the top seller. Don’t be surprised if this song moves up all the way to No. 1 next week.



10. (-1) Super Junior Happy – 요리왕 (Cooking? Cooking!)
Score: 517
Genre: Pop / Dance

SJHMusic + Lyrics: ROZ
Album: Super Junior Happy 1st mini-album Track 1 Purchase this album
Watch: MV Live Performance
Comment: This is the title song for the mini album, “Cooking? Cooking!” by Super Junior-Happy, a subgroup of Super Junior with Kang-in, Lee-teuk, Eun-hyuk, Shin-dong, Ye-sung, and Sung-min. This bright lively dance track sings about having complicated feelings after having a meal cooked by his girlfriend. The music video includes parody scenes of ‘Oldboy’ and features Girls’ Generation’s Sunny. (credits to Arirang TV – Pops In Seoul)



11. (+1) Ok Ju Hyun – Honey
Score: 510
Genre: Pop / Electronica

OkJuHyun3Music: Cho Young Soo / Lyrics: Ahn Young Min
Album: Ok Ju Hyun Vol. 3 Track 1 Purchase this album
Watch: MV Live Performance
Comment: This is the representative track of Ok Joo-hyun’s 3rd album, "Remind." A song that mixed electronica and lounge music, its medium-slow tempo backed with simple piano arrangements brings a sophisticated feel to the piece. The lyrics sing about the pure heart of loving someone even when he has left her side. (credits to Arirang TV – Pops in Seoul)



12. (-1) V.O.S – Beautiful Life
Score: 481
Genre: R&B mid-tempo ballad

VOS3Music: ROZ / Lyrics: M
Album: V.O.S Vol. 3 Track 2 Purchase this album
Watch: MV Live Performance
Comment: This song represents the 3rd album of V.O.S., "Wonderful Things." With a bright beat, this is an enchanting pop dance. The clear vocals and expressive chorus add to the song’s allure. The sentimental lyrics sing about the feeling of a love so strong that it changes your life. (credits to Arirang TV – Pops in Seoul)



13. (–) SG Wannabe – 멋지게 이별 (A Neat Breakup)
Score: 470
Genre: mid-tempo R&B
Music: Cho Young Soo / Lyrics: Ahn Young Min
Album: SG Wannabe Vol. 5 Track 2 Purchase this album
Watch: MV Live Performance
Comment: This song featured on SG Wannabe’s 5th album, "My Friend", has a Latin-style beat. It sings about the pain and hurt from parting with a loved one. The music video shows SG Wannabe members acting out different types of break-up scenes. (credits to Arirang TV – Pops in Seoul)



14. (-4) Tae Yang – 나만 바라봐 (Watching Only You)
Score: 447
Genre: R&B / Dance

TaeYang1Music: Teddy, Kush / Lyrics: Teddy
Album: Tae Yang mini-album "Hot" Track 3 Purchase this album
Watch: MV Live Performance
Comment: This is the title track of TAEYANG’s 1st mini-album, "HOT." 1TYM’s Teddy and Stony Skunk’s Kush co-composed this song for BIGBANG member TAEYANG’s solo debut. The song’s groovy R&B feel is accentuated by the electronic sounds of synthesizers mixed with trendy beats. The members of BIGBANG made cameo appearances in the music video. (credits to ArirangTV – Pops in Seoul)



15. (+5) Lee Ki Chan – 행복해야 해 (You Have To Be Happy)
Score: 414
Genre: Pop Ballad

Album: Lee Ki Chan Vol. 10 Track 2 Purchase this album
Watch: MV Live Performance
Comment: Very few singers in today’s k-pop can say they have released 10 or more studio albums, maybe we can even count them using only one hand. Lee Ki Chan is one of the rare few who have done so. It proves that both he and his music have stood the test of time. Perhaps even more amazing is that Lee Ki Chan is only 29! Last year, he had one of the most popular ballads, "A Beauty". Now the title track of this new album, "You Have To Be Happy", is again a very good ballad. It should be in the top 10 very soon.



16. (+3) Zi-A – 사랑해 미안해 (I Love You, I Am Sorry)
Score: 394
Genre: Pop Ballad

Zia1Music: Cho Young Soo / Lyrics: Ahn Young Min
Album: Zi-A Vol. 1 Track 3 Purchase this album
Watch: MV Live Performance
Comment: Using a faceless concept, Zi-A took k-pop by storm last year with hits like "Absentmindedly" and "Violin". She is finally revealing her face for her 1st full studio album "Road Movie". Just like her previous hits, this ballad is penned by top songwriter Cho Young Soo. This song again has a movie-like MV, starring Shin Hyun Joon and Miss Korea Honey Lee. Zi-A is just starting to promote this song on music shows this week. Fans finally get a chance to see her singing live.



17. (New) Seo In Young – 신데렐라 (Cinderella) *** HOT SHOT DEBUT ***
Score: 307
Genre: Pop / Dance

Album: Seo In Young Mini Album "Elly Is Cinderella" track 1 Purchase this album
Watch: MV Live Performance
Comment: Sexy diva Seo In Young has come back to the music scene this year as Cinderella with a special mini album. This year, she has become a hot issue with Jewelry’s 5th album promotions and the
variety show, We Got Married. With her short Choco Mushroom haircut which gained much popularity, she has come back with the cute and lovable concept with colorful ribbons and Snow White hair, setting the fashion trend once again. In the jacket cover photo shoots and music video shootings, Seo In Young used her own accessories, including her treasured shoes.



18. (–) Bae Chi Gi (feat. Sol Flower) – No. 3
Score: 304
Genre: Hip-hop

BaeChiGi3Music: Kim Min Goo / Lyrics: Bae Chi Gi
Album: Bae Chi Gi Vol. 3 Track 2 Purchase this album
Watch: MV Live Performance
Comment: This is the title track of Baechigi’s 3rd album, “Out Of Control.” Written by Baechigi and featuring Sol Flower, this song contains words of hope for the seemingly insignificant people in this world. The comical music video projects the song’s bright, lively vibe. (credits to Arirang TV – Pops in Seoul)



19. (+2) MC Mong (feat. M.A.C) – 미치겠어 (Feel Crazy)
Score: 303
Genre: Hip-hop

MCMong4Music + Lyrics: MC Mong
Album: MC Mong Vol. 4 Track 5 Purchase this album
Watch: MV Live Performance
Comment: Already the 3rd hit from MC Mong’s highly successful 4th album, this mid-tempo hip-hop song has a strong American R&B feel. MC Mong is the second artiste in 2008 with three top-20 hit songs from the same album (first was Kim Dong Ryul).



20. (-6) Jaurim – Carnival Amour
Score: 266
Genre: Rock

Album: Jaurim Vol. 7 Track 7 Purchase this album
Watch: MV Live Performance
Comment: This title track for Jaurim’s 7th full-length album, “Ruby Sapphire Diamond”, is an upbeat rock song full of lush sounds. Kim Yoon-a shows off her amazing vocal capabilities in the song, from a sweet childish voice to a deep mannish voice. In the music video, the Jaurim members narrate the life-changing moments of an innocent girl. (credits to Arirang TV – Pops in Seoul)



21. (New) Solbi & Kim Jong Wook – 그대에게 바래요 (I Wish For You To…) : 258
22. (New) Nam Gyu Ri – 남자 (Man) : 244
23. (-8) One Two (feat. Seo In Young) – 뭇된 여자 (Bad Woman) : 243
24. (-7) Crown J (feat. Seo In Young) – Too Much : 237
25. (+5) Dae Sung – 날 봐 귀순 (Look at me, Gwi Soon) : 225
26. (+5) 2AM – 이 노래 (This Song) : 216
27. (+15) Shin Ji (feat. Mighty Mouth) – 해뜰날 (The Day The Sun Rises) : 207
28. (–) Park Hyo Shin – 화신 (Incarnation: SBS Drama "Il Ji Mae" OST) : 179
29. (-5) Lee Jung – 그대만 보여 (When I see only you) : 176
30. (+14) Jang Yoon Jeong – 장윤정트위스트 (Jang Yoon Jeong Twist) : 158
31. (New) Epik High (feat. Youn Ha) – 우산 (Umbrella) : 155
32. (+1) Gummy – 님은 먼 곳에 (You Are So Far Away) : 154
33. (-10) Kim Hyun Jung – 살짝쿵 (Slight Bang) : 133
34. (-2) Byul – 6년 동안 (For 6 Years) : 132
35. (New) Kyun Woo – 너였구나 (It was you) : 130
36. (-2) Battle – Step by Step : 118
37. (-8) Namolla Family (feat. Tae In) – 사랑남녀 (Love Couple) : 116
38. (New) Gavy NJ – 사랑 같은 건 없나봐 (I Guess There’s No Such Thing As Love) : 111
39. (Re) Kim Dong Wan – 남자의 사랑 (Love Of A Man) : 106
40. (+9) DJ Koo (feat. Hana) – Let Me : 105
41. (-2) Kim Hyun Joong – 고맙다 (Thank You) : 103
42. (-6) Shin Hye Sung – Purple Rain : 97
43. (-21) J-Walk (feat. Eun Ji Won) – My Love : 94
44. (-1) Choi Jung Chul (feat. Ga In) – 결혼 (Wedding) : 93
45. (New) Baby Vox (Re. V) – I Believe : 91
46. (-11) Lee Seung Ki – 여행을 떠나요 (Let’s Go On Vacation) : 90
47. (New) Tata Clan – 젓가락 (Chopsticks) : 82
48. (New) Lee Seung Chul – Moving Star : 80
49. (-24) Hong Kyung Min (feat. Mighty Mouth) – 돌아와 돌아와 (Come Back Come Back) : 78
50. (-10) Oh Jong Hyuk (Feat. $howgun) – Get Away : 65

Blue: Songs to watch out under top 20
Green: Editor’s recommendations under top 20



Vn Juhee – Wish Dayz
Genre: Rock Ballad

Album: Vn Juhee digital single Vol. 2 Track 1
Watch: MV
Comment: I discovered this song by accident while looking for another song, and I am loving it very much now. It has a simple melody with guitar arrangement, and lots of English in the lyrics, making it quite a westernized song. I don’t have a lot of information about the singer, I only know that her real name is Hong Ju Hee and she released a debut single, "Promise", back in 2006. This is her 2nd single.



Sources of the chart


ChartKorea – 15%
Air Monitor Chart – 15%
MNet M!Countdown – 15%
Various Internet charts (Melon, Jukeon, Dosirak, MNet, Muz, Bugs, Ohdio, Soribada) – 15%
Hanteo and KMDIA Weekly Album Sales (2 weeks lag) – 10%
SBS – Inky Gayo Take 7 + Internet Chart + MP3 Download Chart + Music Video Chart – 10%
Hanteo Gayo Chart – 10% (1 week lag)
KBS Music Bank K-Chart – 5%
Gasoo appearance on gayo shows (MBC Show! Music Core, SBS Inky Gayo, KBS Music Bank, MNet M!Countdown, KBS Yoon Do Hyun Love Letter, SBS Kim Jung Eun Chocolate, MTV Non-stop, Pops In Seoul) – 5%