New albums and singles preview: August week 1

Seo TaiJi Vol. 8 – Atomos Part Moai (released)
01 Moai
02 Human Dream
03 T’IKt’Ak
04 Moai [Rmx]

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Seo Taiji has finally come back with the first single of his 8th studio album, titled Atomos Part Moai. It’s been four-and-a-half years since his last album. The single consists of four tracks, all of which Seo produced, composed and wrote. The title track is MOAI, which are the gigantic statues seen on Easter Island. As a youth, Seo was fascinated by the mysterious Easter Island, and thus this song came to existence. There are a total of three instalments to this album, the first single, second, and the release of the full album.

Yoo Hee Yeol (Toy) – Summer Day: Composition Collection (released)
01 At the Park
02 Have We Met Before?
03 A Night’s Melody
04 My Enjoyable Day
05 Every Time This Happens (Instrumental Version)
06 Relationship and Relationship
07 Summer Day
08 Epilogue

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Toy, who released his sixth album “Thank You” last November, has come back eight months later with another album. Included are five instrumentals and three songs which weren’t made with computer and metronome, but rather with the piano, guitar, and string instruments. The song, Summer Day, is the third project for the LG X Note crossover film campaign which stars Hyun Bin, Ryu Seung Bum and Shin Min Ah. The theme is “Summer, Love, and Memories.” The title tracks of the album are “Summer Day” and “A Night’s Melody”. Other songs worth mentioning are “Every Time This Happens”, which is a slow-tempo instrumental track, and “Relationship and Relationship.”

Kara Mini Album Vol. 1 (released)
01 Rock U
02 Baby Boy
03What Is This
04 Good Day
05 Wait

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Female group Kara, which consists of members Park Gyuri, Han Seung Yun, Nicole Jung, Goo Hara, and Kang Jiyoung, has returned to the music scene this summer with a new look. After the girls promoted their first album, vocal Kim Sunghee left the group, making many fans sad. Thus, two more members were added, making the original four-member group a quintet. Kara’s mini album consists of five songs, the title track being ROCK U. This is a bright and exciting dance track with simple melodies. Nicole Jung’s rapping, “Rock your body I say shake it shake it”, will help bring out the summery mood.

Kim Gun Mo Vol. 12 – Soul Groove (August 8)
01 Intro (Don’t Leave)
02 Around When
03 Kiss
04 I Love You
05 One Day
06 Clumsy Excuse
07 The Gift Breakup Gave Me
08 For You
09 Don’t Be Like This
10 Hurts
11 It Will Turn Out Well
12 Sad Break
13 Kiss (2008 Trend Re-Mix)

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Kim Chang Hwan, who has helped produce great hits for Kim Gun Mo, such as “Excuses” and “Wrongful Meeting”, has come back again to help Kim Gun Mo out. The title track this album is “Kiss”, which has funky beats. In addition to this track, the rest of the album consists of songs of various genres including, pop, soul, reggae, house, blues, and ballad.

Other releases:

Banana Girl Vol. 4 – Colorful (released)

Big Mama (single) – Happy Birthday To You (released)

PK Heman (single) – 그럴꺼면 왜 (released)

Maslo Vol. 1 – Master of Flow (August 7)

Yoon Hwa Jae In Vol. 1 (August 7)

Canaan Vol. 1 – The Holy Night (August 7)

Lee Da Rang – Single Vol. 1 (August 7)

Jung Young Joo – Love Is What Makes You Smile When You Tired (August 7)

Playground – Love Ride (August 7)

Jin By Jin Vol. 1 – I’m Going Home (August 7)

Melody Tree Vol. 3 – Daydream (August 7)

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