New albums and singles preview: August week 2

Big Bang 3rd mini album – Stand Up (released)
01 Intro (Stand Up)
02 Day by Day
03 Heaven
04 Kind Person
05 Lady
06 Oh My Friend

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Big Bang’s third mini album, “Stand Up”, has finally been released this month, showing a new side of the group. It was already known that G-Dragon and Daishi Dance had worked together to make two songs. In addition, member TOP co-produced a song. Through the song “Oh My Friend”, Big Bang were able to show fans a different genre from their norm. Kush and Teddy, who have made songs such as Gummy’s “I’m Sorry,” Taeyang’s “Look at Only Me,” and Uhm Jung Hwa’s “D.I.S.C.O”, have also collaborated once again for this album.


Park Hye Kyung – When a Woman Loves + A Lover’s Concerto (August 12)
01 A Lover’s Concerto
02 Lemon Tree
03 Between Love and Friendship
04 Beautiful Breakup
05 To You
06 My Looks Fit Into My Heart
07 Perhaps That
08 Very Old Lovers
09 Breakup’s Shadow
10 Fragrant Memories
11 I Believe
12 Reality
13 Lemon Tree (Life-Mix)
14 Lemon Tree (Shinsadong Horangi Mix)
15 A Lover’s Concerto (Life-Mix)

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Vocalist Park Hye Kyung, who has stayed true to her name, had received much love from netizens with her remake album, “When a Woman Loves”. The songs “Between Love and Friendship” and “Lemon Tree”, which were from the album, were placed first on various charts. Added into this album is the new title track “A Lover’s Concerto”, which was from the movie “Connection.”


Byul (single) – Like A Star (Bikini) (released)
01 Bikini
02 The Back of Your Head
03 Bikini (Inst.)

It’s been a year since Byul released her fifth studio album and last June, she released “Like a Star_Showcase” with the title track, “For Six Years”, receiving much love from fans. This month, she has released the second part of the Like a Star series with “Like a Star_Bikini.” The song “Bikini”, which was composed by Kim Gun Woo, is of the rock genre, showing a new side to Byul. The song also has Canon sampling to make it more exciting. Byul wrote the lyrics to the song. The second track, “The Back of Your Head”, is Byul’s first composition, is a sad ballad that shows her feminine side.


Andy (single) – What I Was to Send When I Loved (released)
01 What I Was to Send When I Loved
02 What I Was to Send When I Loved (Inst.)

Andy who has done his second musical “Polaroid”, had a solo track “What I Was to Send When I Loved”, which is now available as a digital single. The song holds the innocent feelings of the character, Kang Jung Ho. This ballad number is a 180 degree turn from the upbeat tracks from Andy’s solo album such as “Propose” and “Love Song.” The musical started on Aug 3 and will last until the 24th at Daehanglo’s Freedom Theatre.


Tim (single) – At the End of the World (released)
01 At the End of the World
02 At the End of the World (Piano Solo Ver)
03 At the End of the World (Inst.)

Singer Tim has collaborated with producer An Jung Hoon for a new song, “At the End of the World”, for the soundtrack of “My Woman.” An is known to make great OST tracks such as Lovers is Paris’ “To Your Side”, Tae Wang Sa Shin’s “Permission”, and for Firebird and I’m Sorry I Love You soundtracks. Tim, on the other hand, has gained many fans over the years for his sweet voice, releasing a total of four albums.


Tiffany, Jessica, and Seo Hyun (SNSD) – Mabinogi (released)
01 Mabinogi (It’s Fantastic)

SNSD, who were chosen to advertise the online game Mabinogi, have released a song at the beginning of this month. The song, “Mabinogi (It’s Fantastic), which is bright and lively, is sung by members Tiffany, Jessica, and Seo Hyun. In addition, a music video featuring Tiffany is also released to melt boys’ hearts.


Various Artists : Stage #1 – TOP (released)
01 Bony Fish (MC the Max)
02 When Today Passes (Lee Ki Chan)
03 Love..Really (Wax)
04 That Street… (Younha)

What is Stage #1 Top? Dosirak, Anycall, and Melon have met to pick top artistes to be part of the Stage #1 Top project. Due to the music slump in Korea, the purpose of this project is to revitalize the industry. Using Anycall mobiles, you are able to preview the songs and purchase them. The first episode is called TOP and the first artistes are MC the Max, Lee Ki Chan, Wax, and Younha, who received the most love in the digital world last year. The first song is “Bony Fish”, which ISU of the group sings beautifully with great harmonization. The second song is “When Today Passes” by Lee Ki Chan, which will excite fans. The third song is “Love…Really” by Wax. The song shows the sadness due to love from a female’s point of view. The last song “That Street” is by Younha. The ballad was written by her and shows her effort.


Various Artists: In the season – summer 2008 (released)
01 Heartbreaking (J-Walk)
02 Out of this World (Namolla Family & Honey Family)

With the theme of “Confliction of Genres”, the first of the series features the singers J-Walk and Honey Family & Namolla Family. The first group was originally part of the 90s idol group, Sechskies, and sang “Heartbreaking” for this project. The song was composed by Han Sang Won, who is famous for making many hit songs, and the lyrics were written by Kang Eun Kyung. The second track is “Out of this World” and is sung by Honey and Namolla Family. Honey Family’s Myung Ho and Joo Ra composed and co-wrote the lyrics and Namolla Family took part in the rap. The song is sad but happy and happy but sad, making it a “conflicting song” as the theme suggests.



Other releases:


GLV Vol. 1 – Life In Hard Knox (released)

Waffle 1st mini-album (released)

Tae Sa Bi Ae (single) – Nae SaRang (released)

Sister’s Barbershop Vol. 5 – 가랑 보탕의 존재 (August 11)

Won Joon Hee (mini-album) – Return (August 12)

Maybee (single) – Eyes On Me (August 12)

Cho Yoon Sup Vol. 2 – Neo Arirang (August 13)

Pe2ny Vol. 1 – Alive Soul Cuts Vol. 1 (August 13)

DNT (mini-album) – 두 사람 그리고 그 후 (August 14)



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