New albums and singles preview - August week 3

Kim Bum Soo Vol. 6 – Sad Inflection (August 19)
01 Intro
02 Sad Inflection
03 Smile Again
04 Tug-of-war
05 Love
06 Interlude
07 Callus
08 Do You Know That?
09 Easy Breakup
10 Until the End
11 Without Your Love
12 Dear
13 Light
14 With Grace
15 Sad Inflection (Inst)

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Kim Bum Soo has returned with his sixth album. Kim, who has done many ballads over the course of almost ten years, has decided to try different genres for this new album. These genres include ballads, electronica, country, and hip-hop. “Sad Inflection” is the title track and it is about one man who is full of grudges, longing, and hurt due to a loved one who has left. It shows how this man spends his days trying to forget. The entire album was produced by Hwang Chan Hee, who gained much fame with Kim Jong Gook’s “One Man.”



Maybee (mini-album) – Eyes On Me (released)
01 Eyes on Me
02 Oh My
03 My Love At My Side
04 Eyes on Me (Inst)
05 Oh My

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Maybee, who came to the music industry with “More or Less” and “Fool”, has come back with a digital single, “Eyes on Me”. Through this single, fans can feel her charm. The title track “Oh My” has bossa nova sounds, cheerful rhythms, and lovely lyrics. Included in the album is “Eyes on Me”, which is a remake of Faye Wong’s song from Final Fantasy VIII. Maybee herself wrote the lyrics, showing a new side of the song. The last song of the album is “My Love At My Side”, which has simple guitar and harmonica arrangements and showcases Maybee’s vocals.



Various Artists – The Love (August 21)
01 KCM – Good For You
02 Je-A & Miryo (Brown Eyed Girls) – Ready to LOVE
03 The Name – Do You Love Me
04 Seo Yeon – Breakup Formula
05 Jang Hye Jin & Soo Ho – Remember
06 Jadu – Writing Notes
07 Gil Gun – You Should’ve Told Me
08 Baby Vox ReV – Wish
09 MC Hansae – One Instead of Two
10 Song Seung Hun – Soul (Remix)
11 DJ DOC – Remember (Remix)
12 Seo Yeon – Breakup Formula (Bossa Ver)

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Stars’ Short Stories About Love, “THE LOVE”

Since last April, singers, KCM, Je-A & Miryo (Brown Eyed Girls), Seo Yeon, The Name, and Jadu received much love through their online singles, and on Aug 21, Jang Hye Jin & Soo Ho, Gil Gun, Baby Vox ReV, and MC Hansae are to release theirs, making it a total of 12 songs for the “THE LOVE” album. There are various genres of songs in this album, all with the love theme. For example, KCM’s “Good For You” is a sad ballad, while Je-A & Miryo’s “Ready to LOVE” is a sweet song.


SG Wannabe (single) – East of Eden OST (released)
01 Opposed By Fate

East of Eden is a drama that takes place in the time period of 1960 to 2000. Two men are born in the same hospital and share an intertwined fate with revenge upcoming in their lives. Top stars Song Seung Hun, Lee Da Hae, Lee Yeon Hee, Yun Jung Hoon, and Han Ji Hye are to star in this drama. With such a great cast, the soundtrack for this album is also filled with top singers, including SG Wannabe, Seeya, Davichi, M to M, FT Island, Black Pearl, and Color Pink. Each singer is to sing a theme song for the drama series. The first song is “Opposed By Fate”, which is sung by SG Wannabe and Kim Jong Wook. Along with the song is a teaser music video which includes clips of the drama. The first episode of East of Eden is to air on Aug 25 at 9:55PM.


Namolla Family (single) – Love Is That Easy (released)
01 Love Is That Easy ft. Tae In
02 Love Man and Woman ft. Tae In
03 Good Morning ft. Tae In
04 Sorry ft. Tae In
05 Love Is That Easy (Inst)

Namolla Family, who received much love with “Love Man and Woman” this summer, have returned with a new song that shows new music styles. That song is called “Love Is That Easy” and it shows a more truthful feel about breakup than their first song. It starts off with an old EP sound and Kim Jae Woo’s narration. It also shows a more manly side of Namolla Family as well as their expansion in musical knowledge. As usual, Tae In is featured as the female vocalist in all the songs.



Dynamic Duo (single) – Good Love (released)
01 Good Love

When Dynamic Duo were planning their single, “Good Love,” they were wondering who would be perfect to sing along to the melody of their song. The song is about seeing one’s lover by your side, who is happy to be by your side. However, seeing this, you start to think about your first love. Which artiste will be able to successfully express this scenario? In the end, they were able to find the perfect featuree. Guess who? (hint: just look who’s at the top of this page)



Other releases:


Shin Gun with As One (single) – Love & Hate Pt. 1 "My Girl" (released)

JK Kim Dong Wok (single) – Victory (released)

Tae In (single) – 그 남자의 거짓말 (released)

Smash (mini-album) – Never Ending Story (August 19)

Shin Seung Hoon – 불후의 명작 (August 21)

Sweet Guerillaz – Follow The Rainbow (August 22)

Vicious Glare – Commencement (August 22)

URD Vol. 1 – URD (August 22)



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