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Date of birth : August 17th, 1971
Blood type : A
Physique : 164cm, 48kg
Hobbies : Collecting perfume bottles, watching films, reading
Favorite food : All
Motto : Do the best, Enjoy the day
Debut : ‘89 MBC Choir, ‘92 Film debut in “She should be in Apgujeongdong whenever it’s windy”, ’93 Singing debut with “The apple of the eye”, TV drama debut in “Good morning, Yeongdong”


Our featured artiste this week is a singer who combines sexiness and charm – Uhm Jeong-hwa, the Korean Madonna.

Uhm Jeong-hwa first started out in the entertainment business by joining the MBC Choir in November 1989. However, it was not until she participated in a television program, “Sharing love with Choi Jin-shil”, in 1991 that Uhm engaged the entertainment world in earnest. In 1992, Uhm made her first appearance in the movie “Marriage Tales” and later added “She should be in Apgujeongdong whenever it’s windy” (1993) to her resume.

Uhm released her first album in April 1st, 1993, featuring the song “The Apple of My Eye”. But the response from the public was disappointing, causing Uhm to suspend her singing career for a while. Instead, she concentrated on acting, appearing in television dramas like “Good-bye Yeongdong”and “Police”.

It was in 1996, 3 years after her music debut, that Uhm made a come-back with her 2nd album. Songs from that album like “Sad Expectation” and “Love approved only by the heavens” gained a good response from the public and gave her renewed confidence as a singer. Uhm subsequently embarked on a successful singing career. With her 3rd album released in 1997, Uhm found herself at the height of her singing career. She also became a cutting-edge fashion leader with the new styles she presented in her 4th and 5th albums. For “Poison”, the title song of her 4th album, she wore her hair in a bob along with a range of sexy outfits. For “I don’t know”, the title song of her 5th album, she transformed into a futuristic beauty wearing outfits and unique accessories in a ‘cyber style’. With “Escape”, the title song for her 6th album, Uhm also gained popularity with the so-called ‘nobility look’.

In recent years, Uhm has been concentrating more on movies and TV dramas. Musically, for her latest comeback on 2008, she worked together with YG Entntertainment. It is drawing much attention within the K-pop community. Her mini-album "D.I.S.C.O" features a stunning lineup of hit-making producers such as Big Bang’s G-Dragon, Perry, Teddy, and Kush, making it one of the most exciting albums of 2008. The song "D.I.S.C.O." features Big Bang’s T.O.P as rapper and has become her biggest hit in recent years, proving that depsite so many new and sexy singers coming out in recent years, Uhm Jung Hwa is still one of the biggest stars.

Sometimes provocatively sexy and sometimes pure and innocent, Uhm remakes herself with each new album release. With this chameleon-like ability to transform, she has become one of the representative top female singers in Korea. A true diva for the k-pop industry.

Sorrowful Secret (1st album) (1993) : Sad Secrets, Like all the lovers in the world, Apple of my eye

Sad Expectations (2nd album) (1996) : Love and Conflict, Love approved only by the heavens, Sad Expectations

Love Afterwards (3rd album) (1997) : Drunk Travel Sketches, Rose of Betrayal, Mystery

Invitation (4th album) (1998) : Again, Picture Maze, Cactus, Poison

BEST (Best Album) (1998) : Rose of Betrayal, Sad Expectations, Apple of my Eye, The Love of Prima Donna
ALL DETAILS (Best album) : Shy Diary, Love Approved Only by the Heavens, Picture Maze
005.1999.06 (5th album) (1999) : I don’t know, The Glass Castle, Festival

Queen Of Charisma (6th album) (2000) : Come On, Crack, Escape, Time Goes By, Sad Illusion

Guardian Angel (Omnibus album) (2001) : Guardian Angel, I have a Dream, Ghetto Style, Sad Lies
Zoy Project 1st (2001) : We are not alone, Please be happy, It was you
Flower(花) (7th album) (2001) : All I Wanna Do, I’m OK, Get Lost
Um Jeong-hwa 8th (2004) : Eternity, Union of the Snake, Good Bye My Love
Uhm Jung Hwa Vol. 9 – Prestige (2006) : Friday Night, Shining Star, Come 2 Me, Gammer, Dance With Me, Ticket To The Moon, Innocence etc.
Come 2 Me New Remix (Single) (2006)
Uhm Jung Hwa 2008 Mini Album – D.I.S.C.O (2008) : Kiss Me, DJ, D.I.S.C.O, PARTY, Shake it, celebration

Music Video – D.I.S.C.O
Performance – D.I.S.C.O
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