New albums and singles preview – August week 5

Shinee Vol. 1 – The Shinee World (released)

01 The SHINee World (Doo-Bop)
02 Love’s Way
03 Love Like Oxygen
04 Romantic
05 One For Me
06 Graze
07 Last Gift
08 Best Place
09 Y Si Fuera Ella
10 Four Seasons
11 In My Room (Unplugged Version)
12 Noona’s So Pretty (Replay)

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One of 2008’s best rookie groups, SHINee have returned with their first studio album. They debuted in May with “Noona’s So Pretty” and for this album, they have brought back new music, dances and fashion that fit the contemporary band style. There are a total of twelve tracks in the album with genres ranging from R&B, Urban, to Pop. Hit composers and lyricists including Kim Young Joo, Kenzie, Yoo Young Jin, and Wheesung have taken part in the album. The title track of the album is “Love Like Oxygen”, which is a remake of Martin’s hit track “Show the World” which originated from Denmark. Through this song, SHINee are able to show their own colors and style. The dance for the song incorporates the usage of chairs, showing SHINee’s charms. “The SHINee World”, on the other hand, has strong beats and melody as it was composed by Yoo Young Jin. Other songs worth mentioning are “One For Me,” “Love’s Way,” and member Jong Hyun’s solo track, “Y Si Fuera Ella.”



Seo Ji Young + Kim Woo Joo – Chocolate Project #1 Happiness (September 2)
01 I Love You
02 Wedding Day
03 Sweet
04 Things You Want to Do With Your Lover
05 Romanticism Tradition
06 Outro

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Seo Ji Young and Kim Woo Joo’s Loving Kiss #1. Happiness

The Chocolate Album’s first theme, happiness, is as sweet as the title itself. The first artistes are Seo Ji Young and Kim Woo Joo. Top composers including Gi Ho and lyricists including Wheesung and Kim Tae Yoon have taken part in the album. Wheesung in particular wrote the lyrics to “Romanticism Tradition”, Kim Woo Joo’s solo track. The title track of the album is “Wedding Day”, a remake of Cool’s song from their 5th album. The song, which is about marriage, matches well with the album’s theme of happiness.



Monday Kiz – Recollection (September 4)
01 [Special Disc] Never Say Goodbye
02 Step Backward
03 Sorry, Thank You, I Love You
04 That Song
05 Sad Fate (Special Track)
06 Epilogue (Special Track-Kim Min Soo)

01 Intro
02 Full of Injury
03 Sad Favor
04 You Don’t Know My Heart
05 Nice Man
06 Even If I Live More
07 Love Is Love IS (Invisible Person Choi Jang Soo OST – Kim Min Soo)
08 Why in the World
09 Scar
10 Love I
11 Bye Bye Bye
12 One Man’s Diary
13 Promise
14 Lonely Soul (Feat. Girl Friends)
15 Invisible Tears
16 Bad Man
17 Redemption
18 The Day You Left

01 El Condo Pasa
02 Heavens, Please
03 That’s the Way It Is
04 Two Types of Work
05 2nd Confession
06 Under the Sun
07 After Love
08 Rusted Heart
09 Footstep
10 Even If I Call
11 One Night (Rap feat. B.Box)
12 Love II
13 Sky (Voice One Single Album)
14 New Skin
15 All I Have Is You
16 The One
17 Can’t Stop Loving You (Invisible Person Choi Jang Soo – Lee Jing Sung)
18 Outro

01 In Front of You
02 Leaving Breakup in the Front (Narraion Shin Hae Chul)
03 Mirage
04 Am a Man
05 Loving You
06 Only You
07 Reason Why a Man Throws Away Love
08 Love Talk (Voice One Single Album)
09 Love III
10 Happy Crime
11You Experience Hurt Too
12 Crazy Love (OST – Lee Jin Sung)
13 Cry Out With the Heart (feat. Rhymer)
14 This Kind of Min
15 Butterfly’s Dream
16 Outro

01 [DVD] – Monday Kiz Music Drama Recolection – 1st Album ‘Bye Bye Bye’ Music Drama
02 2nd Album ‘El Condor Pasa’ Music Drama
03 3rd Album ‘Inside Story’ Music Drama
04 Single Album Invisible Tear + Rusted Heart Music Video
05 Never Say Goodbye Music Video
06 Project Group ‘Voice One’ Music Video

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Monday Kiz’s posthumous album, ‘Recollection’
Unpublished 6 tracks, total of 58 tracks
4 CDs & 1 DVD & Picture Album

The title track of this album is “Never Say Goodbye”, the first unreleased track in the album. It is composed by PJ and Lee Jong Hun and written by Choi Gap Won. It is of the British pop genre. The second unreleased track is “Step Backward” and it was composed by Han Sang Won, who also wrote “Footsteps.” This medium-tempo track has hip-hop sounds as well as great ad-libs from the duo. The third track is “Sorry, Thank You, I Love You”, a pop ballad. The fourth track is “That Song”, composed by Yoon Seung Hwan who is responsible for writing “Butterfly’s Dream”. It is a song that will cause people to reflect on their memories. The fifth song is “Sad Fate (Special Track)”, a remake of Nami’s famous number. It is a track recorded by the duo when they used to sing it as a practice song during training. The final track is “Epilogue (Special Track-Kim Min Soo)”, the last solo track recorded by the late Kim Min Soo.



J Electro Project Album – Love Child (released)
01 You Don’t Even Know (feat. Suh Jung Hwan)
02 Happy
03 You Don’t Even Know Remix

J meets Electro House Team’s Mad Soul Child to create new electro house music. J has returned this summer with a digital single, trying out house beats. This single was produced by Lee Sang Ryul and Yang Chan Woo of Mad Soul Child, who is known for producing and writing hit songs for Lee Hyori, MC Mong, Jo Sung Mo, Hwayobi, Kim Jong Gook, BMK, and Eugene. The project album is called “Love Child”, a phrase meaning a child produced by two lovers rather than a married couple. The title track is “You Don’t Even Know”, which has house beats and a piano theme. The second track, “Happy”, has a 70s Disco feel to it. The lyrics were written by J herself.



Staff recommended:

Seo Jin Young mini-album – Tears In One’s Eyes (September 2)
01 Tears In One’s Eyes
02 Star’s Voice
03 L.O.V.E Mode
04 Good Day
05 Tears In One’ Eyes (Inst)
06 Star’s Voice (Inst)
07 Tears In One’s Eyes (Geo’s Remix)

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Most people aren’t familiar with the name Seo Jin Young, but through her mini album, “Tears of Star”, fans can hear top composers and producers’ names: Shin Hyun Bo, Hwang Sang Jeh, and Jung Ji Chan. It is hard for musicians to even get songs from top composers but with Seo’s musical talent and skills, it is no problem. Seo Jin Young debuted in 2001 at the age of 18 with her first album and the song “Love Letter”. Unfortunately due to problems with her company, she later stopped promoting it. However, her dreams weren’t shattered as she sang for various dramas including Solitude (2002), Summer Scent (2003), and Gumiho (2004). Four years later, Seo has been given the chance to showcase her voice through her own mini album. Her song, “Tears in One’s Eyes”, is a bright ballad track while “Star’s Voice” has dramatic sounds. “Good Day”, on the other hand, has sweet melodies as the title of the song suggests. There is also a remix version of “Tears in One’s Eyes”, remixed by Sweetbox’s producer, Geo, giving the song a Euro dance style.




Other releases:


Ebonyhill Vol. 1 – We Are Ebonyhill (released)

Hyun Young (single) – Moonlight Girl (released) 

Lee Hyun Ji mini album – Kiss Me, Kiss Me (September 3)

E Z Hyung Vol. 2 – Spectrum (September 4)

Nastonya Vol. 2 – Another Secret (September 5)

The One Vol. 3 – The Last (September 5)



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