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Name : Lee Sang-chul (nickname: 237 a.k.a. Sangchu)
Date of birth : Jan. 13, 1982
Blood type : Type AB
Height : 181cm
Weight : 82kg
Hobbies : Working out, reading, listening to music
Formed the underground crew “Black Comedy” in 2001


Name : So Jun-seop (nickname: Shorry J)
Date of birth : Oct. 4, 1982
Blood type : Type A
Height : 168cm
Weight : 62kg
Hobbies : Mumbling to himself





Artiste of the week of this week is Hip hop duo Mighty Mouth. They present a more stylish and refined type of hip hop. Two rappers, Shorry J and 237 a.k.a. Sangchu, have built their careers by taking part in a variety of live performances and album productions with Hyun Jin-young and Ju Seok. They took their name “Mighty Mouth” after an American animation about a courageous and clever rodent character “Mighty Mouse”. Their digital single “I Love You”, featuring singer/actress Yoon Eun-hye, has created quite a sensation among hip hop fans. It’s a perfect combination of Mighty Mouth’s witty rap and Yoon’s lovely vocal. You can tell from just this one song why Mighty Mouth have been called the most promising new artistes of 2008.


After their hit song "I Love You", Mighty Mouth released their 1st full studio album, featuring many singers such as SolBi, Horan, and SunYe of Wonder Girls, among others. Mighty Mouth also injected their creative energy into the album as co-producers and songwriters. Beside that, they have also been featured in albums by artistes such as Lee Ki Chan, Shin Ji and Hong Kyung Min.


The mainstream hip-hop genre has been a hit in k-pop in recent years.  It is no surprise that Mighty Mouth are enjoying success.  Their catchy songs and colorful on-stage performances are gaining fans everyday.  No wonder they are one of the top newcomers to k-pop this year.





I Love You (digital single, 03-03-2008) : I Love You, Movie Star

Energy (1st album, 23-06-2008) : Energy, All 4 U, Come on Come, Skit #1, Mighty Mouth, Cry, Since 2004, Movie Star, M.U.S.I.C etc.

Music Video: Energy
Performance: Energy
Soompi thread: HERE



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written by: adikkeluangman, edward1849

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