9/6/08 — Kim Myung Min, Lee Ji Ah, and Jang Geun Suk (김명민,이지아, 장근석) will lead the Wednesday-Thursday 18-episode drama "Beethoven Virus (베토벤 바이러스)" scheduled to be aired by MBC on 9/10, following the final episode of drama "Great ~ Han Min Gook Attorney".


Beethovan Virus



This musical human drama portrays the solitary struggle of a conductor and his orchestra happened in an opera house.  This is Korean version of the Japanese popular musical drama and comic books "The Symphony", aka "Nodame Cantabile". 

Kim Myung Min plays the eccentric orchestra conductor Kang Ma Eh (강마에) who is arrogant and haughty which earned him a nickname – orchestra killer who used to exhaust members of any orchestra.


Lee Ji Ah plays the violinist "Crane" Doo Roo Mi (두루미) who embarks on the "Project Orchestra (프로젝트 오케스트라)".  The orchestra consists of about 20 members including 1 female violinist, 2 male pianists, 1 male trumpet player, and 2 assistant female violinists, etc.


Jang Geun Suk plays the role Kang Gun Woo (강건우) who doesn’t know that he has musical talent until he meets Doo Roo Mi and then they participate in the same orchestra.  Since Gun Woo has never had any musical education, Roo Mi teaches him how to read music sheets.  They are destined soul mates who then develop romantic love relationship. 


This is the first time that LJA plays a violin and JGS plays a trumpet in a drama.  The PD is Lee Jae Gyoo (이재규) who directed dramas "Damo (2003, MBC)" and "Fashion 70s (2005, SBS)".  The script writers are sisters Hong Jin Ah and Hong Ja Rang (홍진아, 홍자람) who wrote for the drama "Over the Rainbow".



Actor Lee Soon Jae (이순재) plays the role Kim Kap Yong (김갑용) who was a retired oboist of the "Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra".  Due to his old age, he is constantly rejected in orchestra auditions.  Unexpectedly, he sees the announcement of  "Project Orchestra" and then he takes a step forward to support the project.



Lee Soon Jae


Lee Soon Jae  

Beethoven Virus


Beethoven Virus


Beethoven Virus Beethoven Virus Beethoven Virus  Beethoven Virus