New albums and singles preview – September week 1

East of Eden (MBC Drama) OST (released)
01 Opposed Fate (SG Wannabe & Kim Jong Wook)
02 Crazy Woman (Seeya – Kim Yun Ji, Davichi – Lee Haeri, Lee Jung Min)
03 Confession (SG Wannabe – Kim Jin Ho)
04 Red Bean I – Davichi – Lee Hae Ri
05 Thirst – Kim Jong Wook
06 Water Bottle – Davichi
07 In the Storm – M To M
08 Red Bean II – Seeya – Lee Boram
09 Small Love – M To M
10 Remember (M To M – Kim Sung Tae)
11 Father and New Lantern (Inst)
12 A Divided Road (Inst)
13 East Sea (Inst)
14 Macao’s Night (Inst)
15 White Coleseed (Inst)
16 The One Person I Think Of (Inst)
17 The Seabed’s Waste Land (Inst)

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MBC’s 47th Anniversary Special Drama, East of Eden, has finally released a soundtrack featuring top singers. The drama which takes place in the 1960s, is about two men born on the same day in the same hour, at the same hospital, and their intertwined fates and revenge that ensues. Top actors and actresses including Song Seung Hun, Yun Jung Hoon, Lee Yeon Hee, Lee Da Hae and Han Ji Hye star in this multi-million dollar project. Likewise, top singers have taken part in the soundtrack. These include SG Wannabe, Seeya, Davichi, M To M, Black Pearl, and Color Pink. On Aug 11, the first song “Opposed Fate”, sung by SG Wannabe and Kim Jong Wook, was released
along with a teaser video.

2PM First Single – Hottest Time Of The Day (released)
01 10 Out of 10
02 Only You
03 Angel
04 10 Out of 10 (Old School Ver)
05 10 Out of 10 (Inst)
06 Only You (Inst)

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Park Jin Young stated with the release of 2PM, “This group is my pride.”

This month, 2PM will change the meaning of boybands with their b-boy, acrobatic skills. On Aug 25, a group picture of the members jumping was first released. Produced by Park Jin Young (JYP), this is the first boyband created by him since G.O.D ten years ago. All seven of the 2PM members were scouted through auditions. The title track is “10 out of 10”.

U-Kiss – N Generation (released)
01 Intro (Pump Pump)
02 Not Young
03 Give It To Me
04 Not Young (Inst)

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The genre, Dirty South hip-hop, which originated and is receiving much popularity in the United States, is being tried out by new group, U-Kiss, through their title track, “Not Young”. The song, which has piano lines and toxicating melodies, has lyrics that are hard to forget. The song also incorporates snap dance moves.

Solbi – Do It (September 12)
01 Intro – Deep
02 Half
03 Do It Do It (ft Maniac)
04 Like a Star..
05 Together Whenever
06 Cute Love
07 Do It Do It (Original)

Solbi makes a comeback with a brand new challenge “Do It”

Solbi received much love this year with the reality show “We Got Married”, where she showed a cute and loveable image. She has now come back with her first solo album with a hip-hop dance style. Top producer, Uptown’s Jung Yun Joon, took charge in helping out with the album. There are a total of seven tracks, different from the styles Solbi brings with Typhoon. The title track of the album is “Do It Do It”, which is a hip-hop dance number composed by Jung Yun Joon. Also included in the album is “Cute Love”, which was previously released as a digital single for “We Got Married”. Other songs are “Like a Star” which is an R&B track, “Deep” which is of the trance genre, and “Half”, a medium-tempo song with cute lyrics.

Yoon Eun Hye and Lee Dong Gun (digital single) – Salad Anniversary (released)
01 Yoon Eun Hye Salad Song
02 Lee Dong Gun Salad Song
03 Yoon Eun Hye Salad Song (Inst)
04 Lee Dong Gun Salad Song (Inst)

The song for the Zipel CF, “Salad Song”, is finally released. On Aug 25, a video clip of Yoon Eun Hye in a recording room was revealed, causing a big commotion about her possible return to the music business. Soon after, the news of actor Lee Dong Gun singing as the male counterpart was revealed. The song is of the electronica genre and contains cute lyrics and a trendy melody. There are two versions to the song, one by each singer.

Other releases:

Mario 2nd single – 난 너에게 (released)

Mr. Tyfoon (digital single) – 불타는 태양 (released)

Ryu Shi Won – Shi Won’s Racing Diary Season II (released)

Two Ji Vol. 1 – Emerald (September 8)

Heo In Chang – Again (September 8)

The One Vol. 3 – The Last (September 9)

Kim Sung Hak – Sad Song (September 10)

BGH4 (single) – Missing You (September 10)

Soo and Jin Vol. 5 – 다섯번째 이야기 (September 10)

Noblesse (mini-album) – Broken Heart Syndrome (September 11)

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