Artist of the week – Brown Eyes


Name : Na Ul (real name: Yoo Na-ul)
Date of birth : Sep. 23, 1978
Height : 175
Weight : 65
Blood type : Type A
Hobby : Collecting CDs
Talent : Painting
Favorite food : Beef
Favorite colors : Beige, purple
Favorite musicians : Stevie Wonder, Marc Dorsey, Monifah, L. T. D.

Name : Yoon Gun (real name: Yang Chang-ik)
Date of birth : Jan. 1, 1977
Height : 180
Weight : 68
Blood type : Type B
Hobby : Playing computer games
Favorite foods : Sushi, stir-fried kimchi
Favorite musicians : Baby Face, R. Kelly

For this week’s artiste of the week, we proudly present the legendary Brown Eyes, Korea’s most accomplished R&B duo. They are back after a five-year hiatus. The Korean music industry was pleasantly surprised by their debut album in 2001, which demonstrated soft, yet resonant voices of the two singers. Without any promotions, their 1st album sold over 1 million copies. The title song "Already One Year" became a classic k-pop hit song which revolutionalized two things: (1) today’s mid-tempo R&B music, and (2) mega production movie-like music videos. Watch the MV of "Already One Year" here.
In 2002, Brown Eyes released their 2nd album "Reason of Breathing". Using the same concept, the title song "Gradually" also hit No. 1 on most music charts. However, to the disappointment of many fans, the duo broke up in early 2003 due to a contract dispute with their management company. NaUl went on to form another group Brown Eyed Soul and also released his own album. Yoon Gun also became a solo artiste.
Fans are delighted that Brown Eyes are coming back in 2008. Their latest album “Two Things Needed for the Same Purpose and 5 Objects” is filled with songs with the miraculous harmony of Na Ul and Yoon Gun’s voices. Within one week of its release, the album was sold out in Korea, which is unheard of in this day and age where digital music has taken over the market. The fourteen songs presented in Brown Eyes’ third album span a wide range of music genres, from medium tempo ballads and Latin soul to upbeat electronic house. However, they all feature lyrical melodies and rich sounds typical of Brown Eyes. The album is certain to delight Brown Eyes’ fans who have waited five long years to hear their mesmerizingvoices.

No promotional event was held as Naul went into military service just a few days before the release of the album. However, album sales have been good and their songs have become hits in most of Korea’s top music charts. There are rumors that the duo only re-united for this album. We sincerely hope this is not true and we want many more hits from Brown Eyes in the future. Even though NaUl and Yoon Gun both have other projects of their own, but together they are the best, and one of the best in k-pop history.

Already a Year (1st album, 2001-06-07) : Piano Nocturn (Already a Year), Love is Over, With Coffee, Hope, Blues Guitar, White Butterfly, Brown City, Noday but Today, Song of the Rain, etc.

Reason 4 Breathing? (2nd album, 2002-11-26) : Gradually, Rainy Apgujeong, Brown City, I Wanna Fall in Love With You, Piano Cavatina, True Luv, For You, Miss You, etc.

Two Things Needed for the Same Purpose and 5 Objets (3rd album, 2008-06-19) : Your Eyes, Don’t Go, Like a Flame, Let’s Get Down, Summer Passion, Don’t You Worry, Let It Go, Ruach, etc.

Watch MV: Don’t Leave, Because of You
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credits: KBS World + Yahoo KR! + Youtube + YesAsia + Bugs

written by adikkeuluangman, edward1849

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