New albums and singles preview – September week 2

Brown Eyed Girls mini-album Vol. 2 – My Style (September 18)
01 YOU
02 How
03 Barely
04 I Won’t Love Again
05 How [inst]
06 I Won’t Love Again [inst]

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Brown Eyed Girls received much love earlier this year with their song “LOVE”, which reached No. 1 on online charts. The girls have returned this month with their second mini album, My Style. The title track of the album is “How”, which was composed by the Brave Brothers, who are known to make trendy songs, including Big Bang’s “Last Farewell”. “How” will charm listeners with its strong melodies and the girls’ vocal skills. In addition to the title track are other notable numbers. Up to the end, the song “You” was in tough competition with “How” on being the title track. “You” was composed by Lee Min Soo and Saintbinary, who also wrote the hit track “LOVE”. With rhythmical guitar instrumentals along with drum and bass beats, the song is finely polished. “Barely”, on the other hand, was composed by Yoon Hee Sung, who is famous for drama songs. The song has electronica and bossa nova sounds and soul melodies. It is very soft and expressive. One can hear Miryo’s emotional rap skills with the girls’ vocals. The last song is “I Won’t Love Again”, which was composed by Kim Jae Suk of vocal group WANTED. The song fits the fall season well and is expected to receive much love from fans.

Noblesse mini-album – Broken Heart Syndrome (released)
01 Broken Heart Syndrome (feat. Daylight)
02 What to Do (feat. Hanyi)
03 Skilled Being Alone
04 Broken Heart Syndrome (feat. Venny)
05 Broken Heart Syndrome [inst]
06 What to Do [inst]

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Noblesse Yoo Seung Kyu has returned once again with the mini-album, “Broken Heart Syndrome”, The title track, “Broken Heart Syndrome”, expresses the longing one feels after losing a loved one and the broken heart syndrome one gets during this hardship. Anyone going through similar hardship can identify with this song. Through this album, singer-songwriter Noblesse is able to show a new side of him.

PDP (Cho PD + Park Mi Kyung) Project 12 inch single (released)
01 Can’t Have You
02 Can’t Have You [inst]
03 Can’t Have You [inst for Jo PD]
04 Can’t Have You [inst for Park Mi Kyung]

Jo PD and Park Mi Kyung’s electro love song project, PDP.

With great artistes such as Seo Taiji, Kim Gun Mo, and Cool making comebacks, a new project is also set to be released at the end of the year. This project is called PDP and Jo PD and Park Mi Kyung are to take part in it. Park Mi Kyung is one of the top divas who in the 90s had many hit songs including “Eve’s Warning” and “A Reason that Doesn’t Seem Like A Reason”. She retired in 2000, but there had been rumors that Park was to make a new album for her fans. The song, “Can’t Have You”, was composed and written by Jo PD.

Other releases:

Tensi Love mini-album – Fly Away (released)

E-bul Vol. 1 – Forever (released)

Suck Stuff – New Classic (released)

Cha Eun Joo Vol. 3 – Smile In Your Eyes (September 16)

Sinklair – Datura (September 18)

Kickscotch Vol. 1 – Run For Fun (September 18)

Park Chan Kon – My Dreams (September 18)

Storyseller – My Dear (September 18)

Kim Dong Hee – Halfway (September 19)

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