New albums and singles preview – September week 4

Wonder Girls – The Wonder Years: Trilogy (September 30)
01 Intro
02 Nobody
03 I Tried
04 Saying I Love You
05 Nobody (Rainstone Remix)
06 Nobody (Inst)
07 I Tried (Inst)
08 Saying I Love You (Ye-eun Track) (Inst)
09 Nobody (Rainstone Remix) (Inst)

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Wonder Girls returns with retro styled Nobody!

Korea’s favorite little sisters, Wonder Girls, have made a comeback with their fourth project album, The Wonder Years – Trilogy. Nobody, the title track of the album, has 60s-70s Motown sounds, completing the trilogy which included Tell Me and So Hot, that were of the 80s style. The title track has easy melodies that are hard to forget after just one listen. The fashion and dance routines that are to follow will help complete the retro style.

See Ya Vol. 3 – Brillant Change (September 30)
01 Going feat. (SG Wannabe (Kim Yong Joon) & Hwang Jung Eum & Mario)
02 Hot Girl
03 Turn It Up
04 The Way Back Home (Feat. SG Wannabe (Kim Jinho)
05 Even If I Cry
06 Alone
07 Admiration Song
08 I Wish
09 Men Are Like That
10 That Person (Shoes III)
11 Cotton Candy
12 Without Me
13 Loving You

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Seeya have returned with their third album. In the past, the girls showed a natural but feminine style, but they are to come back with the “doll” style. Their music type is also 100% different from their previous songs. Seeya, who used to receive much love with medium tempo tracks such as A Woman’s Scent, Crazy Love Song, I Hate You, and Love’s Greeting, will come back with an electro house beat dance track. The title track is “Hot Girl” and it was composed by Cho Young Soo. The beats match well with Seeya’s powerful vocals. The song, Going, is also worth mentioning. The song has house beats with oriental style melodies. Kim Yong Joon of SG Wannabe also lends his voice to the song. The album has a total of 13 tracks. Cha Eun Taek, who produced Lee Hyori’s U-Go-Girl music video, is in charge of Seeya’s music video.

Epik High – Lovescream (September 30)
01 Butterfly Effect
02 Fallin’
03 Harajuku Days
04 Habit
05 Shh
06 1 Minute 1 Second
07 1825 (Paper Cranes)

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Epik High, who released their fifth album, Pieces, Part One last April, have returned to the music scene with a new album. This album, titled LOVESCREAM, is for anyone who has fallen in love, wants to love, or has lost a love. Epik High’s previous album had dark material with songs about suicide, neglect, and politics, but this album has the theme of love with warm classic sounds. With electronic music overdone in the present music industry, Epik High are experimenting with classical instruments and lo-fi sounds to make analog music. The Epik High members composed and wrote all the songs, in addition to designing the album cover.

MC The Max Vol. 6 – Via 6 (September 30)
01 Send Myself
02 Tears Without Knowing
03 Heart Song
04 Maze
05 Listen
06 Closing Time
07 A Breath
08 You Are My Sunshine
09 Blink
10 Hmm Hmm
11 Double Eye-lids

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MC the Max have come back with their sixth studio album and once again fans will be amazed by the diversity of the songs. There are a total of eleven tracks which were composed by MC the Max’s fans’ favorite, Shin In Soo, with lyrics written by Yang Jae Sun. The title track is Tears Without Knowing.

Park Ki Young – Acoustic + Best (September 30)
01 Evergreen (Inst)
02 Look At Me
03 Gift
04 Start
05 Loving You
06 Traveling Together (Duet with Horan)
07 Last Love
08 A Stroll
09 I Do (Duet with Sung Jin Hwan of Sweet Sorrow)
10 Blue Sky
11 The Day
12 Like a Flowing River
13 Because of You
14 Butterfly
15 Camino

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Singer-songwriter Park Ki Young is a musician with six studio albums and a digital single under her belt. She has returned with a special album which includes her past hit songs in the acoustic version. In order to make the songs “truly acoustic”, the songs were re-recorded. The title track of the album is Look At Me. The song gained much inspiration from novelist Shin Kyung Sook’s bestseller, Lizin. Last year, Park went to Shin’s book concert for Lizin and met the author for the first time and was inspired. Park then promised to make music through this event. She has kept her promise one year later in an era where promises are taken very lightly.

Crown J – Fly Boy (October 2)
01 Fly Boy
02 Baby You
03 Too Much (Bed Time Remix)

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Crown J, bringing his music one step forward with mini album, FLY BOY; returning to the music scene 1 year and 2 months since sophomore album

On October 2, Crown J is to come back with his first mini album, Fly Boy. Crown J has recently gained a lot of popularity through the MBC TV show – Sunday Night’s “We Got Married.” This mini album, which is limited in that there are only 10,000 copies each with its own serial number, was planned by Crown J himself and has an album cover with a passport design. There are a total of three tracks and they have the A-Town style which is popular in the United States. The title track is Fly Boy and it was composed and written by Crown J himself. In addition, the song Too Much, which was played in We Got Married, is remixed and included in this album.

IU 1st mini-album – Lost and Found (released)
01 Ugly Duckling
02 Missing Child
03You Know..
04 Feel So Good
05 Every Sweet Day
06 Missing Child (Inst)

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IU has a such deep voice that most people would find it hard to believe it comes from a young slender girl. These days many singers want to be singers for the fame rather than for the love of the music, but IU mentioned that she wanted to sing so that people may find their lost dreams through her songs. Before the release of this album, IU had already featured in various artistes’ songs, including those of Go Yoo Jin and Wanted. Famous producers and composers such as Choi Gap Won took part in the album, which has songs ranging from ballads to dance numbers. The title track, Missing Child, is a ballad with electronic sounds and hip-hop rhythms, thus making it a hybrid-pop song.

Other releases:

Cho Sung A – 사람이 그리운 날에 (released)

Zooropa Yellow – Memories (released)

As One & 2NB (single) – 사랑은 너 하나뿐 (released)

Tae Sa Bi Ae (single) – 나눈 아직도 (released)

Monster (single) – Want You, Say (released)

Tensi Love (single) – Fly Away (released)

Lee Seung Chul – No. 1: Original Recording Remastered (September 29)

Na Je Se Vol. 1 – 굳어버린 (September 29)

Vanilla Unity Vol. 2 – Commonplace (September 30)

Iara – Memory of Tomorrow (September 30)

Lo-fi – Soundscape of Dee (October 2)

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