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Namolla Family




Name : Kim Jae-woo
Date of birth : Oct. 14, 1979

Name : Kim Kyung-wook
Date of birth : Apr. 26, 1983
Height : 176cm
Blood type : Type O
Hobby : Watching movies
Talents : Dancing, rap
Life motto : Think like a universe and express like stars.

Name : Kim Tae-hwan
Date of birth : Jan. 3, 1985
Height : 180cm
Weight : 64kg
Blood type : Type A
Life motto : I’d rather be the head of a snake than the tail of a dragon.





Our featured artiste this week is 3 comedians who ventured into the music industry with success.  Their name is Namolla Family.  In recent years, a number of comedians have released albums but none received as much attention as the debut album of Namolla Family, who ventured into the world of hip hop music through their comic skits.


As if to disprove their critics, Namolla Family’s music was surprisingly sincere and different. The lyrics written by the members communicated their thoughts in the most intimate manner. The melody of the songs are commerical pop with a mixture of hip-hop.  Most of their songs are of happy themes.  Their first regular album’s title song, “I Love You”, was downloaded 300,000 times from Cyworld, a record envied by even the nation’s top singers. Their follow-up albums only proved that the popularity and musical identity of the first album was no fluke.


This year, Namolla Family already have two top-20 songs. Their digital single “My Eyes Are Only
For You” spent several weeks in the top 20.  Recently, their latest hit "Love Is That Easy" also hit the top 20 despite not having any promotion. 


Part of the credit to Namolla Family’s musical success goes to Tae In, a female vocalist who is always featured in their songs.  Each time Namolla Family release a new song, fans can notice that there is an improvement from the last song.  It showed that Namolla Family have matured musically and that these comedians are dead serious about their music careers.




Namolla1Namolla [Digital Single] 2006.7.25
ILoveYou1집 [1st album] 2007.8.28
OnlyYouMy Eyes Are Only For You [Single] 2008.3.10
LoveCoupleLove Couple [Single] 2008.7.1

LoveIsThatEasyLove Is That Easy [Single] 2008.8.14



Music Video:

I Love You >here<
My Eyes Are Only for You >here<
Love of a Boy and a Girl >here<


credits: KBS World, edward1849, soompi forum offical Namolla Family thread


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