New albums and singles preview - October week 1

Son Ho Young Vol.2 – Returns (October 9)
01 What Memory Is
02 I Know
03 To Hope (feat. Tim)
04 More & More
05 In Front of Your House
06 Happy Day
07 Eyes, Nose, Mouth (feat. Oak Joo Hyun)
08 When One Loves
09Thorny Bush
10 Beautiful Day
11 Happy Life (feat. Tim)

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All-around entertainer, Son Ho Young, Comeback!

After spending some time working on his new album, Son Ho Young has finally come back with “Returns”. This album includes songs that are not too generic but at the same time trendy. They were composed by both renown and rookie producers, showcasing his mature music. The title track is “I Know” and it was composed by Lee Hyun Wook, with lyrics written by Son Ho Young himself. It is a medium-tempo R&B track with strong beats and repetition of piano and electronic sounds. The song is about the irony in expecting a breakup with a lover. Even though the person denies this feeling, he already has his mind ready for it to happen.



Sweet Sorrow (single) – Sweet Sorrow (released)
01 You (Much Coincidence)
02 Winter Again

Sweet and Sorrow; two different feelings used by the group, Sweet Sorrow in their second digital single.

The title song from this digital single is “You (Much Coincidence)” and the lyrics are about a cute love initiated by a coincidental meeting. The second song, “Winter Again”, is about a couple that broke up soon after Christmas. Every time winter approaches, the male character can’t help but remember his love. The group always wanted to compose a track that is very easy to follow and sing along to for listeners and this is done through this song. The bell sounds in the song bring out the wintery feel. Sweet Sorrow, who claimed that the human voice is the best instrument, have once again composed and produced the entire single.



Other releases:


Gavy Queens Vol. 2 – To The Heart (October 7)

Pavlov – 반드시 크게 들을 것 (October 7)

Pink Elephant Vol. 1 – Pink Elephant (October 7)

Four Men – First Kiss (October 7)

B’Sharp – Everybody In The Place To B’Sharp (October 8)

Basement Killer – Basement Killer (October 8)

Nassun – Nassun Style (October 8)

TBNY Vol. 2 – Hi:TBNY Side-A (October 8)

Sugardonuts Vol. 3 – Sugardonuts (October 8)

Moonlight Nymph Vol. 3 – Goodbye Aluminium (October 9)

Daydream Vol. 1 – A Land Of April (October 9)

Funkafric & Boostdah – 너무합니다 2008 (October 9)



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