New albums and singles preview – October week 2

Shin Seung Hoon – Radio Wave: 3 Waves of Unexpected Twist (released)
01 Different Wave
02 Hey
03 Turn On the Radio
04 Butterfly Effect
05 I Do
06 I Am Hugging You

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‘Ballad Emperor’ Shin Seung Hoon will, for the first time, try a new project with his project album, [Unexpected Twist]. This month, he is to come back after two years with his first of three installations, Radio Wave. There are a total of six tracks in the album. All the songs were composed by Shin himself. Hwang Sung Je, who composed for famous artistes such as Sung Shi Kyung, Shinhwa, and BoA, took part in arranging the songs. The title track is Turn on the Radio and it has acoustic and modern rock sounds. Hey, on the other hand, is a medium-tempo rock song, while Butterfly Effect has a lyrical melody with orchestra in the background. The latter song was in tough competition with Turn on the Radio to be the title track, so we are confident that this song will gain much love as well.

H-Eugene Vol. 2.5 – Fantasy Partner (released)
01 Fantasy Partner feat. Yeeun of Wonder Girls
02 You In My Heart feat. Danny of 1TYM
03 Paradise feat. Park Jung Ah of Jewelry
04 Fantasy Partner (Inst)
05 You In My Heart (Inst)

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In the past, famous singers such as MC Mong, Shinji, Bae Seul Gi, Brown Eyes Girls’ Miryo, and 1TYM’s Teddy, took part in H-Eugene’s catchy songs. This time around, many stars have once again come together for H-Eugene’s 2.5 mini album. The title track is Fantasy Partner, which features Yeeun of Wonder Girls singing in a lively voice. Jo Young Soo, who has created many songs including “Against Fate” from the soundtrack of the television series, East of Eden, composed this song. The song has trendy synth sounds with a repetitive melody. The second track, You In My Heart, was composed by Oh Sung Hoon and features Danny (Taebin) of 1TYM. The song has piano instrumentals and strong beats. The last track is Paradise, which features Park Jung Ah. Composed by Park Hyun Joong, the number is expected to receive much love. H-Eugene is expected to not only come out on music shows but variety shows as well during his album promotion.

Other releases:

YMGA (single) – Made in R.O.K (released)

Kim Kyung Ho (single) – 질주 (released)

2008 MBC University Gayo Competition OST (released)

Shuttle Loop – How Are You, Today? (October 14)

Jit Eun Vol. 1 – Jit Eun (October 14)

T.H.E Story – Honesty (October 15)

Bi Vol. 5 – Rainism (October 16)

Oldfish Vol. 3 – 3년 그리고 세번째 (October 16)

Vassline Vol. 3 – Permanence: Re-issue (October 17)

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