New albums and singles preview - October week 3

Kim Jong Kook Vol. 5 – Here I Am (October 22)
01 Thank You
01 Thank You
02 Longed For Days
03 Long Time Long Time feat. Mikey
04 More Today than Yesterday
05 Forever feat. Mighty Mouth
06 Can’t Get Better Than This (feat. Shi Jin)
07 That Prelude (序曲)
08 That Prelude
09 Drunk on Love (feat. Joosuc)
10 Rules of Breakup
11 Farewell to Yesterday
12 Love You, I Love You
13What Kind of Person, What Kind of Love
14 The Two of Us

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Kim Jong Kook had numerous hit songs including One Man, Standstill, Lovable, Letter, and Only Wind Only Wind. Returning from his military duties, what is Kim Jong Kook’s new concept going to be? The title track is More Today than Yesterday, which is a beautiful love confession which will flow into listeners’ ears. Thank You, on the other hand, is a sad ballad which in ways connects to a previous song, One Man. Long Time Long Time is a beautiful medium-tempo number, while Forever is a hip-hop-styled dance track. Choi Min Hyuk produced this album, as well as Kim Jong Kook’s past albums, 2, 3, and 4. In addition, top composers and lyricists such as Yoon Sara, Jo Eun Hee, Kim Do Hoon, Lee Hyun Do, Jung Jin Soo, Jo Young Soo, and Hwang Chan Hee have taken part in the album.



Bi Vol. 5 – Rainism (released)


01 My Way
02 Rainism
03 Only You
04 Love Story (0912… After)
05 Love Is
06 My Woman
07 You
08 Fresh Woman
09 Drawn More (feat. Taewan AKA C-Luv)
10 Turn Head Around
11 September 12th
12 My Way
13 Rainism Remix

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Rain has finally returned with his fifth album, titled Rainism, two years since his last. Because this is Rain’s first album produced under his own music label, more people had been anticipating it. One can hear and see a new image through this album; even with the jacket image, fans can see a more refined image of the artiste. The album title, Rainism, comes from his name Rain, along with the suffix –ism, showing a new ideology. Through this name, Rain hopes to make his name a trend in all aspects from dance, fashion, and of course music. The songs, Love Story and September 12th in particular, are about Rain’s personal life. Love Story is about breaking up and the days after the event, while September 12th is about not being able to forget one’s first love. In addition, the music video for Love Story features actress Ha Ji Won and was produced by Lee Sang Gyu. Rain took part in outlining the storyline with the producer.



F.T Island Vol. 2 – Colorful Sensibility Part 2 (released)
01 I Love You (Love Is…)
02 Heaven
03 When I Ask For Your Wellbeing
04 To Hope Fore
05 Words I Have to Tell My Old Pal
06 I Love Her (Remix)

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The title track of FT Island’s 2nd album, Colorful Sensibility Part 1, was Lying Love, which had orchestral accompaniment and strong vocals. The boys have come back with part 2 of the album with stronger sounds. The title track of Part 2 of the album is Heaven. It has catchy violins’ rhythmical and powerful tones. It was composed and written by the Jo Young Soo and An Young Min combo, who also made the hit song, Thunder, from FT Island’s first album. Another track worth mentioning is I Love You, which has happy rhythms. There are a total of six rock ballads in the album, all expected to gain much popularity.



Kara (single) – Goodday (released)
01 Goodday Season 2
02 Goodday Season 2 (Inst)

This past summer, Kara came back with their first mini album, “Rock U”, along with two new members. Their second single from the album was Goodday, and this time, the girls have returned with a re-arranged version of this song. Goodday Season 2 was composed by the Han Jae Ho and Kim Seung Soo combo. The song has a lovely melody, along with member Nicole’s bubbly rapping.



Davichi (Min Kyung) – Go to the Hospital (released)
01 Go to the Hospital (Separation) – Davichi (Min Kyung)
02 Go to the Hospital (Love) – Jewelry (Eun Jung)
03 Go to the Hospital (Longing) – Brown Eyed Girls (Narsha)

Davichi, Brown Eyed Girls, and Jewelry, Korea’s top female groups, have come together with “Go to the Hospital”. The single is not a compilation but an album with one song sung with different feelings by one representative from each group. Min Kyung of Davichi is to sing with a ‘separation’ feeling, while Narsha of Brown Eyed Girls is to sing is with a longing sense. Lastly, Jewelry’s Eun Jung is to sing her part with a love theme. This song is perfect for the upcoming chilly weather.



Lee Hyun & Daylight (single) – Walking in a Line (released)
01 Walking in a Line (Feat. JQ) – Lee Hyun & Daylight
02 Walking in a Line (Acoustic Ver) (with Miri) – Lee Hyun
03 Walking in a Line (Inst) – Lee Hyun & Daylight
04 Walking in a Line (Acoustic Ver) (Inst) – Lee Hyun & Daylight

This song is a medium-tempo track with a pop melody and lyrics about lovers’ feelings toward each other. The bright voice of Daylight harmonizes well with Lee Hyun. To make things better, JQ is featured in the track with his soft rapping. Along with the title track is the acoustic version of the song, which is a duet with Miri. The song has a live jazz club feel to it.



Other releases:


Untouchable (feat. Hwa Yobi) – It’s okay (released)

Enjel (single) – That Man, That Woman: The Story Vol. 2 (released)

Black – No. 1 Black (October 21)

Kim Jong Seo – Father (October 21)

Yozoh Vol. 1 – Traveler (October 21)

Achtung – Achtung (October 22)

Soonie Vol. 2 – 비오는 날 해바라기 (October 23)

Arlie – Modernism (October 23)

Memory – She Dreamed That She Was Flying Like A Bird (October 24)



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