New albums and singles preview - October week 4

Wheesung (mini-album) – With Heart and Soul (October 29)
01 Realslow Gotta Go Again
02 Perfect Man
03 Star is Setting..
04 Interlude with Hyori
05 Choco Luv
06 Prayer 4 Soul (feat. Lovelyn)
07 Hell
08 Star is Setting.. (Inst)

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Wheesung’s 1st Mini Album, “With All My Heart and Soul”

From his debut to his fifth album, Wheesung has released music of great diversity. This fall, Wheesung is to come back with his first mini album, “With All My Heart and Soul”. Again, he worked with many different genres including R&B, Soul, SlowJam and Neo-Soul. He hoped to make music for the listeners rather than for the visual. Wheesung, who put in his utmost effort, also composed three of the songs himself. This album is to represent Wheesung himself the most.



Shinee Vol. 1 (repackaged) – Amigo (October 30)
01 Amigo
02 Forever of Never
03 Love Like Oxygen
04 Love Should Go On (Plugged By DJ-Oneshot)
05 Noona’s So Pretty (Replay)
06 Romantic
07 Love’s Way
08 One For Me
09 Graze
10 Last Gift (In My Room – Prelude)
11 Best Place
12 Y Si Fuera Ella
13 Four Seasons
14 In My Room (Unplugged Remix)
15 The Shinee World (Doo-Bop)

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SHINee, the best rookie artistes of the year, will release the repackaged version of their debut album at the end of this month. Titled Amigo, the title track with the same name will be available online on Oct 24. Amigo (Ah.Mi.Go.) which is the abbreviation for “You Will Have a Tough Life if You Like a Beautiful Woman” will be included in the album along with “Forever or Never” and “Love Should Go On (Plugged By DJ-Oneshot),” making it a total of three new songs. Amigo was composed and written by Xperimental Music and hit composer, Yoo Young Jin.



Seo Tai Ji (single) – Bermuda (Triangle) (released)
01 Bermuda (Triangle)

Seo Taiji, who has vigorously promoting his first single from his eighth studio album with Moai and T’IKT’AK, has finally released his second single, Bermuda [Triangle]. Joining hands with KTF, this song is included on the Seo Taiji-phone. It was through this phone that the 30-second teaser of the song was first released. While his previous single had a mysterious mood, Bermuda seems to be a strange love song from the heavens with metaphorically written lyrics.



The Name (single) – Marionette (released)
01 Marionette

The Name, who gained popularity with “Love Is…”, has returned with a new single, “Marionette”. Anyone who is lonely in the name of love is the protagonist of this puppet show. Like the marionette, The Name sings passionately about being unable to swim out of the tangled strings of love. Unlike its usual slow tempo ballads, this song has fast beats and pop sounds.



Park Jung Hyun & Crown J (single) – No Break (released)
01 No Break
02 Without You (No Break Pop Ver)
03 No Break (INST)
04 Without You (INST)

Jo Young Soo has created an all-star album in the past with many famous singers. This time, top R&B artiste Park Jung Hyun, and We Got Married’s hero Crown J, were able to collaborate thanks to him. From the beginning to the end of the song, the lovable lyrics and melody make one feel as if watching a beautiful movie. The music video itself also portrays this feeling through the love story of a photographer and his girlfriend. No Break is an R&B hip-hop track which showcases Park’s lovable vocals and Crown J’s sweet rap. Without You (No Break Pop Version) is as the song states, the pop version of the title track with brings out the softer sounds as well as Park Jung Hyun’s vocals.




Other releases:


Clazziquai – Metrotronics (released)

Kim Suk Min (Duke) – The First (released)

JK Kim Dong Wook – Come To Me (released)

Can Vol. 7 – Variation: The 10th Anniversary (October 28)

Dear Cloud Vol. 2 – Grey (October 28)

Nodo – The Rose (October 29)

The The Vol. 6 – Half The Time (October 30)

Goofy – 2008 Neo Goofy (October 31)



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