10/28/08 — Originally, MBC planned to air the Wednesday-Thursday drama "Iljimae Returns" on 11/19, following the final episode of "Beethoven Virus". On 10/28, MBC announces that it will instead broadcast "General Hospital 2 (종합병원2)" on 11/19. In consequence, the broadcasting of "Iljimae Returns" is delayed to early 2009.


General Hospital 2

 "General Hospital 2 (종합병원2)" is led by Kim Jung Eun and Cha Tae Hyun. Originally, this drama is scheduled to be aired on 11/15, following the final episode of the weekend drama "My Woman". 

This medical drama is the sequel of the drama "General Hospital" aired in 1994. Kim Jung Eun and Cha Tae Hyun play roles of resident doctors. They are staff of senior doctors played by actor Lee Jae Ryung and actress Kim Soh Yi (이재룡, 김소이).

In August and September, KJE and CTH have participated in filming in Catholic University of Korea. KJE states, "We filmed scenes in the emergency room and I experienced the process of severing appendix and treating horrible neck injury." CTH and KJE collaborated in the drama "Sunflower" aired in 1998. In "Sunflower", they played doctors. CTH says, "My experience gained from ‘Sunflower’ indeed help my performance in this drama."

Actors Ryu Jin, Lee Jong Won, and Ryu Seung Soo (류진, 이종원, 류승수) also act in this drama. Lee Jong Won plays a cold-hearted surgeon. 

KBS, MBC, ad SBS recently decide to temporarily eliminate some time slots allocated to dramas. On 10/28, MBC decides that no weekend drama will be aired at 10:35pm for 6 months after the final episode of the drama "My Woman" is aired. Thus, "General Hospital 2" is moved to time slots on Wednesday and Thursday. Likewise, KBS2 will eliminate time slots allocated to daily drama after the current daily drama "Dukbaeki Returns (돌아온 뚝배기)" ends. SBS will discontinue Friday drama after the current drama "God’s Scale (신의 저울)" ended on 10/24.


General Hospital 2

General Hospital 2


Lee Jong Won

Lee Jong Won