New albums and singles preview - November week 1

Kim Dong Wan (single album) – Promise (November 7)
01 Intro
02 Promise (duet with Younha)
03 Can’t Forget
04 Promise (Inst)

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Kim Dong Wan, who’s been in the music industry for ten years with hits songs such as Handkerchief, will be leaving us for two years for the army. But before he does, he is to release his last single album, Promise. Looking back at the times where fans have stayed by his side, Kim Dong Wan is very thankful and is releasing this single as a farewell gift filled with honesty. The title track, Promise, is a duet with Younha and is about the honesty between a separated couple. The song was composed by Konan and lyrics were written by An Young Min. Can’t Forget, on the other hand, has relaxing piano sounds.



Clazziquai – Metrotronics: With DJ Max (November 7)
01 Electronics
02 Flea
03 Beat in Love
04 Color
05 Night Stage
06 Creator
07 Beautiful Stranger (Sliced Cheese Remix)
08 Beat in Love (Yasutaka Nakata [Capsule] Remix)

01 [dvd] Electronics
02 Flea
03 Beat in Love
04 Flea + Beat in Love (MV Making Film)
05 Color
06 Night Stage
07 Creator
08 Come to Me
09 Freedom
10 DJ Max Promotion

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Clazziquai’s special album, Metrotronics with DJ Max.

Clazziquai have been given the chance to show more of their techno music through the soundtrack for the mania action game, “DJ Max Portable”. However, this techno music is different as Alex and Horan are able to showcase their vocals. Included in this album is a special DVD, which includes the music videos for the title track, Flea and Beat In Love, which was only promoted in Japan. The making-of footages are also included. The music video for Flea expresses the confused state of uncertainty in the present world.



Brown Eyed Girls (single) – My Style (Hidden Track) (released)
01 My Style (Hidden Track)
02 I Won’t Love Again (Unplugged Ver)
03 My Style (The Day They Received the Song)

Brown Eyed Girls to release a hidden track from their second mini album, “My Style”

This year, Brown Eyed Girls ranked number one on the charts with Love and How. The girls now are to release a hidden track titled My Style (Hidden Track). This song, which is a surprise present for fans, is a sibling song to Love, a re-arranged version of the song. With new lines like “What star are you from”, this song is very catchy and will be hard to forget. The second track is the unplugged version of I Won’t Love Again. Composed by Wanted’s Kim Jae Suk, this unplugged version has a live feel to it. The third track is a small present for fans. It is a recording of when the girls first got the songs, Love and My Style. One can hear Je-A’s piano accompaniment as well as the girls in practicing mode. The girls’ lovable feeling as well as their conversations are also recorded. Brown Eyed Girls are to start preparing for their third album after this single.



Park Jung Ah (single) – New Way Always (released)
01 New Ways Always

Park Jung Ah of Jewelry has transformed into a female rocker with New Ways Always.

It’s been a while since dance group Jewelry’s leader, Park Jung Ah, came out with a solo track. The song, New Ways Always, is of the rock dance genre, which is quite popular in the United States currently. The song was produced by Bang Shi Hyuk (Hitmen). This song showcases Park Jung Ah’s refreshing voice as well as her charm. The music video itself is very comical with Banana Girl, Kim Sang Mi, playing New Ways Girl. This is the first of the New Ways project, with Dynamic Duo and Alex to participate soon after. Kim Sang Mi will play New Ways Girl for all the music videos.



Other releases:


T.H.E Story (single) – Honesty (released)

Jun Young Rok Vol. 17 – Ballade For You (released)

West Bl – Baek Goo (November 4)

Jung Yup Vol. 1 – Thinkin’ Back On Me (November 4)

Humming Urban Stereo (mini-album) – Xxxx (November 4)

Miso 1st mini-abum (November 5)

Yoo Hyung Joo – 리사이들 (November 6)

Vodka Rain Vol. 2 – Flavor (November 6)

Apls –  Sixmini>sexbig (November 6)

Mario Vol. 1 – Time To Mario (November 7)


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