New albums and singles preview – November week 2

Big Bang Vol. 2 – Remember (released)
01 Intro – Everybody Shout
02 OAO
03 Sunset Glow
04 Dazzle
05 Strong Baby (Seungri Solo)
06 Wonderful
07 Stupid Love
08 Day By Day (Acoustic Ver)
09 Lie Remix
10 Last Farewell Remix
11 Remember

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Lies, Last Farewell, Day by Day… Whenever Big Bang made a comeback, it aroused much excitement in the Korean music world. In addition, Taeyang’s HOT solo album and Daesung’s Look At Me, Kwison were also great issues. This month, Big Bang’s sophomore album, titled Remember, is coming to stores. It’s been two years since the boys debuted and they have worked non-stop through the years. The title track is Sunset Glow and it samples Lee Moon Seh’s song of the same name. Despite the remake, Big Bang have recorded the song with a unique style. This song will bring new hope to Korea, which is currently not doing too well due to a bad economy. Included in the album are remixes of their hit tracks (from their previous three mini albums), the Korean version of Remember (which was included in their first Japanese album), and a solo track sung by Seungri.

Baek Ji Young Vol. 7 – Sensibility (November 14)
01 Go!
02 Give Your Lips
03 Come Back
04 Like You Got Shot By A Gun
05 Lies Only Girls Know
06 Melody feat. Mighty Mouth
07 Sentimental City
08 Keep the Faith
09 Your Chair
10 Come Here
11 Through the Night (feat. 2AM)

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Baek Ji Young, who’s been in the music industry for 8 years, has returned with her seventh album after vocal cord surgery. If you were to explain Baek’s new album in a short phrase, it would be “finding the new Baek Ji Young”. The artiste had gained much fame in the beginning of her career with her dance tracks, and later with “I Won’t Love”, became known as a ballad singer. Through this album, she is to make a third transformation. The title track of her album is “Like You Got Shot By A Gun”, a hip-hop/R&B number. Featured in the album are rookie artistes including Mighty Mouth (track – Melody) and 2AM’s Jo Kwon (track – Through the Night).

Jung Yup (Brown Eyed Soul) Vol. 1 – Thinkin’ Back On Me (released)
01 Open Your Eyes (intro)
02 Nothing Better (Guitar Ver)
03 Your Words
04 You Are My Lady
05 Baby I Love You
06 There Must Be No End (feat. Gummy)
07 Surgarduhoney (Interlude)
08 Get You
09 Saturday Night
10 Come Now
11 First Time
12 Spring Day
13 Too Shy to Say (Dedicated to Stevie Wonder)

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Brown Eyed Soul’s oldest member, Jung Yup, has finally released his first solo album. There are a total of thirteen tracks – he composed and wrote every single one. The title track of the album is You are My Lady, which reminds us of the styles of neo-soul musician Maxwell. The song is about the yearning one feels for a lover who has left him. Also included in the album is There Must Be No End, which is a duet track with female R&B artistes Gummy and Too Shy to Say. It is a tribute to Stevie Wonder.

Other releases:

The Nuts Vol. 4 – Crazy Love (released)

Miru (single) – Go To The Hospital Part 2 (released)

Verbal Jint – 누명 Afterplay (released)

G (feat. Chae Dong Ha) – 미련한 사랑 (released)

E San – 설렘 (November 11)

Kim Won Joong Vol. 5 – 느리게 갈어가는 느티나무 (November 11)

DBSG Vol. 4 – Mirotic (C Version) (November 12)

Baek Chan – The Analougeman In This Digital World (November 12)

Sung Woon Vol. 1 – 몽향 (November 12)

Oriental Funk Stew (special album) – Clear Message (November 14)

Heyday – 너무 쉽게 (November 14)

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