New albums and singles preview – November week 3

Tei Vol. 5 – The Note (released)
01 New Face
02 Miracle-like Story
03 3 AM
04 Snail
05 Solo Love
06 Love You Again
07 I Like You
08 Why Didn’t I Know At That Time?
09 Layer of Frost
10 My Song
11 I Love You Like This

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Tei released his fourth album last year, with his title track being “Lover.” The prince of ballads has transformed both musically and physically (he lost 10 kg) and has returned to his fans with his new album, The Note. This album shows Tei’s beliefs on music and life. The title track is “Miracle-like Story”, which he penned himself. The lyrics are about his own experiences. Another track worth mentioning is “3 AM”, which was in tough competition to be the title track. Tei also took part in creating the album artwork.

Lee Soo Young mini-album – Once (released)
01 This Kind of Woman
02 First Love, that Kid (Remake of Rockdom’s風に吹かれて)
03 Goodbye Memories
04 For You (Song For Moving Heart)
05 This Kind of Woman (Inst)
06 First Love, that Kid (Inst)
07 Goodbye Memories (Inst)

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The ballad season has finally returned. Lee Soo Young has made hits after hits from I Believe, Never Again, Lalala, to Hwilili. Through these, Lee has matured greatly, being able to bring out the lyrics and melody of the songs to a better extent. This year, Lee Soo Young has returned with her first mini album, Once. Hwang Sung Je, who composed the hit song Hwilili and knows Lee Soo Young’s style best, was in charge of producing this album. Also included in the song is a remake number, Rockdom, originally sung by Japanese band Alfee. Lee took part in writing the lyrics for this song.

Eun Ji Won – G-Code (November 17)
01 Go Show (feat. Gilmi, Ceejay)
02 Dangerous
03 Only You (feat. Baby-G)
04 Kill Me (Dangerous Part II)

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Eun Ji Won’s single album’s concept is G Code. Eun Ji Won has finally found his own color by taking part in the planning of all the songs. The persona he had on variety shows has totally disappeared, as shown through this single. The title track for this album is Dangerous, which uses old-school drums and simple synthesizers. Only You, on the other hand, has an electronic disco feel to it. Kill Me is a different version of Dangerous.

Typhoon Vol. 3 – Rendezvous (released)
01 Intro
02 In My Arms
03 Eraser
04 Hot
05 During the Winter Night
06 Just Don’t Throw It Away
07 I Didn’t Love You…
08 Push it Boy
09 Yearned for Love
10 Hope Song

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After the release of the first and second, and a solo album from member Solbi, Typhoon have returned with their third album. However due to Solbi’s busy solo activities, she wasn’t able to take part in the recording of the album. To make things better, Solbi is to star in the music video for the title track, I Didn’t Love You…” This song is a hip-hop medium-tempo ballad with warm melodies. Typhoon’s new member is Hana, who released a digital single “Did you Forget” last fall. Through her, Typhoon are able to show new colors as a group. There are a total of ten tracks in the album.

Dynamic Duo (single) – Newway Always (Gone) (released)
01 Gone (feat. Joohee – 8eight)

Korea’s top hip-hop group, Dynamic Duo (Choiza & Gaeko), have released a new digital single, GONE, which has a whole different style. The song is very trendy, with a love story that fits the current times along with the incorporation of the popular drum beat. Joohee, a member of 8eight, the group who won first place on Show Rival, is featured in this track. This is the second series of the New Ways, Always project, following Park Jung Ah.

Other releases:

Heyday – 너무 쉽게 (released)

Park Sae Byul mini-album – Diary (released)

Kim San Il Vol. 1 – Soul Soul Soul (released)

Infinity Girls (single) – Sang Sang (released)

Yuri (single) – Yepp Song (Music Is My Life) (released)

Miru (single) – Going To The Hospital Part 2 (released)

Tae Sa Bi Ae (single) – 내 친구가 내 남자를 알아요 (released)

ZaZa Vol. 4 – Station (November 17)

Jang Yoon Joo Vol. 1 – Dream (November 18)

Freakhouse Vol. 1 – Smooth & Hard (November 19)

Erato – One Man (November 19)

Dewarp – Flashback (November 19)

Best Drama Hit Vol. 3 (November 19)

Norajo Vol. 3 – Three Go (November 21)

The Museum Vol. 1 – The Meseum (November 21)

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