New albums and singles preview - November week 5

East of Eden (MBC Drama) OST Vol. 2 (released)
01 . Are You Listening? – Lee Seung Chul
02 . Promise – KCM
03 . Hateful Love – Black Pearl & Brown Eyed Girls (Jae-A)
04 . As Time Goes By (Remake) – Song Seung Hun
05 . Bad Love – Son Sung Hoon
06 . Goodbye Love (All Star 1st track) – Jo Young Soo
07 . Coincidence (Inst.)
08 . Changed Fate (Inst.)
09 . Brothers (Inst.)
10 . East Of Eden (Inst.)
11 . Sad Mie (Inst.)
12 . Black Room (Inst.)
13 . Defined House (Inst.)
14 . Winter Morning (Inst.)

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Two music videos for the song "Are You Listening?" and "As Time Goes By" have been released on November 26. These two songs are currently being played as background music for the popular MBC drama "East Of Eden". The music video for the song "Are You Listening?" is a compilation of the best scenes from the drama. The song "As Time Goes By" has been getting a lot of attention because it was sung by actor Song Seung Hun and the music video for it is a compilation of Song Seung Hun and co-star Lee Yeon Hee’s scenes from the drama. The background music used for the first 24 episodes of the drama was from East Of Eden OST Part 1. From episode 25 onwards, the background music will be from East Of Eden OST Part 2. The main theme song from the second OST is "Are You Listening", sung by Lee Seung Chul. Apparently, Song Seung Hun had requested Lee Seung Chul to sing the song. In addition, Black Pearl is performing "Hateful Love" on various music shows. 



RoomMate (mini-album) – You See, I… (December 1)
1. You Are Warm (Seo Yeon)
2. Fantasy (Purple Rosie & Stranger)
3. You See, I… (Myung In Hee of The The & Kang Gyun Sung)
4. Refresh F5: You Are Warm
5. Inside Your Fantasy
6. Oppa Is Mean (Jessica & Tiffany & Seo Yeon of SNSD)

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– RoomMate mini album "You See, I…" release!

The original master track of the song "Oppa Is Mean", sung by the three SNSD members (Jessica, Tiffany and Seo Yeon), has been included as a bonus track in this mini album. The song was introduced in RoomMate’s first digital single that was released earlier this year. For this mini album, the two main vocalists are Myung In Hee and Kang Gyun Sung. Other songs include Seo Yeon’s "You Are Warm" and Purple Rosie’s "Fantasy" (featuring rapper Stranger).



M to M (single) – One Day (released)
1. One Day
2. One Day (Inst.)

<S.101single>, M to M ‘One day’ release!!

M to M’s new song "One Day" is a medium-tempo song that was produced by Lee Hyun Do. This is a very touching song with sad lyrics. M to M debuted in 2004 with their first album "Tell Me That You Love Me" and have gained a lot of popularity for their gentle and mature vocals. In 2005, they released their second album "Three Words" and many other hit songs that helped them become known as talented musicians. This wonderful yet sad love song will warm our hearts this winter!



Nell – The Trace (released)
1. Part 1
2. Part 2 (Title Song)
3. Act 5
4. Part 2 (Acoustic Ver.)

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Korea’s representative band Nell are back with a new mini album. Nell are well known for their addictive songs with wonderful melodies and lyrics. Earlier this year in March, Nell released their fourth album [Separation Anxiety], which received great response from fans. The title song "Part 2" from this mini album is expected to receive a lot of love from their fans as well. Nell will once again please their fans with their unique music, sung with great emotion!




Other releases:


Park Ji Hun and Kang Min Kyung (single) – Happy Together (released)

Namolla Family (single) – 붙잡아도 (released)

Alex (single) – Newway Always (나쁜짓)

Ilac (single) – I Want You (released)

Yeslow – Nice Dream (released)

P-Type Vol. 2 – The Vintage (December 2)

Cho Jang Hyuk Vol. 6 – The Present (December 2)

Ahn Chi Hwan Vol. 9.5 – 정호성을 노래하다 (December 2)

Hong Seo Bum – Return To Rock (December 3)

Husband Vol. 1 – 졸린 영화 (December 3)

Sparrow – Sparrow First Album (December 3)

Soulights – Seoulites (December 3)

R Chemist – Memory Planet (December 4)

Park Kyung Ho – Rudgh’s Style (December 4)

Clubsoul 2nd single (December 5)


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