New albums and singles preview - December week 1

Kara mini-album Vol. 2 – Pretty Girl (released)
01 Honey
02 Pretty Girl
03 Yodel
04 My Darling
05 I…(ing)

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This winter, KARA have come back with their second mini album, Pretty Girl. The girls had performed this song this past week on Their concept is once again bright and cute, which goes well with their title track Pretty Girl. This song was composed by the Han Sae Ho and Kim Seung Soo combo, who had also composed their previous hit, Rock U. Another track worth mentioning is Honey, which up to the release date of the album was in tough competition with Pretty Girl in being the title track. It has piano sounds with a sad melody. The third track is Yodel, which was composed by E-TRIBE, also known for Lee Hyori’s U-Go-Girl. It is an R&B hip-hop track with groovy beats and trendy sounds. The fourth track is My Darling, which fits the current winter season. The last number is I…(ing), which shows a mature side of Kara where they sing about the sadness of breaking up.



MC The Max – Unlimited (December 11)
01 [Love] Don’t Stop Love – Jun Min Hyuk with Lee Soo
02 Shout Love
03 Even If I Close My Eyes
04 Don’t Be Happy
05 Send Myself
06 Maze
07 Not Letting the Tears Know
08 Closing Time
09 I Wanted to Love – Lee Soo with Jun Min Hyuk (2007 version)
10 Love Throws Love Away

01 [Passion] Goodbye to Romance
02 Rain
03 Song of the Heart
04 You Are My Sunshine
05 Listen
06 Blink
07 Tears
08 Hmmhmm
09 If I Have Only You
10 Hope

01 [MC the Max 2007 Tour Concert DVD] Returns
03 I Believe in Love
04 When Love Ends
05 Hour Glass
06 Even Sunflowers’ Throat Hurt at Times
07 Star
08 You are Sad (Special – I Wanted to Love – Jun Min Hyuk)
09 What a Wonderful World
10 Hope
11 We Love to Get Hurt
12 Find Love
13 Oh, Piz!! (Special Violin Solo – J)
14 Sorry, Heart
15 Doesn’t Matter
16 Moment
17 She
18 Sixth Sense
19 Full of the Sun
20 Love Poem
21Farewell for a Little Bit
22 You’re Falling In Love
23 Sunset Glow

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After the release of their 6th studio album this year, MC the Max went on a concert tour. With that over, the group have released their luxury package, Unlimited. It was created in appreciation of their fans’ love for them. Included in the package is a 100-page photo booklet, 2 CDs (20 tracks), and a DVD of their concert. Also included are two brand new tracks, Don’t Stop Love and Goodbye to Romance, photos, pictures and writing by the members themselves.




Pure Comic Strip OST (December 10)
01 My Story – Lee Ji Hyung
02 Happily Ever After – Lee Seung Hwan
03 Is This Love? – Oh Ji Eun
04 Confession (performed by Norifly) – Norifly
05 Start – Lee Ji Hyung
06 Are You Looking For Me 1 – Various Artists
07 Healing – Various Artists
08 Bicycle – Various Artists
09 Rain and Umbrella – Various Artists
10 Crawling – Various Artists
11 Are You Looking For Me 2 – Various Artists
12 Scar – Various Artists
13 Soo Young’s Pain – Various Artists
14 Kang Sook’s Tears – Various Artists
15 Instruction from a Superior – Various Artists
16 Summer Night’s Dream (Love’s Farewell) – Various Artists

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Pure Comic Strip is a movie based on the comic written by the popular cartoonist, Gangpool. With a great cast consisting of Yoo Ji Tae, East of Eden’s Lee Yeon Hee, Coffee Prince’s Chae Jung An, and idol group Super Junior’s Kang In, this movie gained much interest. The soundtrack for the album is also sensational, with a popular track being track 3 “Is This Love”, sung by Oh Ji Eun. There are a total of 16 tracks, with track 2 “Happily Ever After” by Lee Seung Hwan being a bonus track. The movie is expected to warm the hearts of moviegoers this winter.




Lyn (single) – Full of Charm (released)
01 Full of Charm feat. MC Mong
02 Date

Lyn, who released a project album with Shin Hyesung titled, “That Man’s, That Woman’s Story” ten months ago, has returned with the release of her first digital single. Once again, Lyn is able to show another style through this. The title track is Full of Charm, which was composed by Hwang Sung Jeh, who is also known for hits songs like BoA’s Atlantis Princess, Lee Soo Young’s Bob Cut, and Park Hyo Shin’s Love Resembles Memories. It is of the urban hip-hop genre with a pop melody and it is about the feelings of lovers who have fallen deeply in love. Lyn’s lovely voice harmonizes well with MC Mong’s rap. Fans of MC Mong’s song Letter Written to You which also featured Lyn, will especially enjoy this single because the two have collaborated once again.




YB (single) – Talk to Me (released)
01 Talk to Me

YB (Yoon Do Hyun Band) have released a digital single, titled Talk To Me, before the release of their 8th studio album. The song starts off with the slamming of the keyboards and a mouse click, leading on to strong musical accompaniment. This song has more frank lyrics as well as sounds compared to their previous music.




Park Ji Hun & Kang Min Kyung (single) – Happy Together (released)
01 Happy Together
02 Happy Together (Inst)

Jo Young Soo’s 2nd All Star Project with VOS’s Park Ji Hyun and Davichi’s Kang Min Kyung

Happy Together is composed by Jo Young Soo, who is famous for many hit songs. To fit the Christmas mood, this song has a jazz feel along with piano and orchestra accompaniment. One listen to the song will allow listeners to imagine themselves walking on the streets of a snow-fallen New York. The two featurees of the song, Park Ji Hyun and Kang Min Kyung, enjoyed the song so much that they wanted to participate in the music video. This song is expected to receive much love this winter.




Namolla Family (single) – Even If I Hold On (released)
01 Even If I Hold On (feat. Baek Ji Young)
02 To Boram (feat. MJ, Baek Boram)
03 My Love Romance (feat. Taein)

This single album is situated around the themes of love and farewell, and Namolla Family are able to show their own style through the songs. The title track, Even If I Hold On, has sad violin melodies and is about lovers who know that there is nothing else they can do but break up. Ballad singer Baek Ji Young is featured in this song and is able to bring out the sad mood of the song. Another song included in the single is To Boram and it was composed and penned by Namolla Family member Kim Jae Woo. The song is a love message for all lovers and celebrity Baek Boram (who actually features in the song).



Other releases:


Freakhouze Vol. 1 – Smooth & Hard (released)

Ori – 1st mini-album (released)

Keynes Tonic – #1 (released)

Black (single) – 사랑하는 사람이 생겼습니다 (released)

Suh Young Eun (single) – 하하 괜찮아 (released)

Kim Dong Hee (single) – Love In Winter (released)

Youme – Melody and Memory (released)

K.Will (single) – Love119 (released)

Chae Jung Ahn (single) – TV Love (released)

Taw (single) – 화성에서 온 남자 금성에서 온 여자 (released)

N.Ex.T Vol. 6 – 666 (December 8)

Acoustic Perfume Vol. 1 – Acoustic Perfume (December 8)

JohnnyRoyal – Louder Than Words (December 9)

House Rulez Vol. 2 – Star House City (December 9)

Noeasy – The Mirror (December 10)

Oh Ji Eun Vol. 1 – Ji Eun (December 10)

Lowdown30 Vol. 1 – Jaira (December 10)

Yoon Sang – Songbook: Play With Him (December 11)

Natural – Special Album (December 11)

Spring Summer Autumn Winter – You Are Ssaw Beautiful: 2008 Live (December 11)

D-League – Defiga Presents (December 11)

Party Time – Winter Love (December 12)

Ra.d Vol. 2 – Realcollabo (December 12)



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