New albums and singles preview - December week 2

Gavy NJ – A Final Reminder (released)
01 Kind Love
02 Anytime
03 She Is Crying
04 On the Opposite Side
05 Happiness
06 Sill Live Well
07 Love Poem
08 Party 2 Night
09 Hair
10 Beautiful Day
11 Absolute Shore (?)
12 Light
13 Request
14 I Love You
15 Without a Word
16 Smile

One is able to listen to the main tracks of Gavy NJ’s first and second album once again with the release of their best album, A Final Reminder.  They debuted in 2005 as a medium-tempo female group and in 2006, released their sophomore album.  This album consists of hit songs including “She is Crying” and “Happiness”, as well as others that received much love. This winter, the girls have come back with this gift for fans.



Ahn Jae Wook – Best Album (December 18)
01 Soliloquoy
02 Dururu
03 As Much as You For Me
04 Yesterday
05 Only You
06 At Your Side Whenever
07 Scar
08 Reason that I Live
09 Friend
10 However I Want
11 Goodbye
12 Resemble You
13 Is This Breakup
14 Greet
15 Forever

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Ahn Jae Wook, who has received so much love ever since his debut in 1997, is to release a best album which includes songs from his first album “Forever” to his fifth and mini album. Also included in the album are the songs he sang for his own dramas, including Star In My Heart (1997), Oh Pilsung, Bong Soon Young, and Mr.Goodbye, as well as popular songs such as Friend and Dururu, and songs that weren’t as well-known but something worth releasing.




2PM (single) – Only You (Winter Special) (released)
01 Only You (Winter Special)

2PM have returned with a new charm with a house remix version of their song, Only You, which was included in their 10 out of 10 single album. In just 3 months since their debut, the boys have gained much love. This remix has bright piano and electronic arpeggio sounds, bringing out the fresh feel of the winter season.




Loveholics (single) – Butterfly (released)
01 Butterfly

Loveholic have garnered much popularity over the years for their dramatic ballads, much more dramatic then the dramas they were sung for. In 2009, the group have returned with a new name, Loveholics, where the two producers, Kang Hyun Min and Lee Jae Hak, have collaborated to release this single. The song is Butterfly and it was composed and written by Lee Jae Hak, who also produced the soundtrack for 2006’s popular movie, 200 Pound Beauty. Butterfly, unlike the usual Loveholic songs, has pop sounds and fits the 70s retro feel. This song features various female vocalists including Horan (and Alex) of Clazziquai, Whale of W&Whale, Jung Soon Young of My Aunt Mart, Haewon of Winterplay, Park Ki Young, and Lee Sung Yul. Miki (from the famous Japanese band Indigo) has also helped out.




Park Jung Hyun (single) – Winter Kiss (released)
01 Winter Kiss feat. Baek Chan of 8eight

One of Korea’s best divas, Park Jung Hyun has come back with a winter song titled Winter Kiss for fans. The sweet melody will flow into listeners’ ears and Baek Chan of 8eight helps out with a rap featuring. This song is part of the New Ways Always Project where Park Jung Ah, Dynamic Duo, and Alex have also participated in.




Other releases:


Mario (single) – Superman (released)

Young Joon of Brown Eyed Soul (single) – Why (released)

Lee Hyun Ji (single) – 바닐라 Love Part 2 (released)

P.andafool Project – L’aube Noire (released)

Orgeltanz Vol. 1 – 요람에서 무덤까지 (released)

Freaky – Pearl (released)

Park So Yeon – mini album Vol. 2 (released)

Nuoliunce Vol. 1 – The Mission (December 16)

Kim Kyung Rok Vol. 1 – People & People (December 16)

My Aunt Mary Vol. 5 – Circle (December 17)

Bizniz – This Is Bizniz (December 17)

Casker Vol. 4 – Polyester Heart (December 18)

Junggigo (single) – Byebyebye (December 18)



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