Kim Myeong-min in “My Love Beside Me”


He has recently been in "Beethoven Virus" where he was a maestro.

Kim Myeong-min has been casted for the new film "My Love Beside Me" which kwon Sang-woo has been casted before and stepped down from the position. 

This film is about a man who has the Lugh Gehrig disease and his sacrificial lover. This is by the same director who made the movie "You are my Sunshine" four years ago.

Kim will be Jong-woo who has a lot of humor as well as great pride. He is a charismatic man who is active in expressing his love for his girlfriend. Kim will be the patient who will be fighting ths disease, it will be a heart moving film.

The female actress is Ha Ji-won‘s character is a funeral conductor. She is bold and bright who is a strong supporter for her lover.

Source : Cynews and Hancinema