New albums and singles preview – December week 3

Kim Kyung Rok (V.O.S) Vol. 1 – People & People (released)
01 Want, Expect and Erase…
02 Sad Story
03 Attached to Love (Feat. Maybee)
04 We Are Now Strangers (feat Baby-J of Jewelry)
05 Never Say Goodbye
06 Joyful Joyful
07 Don’t Leave
08 Why Are We Like This
09 How
10 Feel Good    

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Kim Kyung Rok, the youngest member of the group V.O.S, has decided to release his first solo album, titled People and People. Not only are the songs quality work, but great artists such as Choi Hyun Joon of V.O.S, Go Young Joon of Brown Eyed Soul, Maybee, and Ha Joo Yun of Jewelry took part featuring in them. The title track of the album is “We Are Now Strangers”, which was composed by hit-maker Jo Young Soo. This warm ballad features Ha Joo Yun (Baby-J)’s rap.



General Hospital 2 (MBC Drama) OST (December 22)
01 General Hospital (Main Theme)
02 Pastel Smile – Song Hee Ran
03 The Road to Me – Gummy
04 I Only Know You – Jung Kyul
05 The City Called Seoul – Hey
06 Greeting – And
07 Greed – Kim Bum Soo
08 Dream – Song Hee Ran
09 Hymn – Jung Kyul
10 To Turn Towards the Better Tomorrow (Ha Yoon Theme)
11 Greeting (Inst)
12 I Only Know You (Piano Inst) – Na Won Joo
13 Chaos (Inst)
14 Greed (Inst)
15 General Hospital (Ballad Version)

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The General Hospital 2 drama series, which is of the medical genre, has released its soundtrack both online and through mobile phones. Renown singers such as Kim Bum Soo and Gummy have participated in the soundtrack, gaining many fans’ attention. The title track is Greed, which is sung by Kim Bum Soo, who is known to have sung many other popular soundtrack songs such as I Miss You and One Day. Another song worth mentioning is The City Called Seoul sung by HEY, which gives us hope. Pastel Song, on the other hand, is sung by Song Hee Ran, who also sang other popular songs such as those in the movie DoReMiFaSoLaSiTo and the drama Bad Couple.




Min Kyung Hoon (single) – One Day (released)
01 One Day
02 One Day (Inst)

Min Kyung Hoon, who was the vocalist of popular rock band Buzz and is now busy with solo activities, has returned with a single, One Day. This song fits the winter season with its soft tone. Min Kyung Hoon, who has always brought warm songs to fans, has once again done his job with this Christmas gift.



Tim (single) – Person Like Me (released)
01 Person Like Me (Original Ver)
02 Person Like Me (Fractal Dub Ver)
03 Person Like Me (East4A Remix Ver)
04 Person Like Me (Fractal Remix Ver)
05 Person Like Me (Inst)

Tim has returned to us once again with a digital single, Person Like Me. Tim has already released four studio albums, with many hit songs such as “I Love You” and “Thank You” garnering much love from fans. This new single starts off with the oboe and piano sounds like how a song from a movie would sound. It later leads to a 42-member orchestra and warm vocals by Tim. One can also hear the drums and the electric guitar completing this song. Also included in this single are three remixes and an instrumental version.




Other releases:


Lee Sora Vol. 7 – 겨울, 외롭고 따뜻한 노래 (released)

Shin So Hee (single) – Something To Tell You (released)

Yeon Woo (single) – T.T Ma Repackaged (released)

Allen S – Museum Of Allen S (released)

Lo – Spring (released)

49 Morphines Vol. 1 – Partial Eclipse (released)

Park Hye Min Vol. 1 – 나와 같은 이에게 (released)

Pento – Pentoxic (December 23)

Vanilla Acoustic – Vanilla Rain (December 24)

Lee Jang Hyuk Vol. 2 (December 26)




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