2008 Soompi Gayo Award Nominees


The 2008 Soompi Gayo Award Show will be held on New Year’s Eve, December 31. This is the 4th year we are organizing this event to recognize the top performers in Korean music. We are actually having a show this year and we’ll bring you the results live – Big B Radio will broadcast this event, playing the top hit songs of 2008 and announcing the winners of each category. It will be hosted by DJ Chunsa, who is also a soompi member. The show will begin at 7:00 EST and it will last about 2.5 hours. The time is still subject to change pending confirmation.

There is one big difference this year. We won’t be presenting a DaeSang award. As most of the Korean TV stations have moved away from this DaeSang award, it is time for us to do the same. Moreover, there are so many outstanding artistes this year. Giving a DaeSang to one singer will not be fair to others.

Instead, we’ll announce the top 10 singers of 2008 at the end of the awards show, and you will be voting for this award from a pool of 20 singers. Your vote will count 25% (more details from below). All other awards are based solely on our soompi weekly music chart scores.

Top 10 singers: We select 20 singers (names in alphabetical order) who have been in the music industry for more than 1 year. Newcomers don’t qualify for this award. These 20 singers received the highest scores combined on our weekly music chart and album sales in 2008. After adding your votes, 10 of them will become our top 10 singers of 2008:

Bi (Rain)
Big Bang
Brown Eyes
Brown Eyed Girls
Epik High
FT Island
Kim Jong Kook
Kim Dong Ryul
Lee Hyori
MC Mong
See Ya
SG Wannabe
Uhm Jung Hwa
Wonder Girls

The calculation method of the Top 10 singers is as follows:

60% from our weekly music chart scores, adjusted for competition, seasonal, and positional factors. Non-original songs (remakes and covered versions) will be excluded from the calculations for the Top 10 singers award.

Competition: The total scores of all 50 songs added up for each week, compared to average score (over 51 weeks) in 2008. The weeks with above average scores mean that the songs in that week are facing stronger competition, and thus are "rewarded" with an adjustment factor to which it is above the average score. Likewise, songs appearing in a week that is under average are "penalized" with an adjustment factor to which it is under the average score.

Seasonal: Albums and songs released towards the end of the year are weighted higher than the beginning of the year because more popular singers and important albums are usually released in the second half of the year. To increase the accuracy of the seasonal factor, this year we are using an increment of 0.01 each week, starting from January week 1 with a factor of 0.75. July week 1 is the mid-year point and the factor is 1. December week 3 is our last week and the factor is 1.25.

Position factor: To reward songs that rank higher in the chart, I assign a weight for each song each week. Even though our weekly chart has 50 songs, the focus is still on the top 20 songs. As a result, songs from No. 1 to No. 20 will receive a considerably higher factor than songs from No. 21 to No. 50 each week, as follows:
1 – 1.000
2 – 0.965
3 – 0.930
4 – 0.895
5 – 0.860
6 – 0.825
7 – 0.790
8 – 0.755
9 – 0.720
10 – 0.685
11 – 0.650
12 – 0.615
13 – 0.580
14 – 0.545
15 – 0.510
16 – 0.475
17 – 0.440
18 – 0.405
19 – 0.370
20 – 0.335
21 – 0.300
22 – 0.290
23 – 0.280
24 – 0.270
25 – 0.260
26 – 0.250
27 – 0.240
28 – 0.230
29 – 0.220
30 – 0.210
31 – 0.200
32 – 0.190
33 – 0.180
34 – 0.170
35 – 0.160
36 – 0.150
37 – 0.140
38 – 0.130
39 – 0.120
40 – 0.110
41 – 0.100
42 – 0.090
43 – 0.080
44 – 0.070
45 – 0.060
46 – 0.050
47 – 0.040
48 – 0.030
49 – 0.020
50 – 0.010

15% from album sales – figures released by Music Industry Association of Korea (MIAK) and Hanteo. If a singer releases more than one album this year, we’ll use the album with the highest sales for this event.

25% from fan voting – that’s where your vote comes in. Again the voting is on soompi’s main
site this year. Be sure to cast your vote! Here is the link:
Remember you have to sign on to your soompi main site account to vote.

You can make a difference! Be sure to vote for your favorite singers or who you think deserves to win the Top 10 singers award. Unlike past years, this year each member can vote for 3 singers. Your first choice will receive 5 points, 2nd choice 3 points, and 3rd choice 1 point. Each member can only vote once, and you cannot repeat your choice. Should we discover any foul play, we reserve the right to abandon the results of the voting. The deadline of the voting is December 28, 11:59pm EST.

Because our weekly music charts use sources from all major music charts in Korea (Chart Korea, Air Monior Chart, MNet M!Countdown, Hanteo weekly sales, SBS Inki Gayo Take 7, Hanteo weekly singles chart, various internet charts, and also gasoo appearances on gayo shows), we expect to get an accurate result for our awards.

Apart from the top 10 singers award, the awards below are based on our music chart performances only. Album sales and fan voting will not be included. This year we are adding a “mini-album of the year” award. In addition, we split the group awards into male and female groups.

Song of the year (one award) – The song that accumulated the highest overall score on our music chart. We are going to count down the top 20 songs of 2008, and the No. 1 song will be crowned “Song of the year”. These 6 songs have the highest total chart score in 2008, and they are the nominees:
Big Bang –하루하루 (Day By Day)

Davichi -사랑과 전쟁 (Love And War)

DBSG –주문 (Mirotic)

Kim Jong Kook –어제보다 오늘 더 (Today More Than Yesterday)

Shinee –누난 너무 예뻐 (Noona’s Pretty (Replay))

Wonder Girls – So Hot

Album of the year (one award) – The full album that accumulated the highest overall score on all its songs. The nominees are:

DBSG Vol. 4 – Mirotic

Jewelry Vol. 5 – Kitchi Island

Kim Dong Ryul Vol. 5 – Monologue

Lee Hyori Vol. 3 – It’s Hyorish

MC Mong Vol. 4 – Circus

SG Wannabe Vol. 5 – My Friend

Mini-album of the year (one award) – The mini-album that accumulated the highest overall score on all its songs. The nominees are:

Big Bang – Stand Up

Brown Eyed Girls – with L.O.V.E

Shinee – First mini-album

Uhm Jung Hwa – D.I.S.C.O

Wonder Girls – So Hot

Wonder Girls – The Wonder Years: Trilogy

Top male group singer of 2008 (3 awards – Gold, Silver, Bronze) – The male group who accumulated the highest chart scores. The nominees are:

Big Bang
Epik High
FT Island
SG Wannabe

Top female group singer of 2008 (3 awards – Gold, Silver, Bronze) – The female group who accumulated the highest chart scores. The nominees are:

Brown Eyed Girls
See Ya
Wonder Girls

Top male singer of 2008 (3 awards – Gold, Silver, Bronze) – The male soloist who accumulated the highest chart scores. The nominees are:

Kim Dong Ryul
Kim Jong Kook
Kim Jong Wook
MC Mong
Park Ji Heon
Tae Yang

Top female singer of 2008 (3 awards – Gold, Silver, Bronze) – The female soloist who accumulated the highest chart scores. The nominees are:

Lee Hyori
Seo In Young
Son Dam Bi
Uhm Jung Hwa

Top newcomer of 2008 (3 awards: Gold, Silver, Bronze) – The newcomer who accumulated the highest chart scores. The nominees are:

Mighty Mouth

Top digital single of 2008 (1 award) – Digital singles have become an increasingly popular trend in Korean music. We want to recognize the digital single which received the highest charted scores in 2008. The nominees are:

Brown Eyed Girls – My Style

Color Pink – Blue Moon

Haha – 너눈 내 운면 (You Are My Destiny)

Mighty Mouth (feat. Yoon Eun Hye) –사랑해 (I Love You)

Solbi & Kim Jong Wook -그대에게 바래요 (I Wish For You To…)

Untouchable (feat. Hwa Yobi) – It’s Okay

Top Drama / Movie OST song of 2008 (1 award) – Songs from a drama or movie that received the highest scores on our chart. The nominees are:

FT Island – 한가지 말 (One Word – from SBS Drama “On Air”)

Lee Seung Chul – 듣고 있나요 (Are You Listening? – from MBC Drama “East Of Eden”)

Nam Gyu Ri – 남자 (Man, from movie “Gosa”)

SG Wannabe & Kim Jong Wook -운명을 거슬러 (Opposed By Fate – from MBC Drama “East Of Eden”)

Tae Yeon – 만약에 (If – from KBS Drama “Hong Gil Dong”)

Tae Yeon – 들리나요 (Can You Hear Me? – from MBC Drama “Beethoven Virus”)


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