1/8/09 – Park Yeh Jin and Jung Gye Woon (박예진, 정겨운) will lead the Wednesday-Thursday drama "I Hate You Once Again (미워도 다시 한번)" scheduled to be aired by KBS2 on 2/4, following the final episode of “Land of the Wind”.

I Hate You Once Again


The PD is Kim Jong Chan (김종창) who produced and directed well-known dramas such as “Yellow Handkerchief (2003)”, “Terms of Endearment (2004)”, “Rosy Life (2005)”, and “Blissful Woman (2007)” and all of them scored high TV ratings between 30% and 40%.

This drama portrays the love and marriage of each member of a family.  In addition to the leads Park Yeh Jin and Jung Gye Woon, nucleus actors and actresses include Choi Myung Gil, Park Sang Won, Chun In Hwa, and Joo Hyun (최명길, 박상원, 전인화, 주현).

Park Yeh Jin plays an anchor of a TV station.  Jung Gye Woon plays a general manager of Myung Jin Group (명진그룹).  Choi Myung Gil plays the role Han Myung Yin (한명인) who is the CEO of the prominent Myung Jin Group of South Korea.  Actress Chun In Hwa (전인화) plays the top star Eun Hye Jung (은혜정).

Originally, this drama was scheduled to be aired as a KBS2 daily drama in October of 2008, but KBS2 canceled the time slot for daily drama after the final episode of “Dubaegi Returns (돌아온 뚝배기).  Now, this drama is moved to time slots for Wednesday-Thursday drama.

Jung Gye Woon won the “2008 KBS New Actor” award on 12/31/2008 for his performance in the Wednesday-Thursday drama “Woman of the Sun”.