Weekly Music Chart  2009 – January week 2

1. (–) Baek Ji Young – 총 맞은 것처럼 (Like You Got Shot By A Gun) *** 3 WEEKS NO. 1 *** 
Score: 925
Genre: Pop Ballad

BaekJiYoung7Music + Lyrics: Bang Shi Hyuk
Album: Baek Ji Young Vol. 7 Track 4 Purchase this album
Watch: MV Live Performance
Comment: Baek Ji Young is No. 1 for the 3rd week in a row with "Like You Got Shot By A Gun". Coming back from vocal cord surgery, Baek Ji Young traded her signature husky voice for a pure crystal tone and released her 7th album "Sensibility".  Since switching from Latin dance to ballads two albums ago, Baek Ji Young has enjoyed great success.  "Like You Got Shot Bu A Gun" is a sentimental ballad written by "Hitmen" Bang Shi Hyuk. 




2. (+2) Kara – Pretty Girl
Score: 853
Genre: Pop / Dance

Album: Kara 2nd mini-album "Pretty Girl" Track 2 Purchase this album
Watch: MV Live Performance
Comment: Moving up another two spots is Kara’s "Pretty Girl", becoming their biggest hit so far and leapfrogging their labelmates SS501 to No. 2.  Many people predicted that Kara would be one of the girl groups to watch out for in 2009 as their popularity keeps rising.  They certainly got off to a good start.  Let’s see if this song will be able to challenge for the top spot next week.




3. (-1) SS501 – U R Man  
Score: 799
Genre: Pop / Dance

URManMusic: Han Sang Won / Lyrics: Han Sang Won, Im Young

SS501 special album U R Man Track 2 Purchase this album
Watch: MV Live Performance
Comment: This is the representative track of SS501’s special project album, which was made by three members – Hur Young-saeng, Kim Kyu-jong (J-Dream) and Kim Hyung-joon (H&B). The title track is a medium-tempo house-dance number with a retro melody. It boasts unique development and an impression refrain. The sensitive lyrics, about missing a lover who has left, are especially noteworthy. (credits to Arirang TV – Pops In Seoul)




4. (-1) Big Bang – 붉은 노을 (Sunset Glow)
Score: 645
Genre: R&B / Dance

BigBang2Music: G-Dragon, Teddy, Lee Young Hoon / Lyrics: G-Dragon, Lee Young Hoon
Album: Big Bang Vol. 2 Track 3 Purchase this album
Watch: MV Live Performance
Comment: This is the representative track of Big Bang’s 2nd official album, "Remember". The remake combines the refrain of Lee Moon-sae’s "Red Sunset" with rapping done in Big Bang’s distinct style. It’s filled with fun beats and groove. The music video presents a message of hope to people struggling in society or economically. It was shot on Korea’s west coast, a place that recovered and found hope even after a major oil spill. (credits to Arirang TV – Pops In Seoul)




5. (+4) K.Will (feat. MC Mong) – 러브119 (Love 119)
Score: 619
Genre: R&B Ballad

Album: K.Will digital single "Love 119" Track 1
Watch: MV Live Performance
Comment: K.Will scores his first top-5 hit with "Love 119".  This is a project with MC Mong where the theme is ‘love’ and where they attempt to transform their music. This time K.Will attempts a medium tempo track which is tailor-made for winter. K.Will’s company stated that “This song will mark the discovery of a different side to K.Will”.  MC Mong’s good friend Jang Keun E has been the featured rapper on most of K.Will’s live performances of this song.




6. (–) Lee Soo Young – 이런 여자 (This Kind Of Woman)  
Score: 561
Genre: Pop Ballad

OnceMusic: Kim Hyun Woo / Lyrics: Bae Sung Joon

Lee Soo Young mini-album "Once" Track 1 Purchase this album
Watch: MV Live Performance
Comment: This is the title track of Lee Soo-young’s mini-album "Once." It is a mellow ballad featuring the singer’s unique vocals and subtle tunes. The lyrics are about a "bad woman" who chooses a breakup for the sake of the man she loves. The music video shows a new side of Lee Soo-young, who appeared in a music video for her song for the first time since her debut. (credits to Arirang TV – Pops In Seoul)




7. (-2) Tei – 기적 같은 이야기 (Miracle-Like Story)  
Score: 555
Genre: Pop Ballad

Tei5Music: Lee Hyun Seung / Lyrics: Tei

Tei Vol. 5 Track 2 Purchase this album
Watch: MV Live Performance
Comment: This is the title track of Tei’s fifth album "The Note." This sentimental ballad features Tei’s ample vocals. It drew attention for its lyrics, which are about the singer’s personal experience. It is a story of a man who compares his past love to a miracle. (credits to Arirang TV – Pops In Seoul)




8. (+2) Mighty Mouth (feat. Son Dam Bi) – 패밀리 (Family)   
Score: 541
Genre: Hip-Hop

Album: Mighty Mouth Vol.1 Special Edition Track 2 Purchase this album
Watch: MV Live Performance
Comment: This is the title track of Mighty Mouth’s same-titled single album. This hip-hop song features a cheerful rhythm and melody. Mighty Mouth’s unique rap and Son Dam-bi’s vocals create a sophisticated harmony. The lyrics are about living happily like one big family. (credits to Arirang TV – Pops In Seoul)




9. (+16) Kim Kyung Rok (feat. Baby-J) – 이젠 남이야 (We Are Now Strangers)   *** BIGGEST MOVER OF THE WEEK ***
Score: 481
Genre: R&B Ballad

Kim Kyung Rok Vol. 1 Track 4 Purchase this album
Watch: MV Live Performance
Comment: Kim Kyung Rok, the youngest member of V.O.S, has released his first solo album late last year.  The title song "We Are Now Strangers" is composed by hit-maker Cho Young Soo, and is our biggest mover this week, jumping 16 spots to No. 9. This sentimental ballad also features the slow rapping of Jewelry’s Ha Joo Yeon (aka Baby-J).  A good song to check out.




10. (+1) MC The Max – Goodbye To Romance  
Score: 480
Genre: Rock Ballad

MC The Max Best Hit Album "Unlimited" CD2 Track 1 Purchase this album
Watch: MV Live Performance
Comment: Returning to the top 10 with their trademark rock ballad is "the group of winter" MC The Max.  "Goodbye To Romance" is one of the two new songs featured on their best hit album "Unlimited".  Over the years, MC The Max have sung many rock ballad hits in winter.  "Goodbye To Romance" is more up-tempo but still fits their mode.




11. (+7) Son Dam Bi – 미쳤어 (Become Crazy)  
Score: 456
Genre: Pop / Dance

SonDamBimini2Music: Brave Brothers / Lyrics: Eric

Son Dam Bi Mini Album Vol. 2 Track 1 Purchase this album
Watch: MV Live Performance
Comment: The title track of Son Dam-bi’s second mini-album, this dance song is a combination of retro and modern sounds that create a dreamlike mood. Eric’s rap adds charm to the song. The music video of "Crazy" shows the sexy Son Dam-bi performing a unique dance. (credits to Arirang TV – Pops In Seoul)




12. (+11) Lyn (feat. MC Mong) – 매력쟁이 (Full Of Charm)
Score: 432
Genre: R&B Ballad

Album: Lyn digital single "Full Of Charm" Track 1
Watch: MV
Comment: This is Lyn and MC Mong’s second collaboration after the first big hit "A letter to you". This song was written personally by Lyn and the lyrics include parts such as "Your face looks like Mong’s." Lyn says the lyrics were partly based on MC Mong’s former girlfriend who had praised all his charms and how when you are in love, your lover has all the charms. This cute song is nice to listen to, with Lyn’s trademark R&B voice and Mong’s fun rapping.  Lyn is scheduled to release her 5th album next week and this song will be included in the new album. (credits to ~S2~)




13. (New) Kim Jong Kook – 고맙다 (Thank You) *** HOT SHOT DEBUT ***
Score: 430
Genre: Pop Ballad

KimJongKook5Music: Hwang Chan Hee / Lyrics: Cho Eun Hee
Album: Kim Jong Kook Vol. 5 Track 1 Purchase this album
Watch: MV Live Performance
Comment: Follow up song from Kim Jong Kook’s 5th album "Here I Am".  "Thank You" is a melancholic ballad talking about the worries of men. It is our highest debut this week at No. 13.  "Thank You" is written by the combination of Hwang Chan Hee and Cho Eun Hee, who had previously written "One Man" for Kim Jong Kook, a song that made him one of the top male singers in Korea.




14. (-7) Brown Eyed Girls – My Style  
Score: 423
Genre: Pop / Dance

MyStyleMusic: Lee Min Soo / Lyrics: Kim Yi Na
Album: Brown Eyed Girls digital single "My Style (Hidden Track)" Track 1
Watch: MV Live Performance
Comment: This is the title track of Brown-Eyed Girls’ single album "My Style". It’s an electronic dance song featuring a trendy melody and cheerful beat. The lyrics contain many cute and interesting expressions to convey a woman’s feelings of love toward the man of her dreams. The music video draws attention with images that are switched cut by cut. (credits to Arirang TV – Pops In Seoul)





15. (-1) Rumble Fish – 비와 당신 (You And The Rain)
Score: 412
Genre: Rock Ballad

Album: Rumble Fish remake album "Memory For You" Track 3 Purchase this album
Watch: MV Live Performance
Comment: This is the title track of Rumble Fish’s remake album “Memory For You.” It is a remake of a song that actor Park Joong-hoon performed in the movie “Radio Star”. It features gentle strings, acoustic piano sounds and the enthralling voice of vocalist Choi Jin-yi. The song exudes a different charm from its original version, and its lyrics evoke memories of a past love to the sound of rain. (credits to Arirang TV – Pops In Seoul)




16. (-4) Lee Seung Chul – 듣고 있나요 (Are You Listening?: MBC Drama "East of Eden" OST2)  
Score: 399
Genre: Pop Ballad

EastofEden2Music: Cho Young Soo / Lyrics: Kang Eun Kyung
Album: East Of Eden OST Vol. 2 Track 1 Purchase this album
Watch: MV Live Performance
Comment: This is an original soundtrack of the TV drama "East of Eden" starring Song Seung-heon, Yeon Jung-hoon and Lee Yeon-hee. It is a sad ballad featuring gentle tunes and Lee Seung-chul’s ample vocals. The lyrics are about a failed relationship. The song drew the spotlight as the theme song of the drama’s character played by Song Seung-heon. (credits to Arirang TV – Pops In Seoul)




17. (–) Namolla Family (feat. Baek Ji Young) – 붙잡아도 (Even If I Hold On)
Score: 375
Genre: Hip-hop Ballad

Album: Namolla Family digital single "Even If I Hold On" Track 1
Watch: MV Live Performance
Comment: Namolla Family’s latest digital single album is situated around the themes of love and farewell, and they are able to show their own style through the songs. The title track, "Even If I Hold On", has sad violin melodies and is about lovers who know that there is nothing else they can do but break up. Ballad singer Baek Ji Young is featured in this song and is able to bring out the sad mood of the song.




18. (-3) Shinee – 아.미.고 (Amigo)
Score: 374
Genre: R&B / Dance

Shinee1RMusic: JV, Gabe, Lopez / Lyrics: Yoo Young Jin

Album: Shinee Vol. 1 (repackaged) Track 1 Purchase this album
Watch: MV Live Performance
Comment: Featured in SHINee’s first official repackage album, the title of this memorable dance song is an abbreviation of a Korean sentence that means "loving a beautiful girl hurts" and is also Spanish for "friend". An intense beat and a fresh melody create a fun and exciting vibe. (credits to Arirang TV – Pops In Seoul)




19. (+3) Eun Ji Won – Dangerous
Score: 364
Genre: Hip-hop

Album: Eun Ji Won mini-album "G-Code" Track 2 Purchase this album
Watch: MV Live Performance
Comment: This is the representative track of Eun Ji-won’s single album, "G Code." A hip-hop song with a fast rhythm, its lyrics are about a man who is struggling because his woman asks too much of him. Through more mature vocals and rapping, the song shows off Eun Ji-won’s distinct musical style. (credits to Arirang TV – Pops In Seoul)




20. (–) Min Kyung Hoon – 하루 (One Day)
Score: 317
Genre: Pop Ballad

Album: Min Kyung Hoon digital single "One Day" Track 1
Watch: MV
Comment: Min Kyung Hoon, who was the vocalist of popular rock band Buzz and is now busy with solo activities, has returned with a single, One Day. This song fits the winter season with its soft tone. Min Kyung Hoon, who has always brought warm songs to fans, has once again done his job with this Christmas gift.







21 . (-8) Park Ji Heon & Kang Min Kyung – 해피투게더 ( Happy Together ) : 306
22 . (-3) Bi – Love Story : 294
23 . (+1) Yoon Sang (vocal Yoon Gun) – 가려진 시간사이로 ( Through The Hidden Time ) : 271
24 . (+4) Norajo – 슈퍼맨 ( Superman ) : 257
25 . (-9) DBSG – Wrong Number : 252
26 . (–) Park Jung Hyun – 윈터키스 ( Winter Kiss ) : 244
27 . (-6) Wheesung – 별이 지다.. ( Star Is Setting.. ) : 232
28 . (+7) Yoon Jong Shin – 내일 할 일 ( Things To Do Tomorrow ) : 226
29 . (New) Kim Bum Soo – 슬픔보다 더 슬픈 이야기 ( A Story Sadder than Sadness ) : 221
30 . (+4) Miss $ (feat. Nam Gyu Ri) – 바람 피지마 ( Don’t Have An Affair ) : 195
31 . (+1) Untouchable (feat. Hwa Yobi) – It’s Okay : 182
32 . (-2) Black Pearl – 미운 사랑 (Hateful Love: MBC Drama "East Of Eden" OST 2) : 175
33 . (–) M to M – One Day : 162
34 . (+2) Gavy NJ – 착한 사랑 ( Kind Love ) : 154
35 . (Re) W & Whale – RPG Shine : 151
36 . (+1) Gummy – 내게로 오는 길 ( Path To Get To Me ) : 149
37 . (-6) Goeun – 사랑해 사랑해 사랑해 ( I Love You ) : 113
38 . (New) Tim – 나란 사람 ( The Person, Me ) : 112
39 . (New) Lee Sora – Track 8 : 102
40 . (+3) Baek Chan (duet Lee Soo Young) – 무슨 사랑이 그래요 ( What Kind Of Love Is This ) : 97
41 . (+6) Loveholics – Butterfly : 95
42 . (+8) Seo Tai Ji – Human Dream : 87
43 . (New) Overspeed Scandal OST – 아마도 그건 ( That Is… ) : 83
44 . (-2) Youme – 여자라서 하지 못한 말 ( What I Couldn’t Say Because I’m a Woman ) : 79
45 . (-6) Davichi (Min Kyung) – 병원에 가다 ( Going to the hospital ) : 74
46 . (-5) Kim Dong Hee – 사랑해 그래서 미안해 ( I’m Sorry Because I Love You ) : 71
47 . (-20) 2PM – Only You : 66
48 . (-8) Mario – 슈퍼맨 ( Superman ) : 56
49 . (-1) N.EX.T – 개판 5분전 만취 공중 해적단 ( Totally Screwed Up Drunken Aero-Pirates ) : 51
50 . (-12) Nell – Part 2 : 50



Blue: Songs to watch out under top 20
Green: Editor’s recommendations under top 20





Woong2ne – 난 너 하나면 돼 (All I Need Is You)
Genre: Pop

Album: Woong2ne smini-album "Only One" Track 1 Purchase this album
Watch: MV
Comment: Woong2ne, which consist of members, Lee Yong Jin, Lee Jin Ho, and Yang Seh Chan, are part of SBS’s comedy show, “People Looking for Laughter” and have been gaining much popularity. Last November, they released their single album “Only One”. The trio has appeared before fans not as comedians but as singers. The album has much energy and passion with songs of different styles such as medium tempo, electronic house, and medium dance.  Title track "All I Need Is You" is a nice medium-pop track that fans should find appealing.  Woong2ne appeared on SBS Inky Gayo last week for the first time, performing this song live. (credits to motoway065)






Sources of the chart



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ChartKorea – 10%
Hanteo Weekly Album Sales (2 weeks lag) – 10%
SBS Inky Gayo Take 7 + Internet Chart + MP3 Download Chart + Music Video Chart – 10%
Hanteo Gayo Chart (1 week lag) – 10%
KBS Music Bank K-Chart – 5%
MTV Chart – 5%
Gasoo appearance on gayo shows (MBC Music Core, SBS Inky Gayo, KBS Music Bank, SBS Kim Jung Eun Chocolate, KBS Lee Hana Peppermint, YTN Live Power Music, MTV Non-stop, Pops In Seoul) – 5%