New albums and singles preview 2009 - January week 2

Lyn Vol. 5 – Let Go, Let In, It’s A New Day (January 13)
01 Love Song
02 Song Letter
03 Love..It’s All Lies
04 Mere Child
05 Mnemosyne
06 Take My Memory
07 Sympathy
08 An Appeal
09 Full of Charm – with MC Mong
10 Date

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On March 2007, Lyn had released her 4th studio album, “The Pride of the Morning”. Last February, she released a project album, “That Man That Woman’s Story” and this month, Lyn is to release her fifth album which consists of a total of 10 tracks (7 of which she penned and 1 which she composed).  This album has great ballads which she is known for but it also includes some dance numbers to bring new color into her works. The title track is “Love…It’s All Lies” and it was composed by Lee Jae Myung, who is responsible for many hits such as Super Junior’s Mary U and SNSD’s Kissing You. Lyn has taken part in writing the lyrics for this song. The song is about the sadness a woman feels after breakup and it is expected to be one of her hits songs. Also included in the album is “Full of Charm”, which was previously released as a digital single featuring MC Mong. One more track worth mentioning is “Date”, which is a remake of veteran singer Lee Sora’s song.


Bobby Kim – Special Album (January 13)
01 Mama
02 White Memory
03 Love…That Person
04 You Don’t Know
05 Only You
06 Even If You Add a Thousand
07 Weak Man
08 Love Letter
09 Pine Tree

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Singer/songwriter Bobby Kim, who has been in the music industry for 16 years, has finally released his first special album. Top Korean producers Ha Kwang Hoon (Mama, Only You), Park Sun Joo (Love…That Person),  Jun Hae Sung, Kim Hyung Joon (Even If You Add a Thousand), and Ha Kwang Suk (White Memory) took part in composing six of the songs. The title track is “Love…That Person”, where listeners can hear Bobby Kim’s soulful voice. Bobby Kim is to promote both the title track and “Mama” simultaneously.  Also included in the album are 3 songs Bobby Kim has participated in for drama series, including Jae Wang, Fashion 70s, and White Tower.


Brand New Day 1st mini-album: Lady Garden (released)
01 Intro
02 There Is No Love
03 Livable
04 Worn-Out Shoe
05 Kiss
06 Naomi In My Dream
07 Livable (Inst)

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Rookie female group Brand New Day have released their first mini album with the current trendy “hybrid music”. Each of the girls went through extensive auditions and training to be the female Monday Kiz. Top 5 songs were picked from a list of 100. The title track is “Livable”, which was composed and written by Han Sang Won. The song has house, electronic, and a Korean melody to it.


Gavy NJ (single) – Romance Story (released)
01 Romance Story
02 Suddenly
03 Romance Story (Inst)
04 Suddenly (Inst)

Female trio Gavy NJ have returned with a new single, Romance Story. It is expected that listeners will get emotional with this song since it is composed of two words which affect people’s hearts most. Gavy NJ’s vocal talents and their ability to bring out the meaning of the song well will only make this song more enjoyable.





Other releases:


No Brain (single) – Dragon Fighter (released)

Jung Yup (single) – Nothing Better (released)

Tae In (single) – 사랑을 해도 외롭다 (released)

Typhoon (single) – 그리울 사랑 (released)

Xing (single) – SaRang (released)

Lika – Evelution (released)

Jung Dap – W (released)

Jinju (mini-album) – Pearlfect (January 13)

Vian Vol. 2 – Ordinary Days (January 13)

Beethoven Virus (MBC Drama) OST Ultimate Edition (January 14)

Hae Oh – Lightgoldenrodyellow (January 14)

Jae Ju So Nyun (single) – 마지막 춤은 나와 함께(January 14)

Taegoon: 1st mini-album – Call Me (January 15)



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