Stars scheduled to enlist and to be discharged from Military Forces

1/17/2009 — In 2008, many stars born in year 1979 were enlisted in the army and they are Kangta, Sung Shi Kyung, Lee Gi Chan, Gong Yoo, Yang Dong Geun, and HaHa.  (강타, 성시경, 이기찬, 공유, 양동근, 하하). 


 Military service 2009

Shinhwa’s Eric and Kim Dong Wan (에릭, 김동완) enlisted last year as public service personnel exchanging for serving in the army as ordinary soldiers.


It is known that the military service is “Entertainer’s Grave”, and entertainers have been criticized that they try to avoid military services.  Thus, serving in the military with honesty becomes an opportunity for an entertainer to reform his image to a new one.


Last year, stars born between 1979 and 1980 turned to 29 years old.  This year, Shinhwa’s Jun Jin and Lee Min Woo (전진, 이민우) will become 29 years old and should be enlist in the army.  According to ‘Military Service Law’, it is not easy to go abroad and therefore overseas activities have to be stopped.  Sooner or later, news of their enlisting in the army will become concrete.


Jo In Sung is the first one announcing his schedule to enlist in the Air Force on 4/6/2009.  Recently, Jo In Sung enjoys high popularity due to the success of his movie “A Frozen Flower (쌍화점)”, which becomes a glamorous decoration as a finale before his enlisting in the Air Force.  In addition to Jo In Sung, actors Kang Dong Won, Jo Han Sun, Lee Dong Gun, Kim Jung Hoon, and Lee Gi Woo (강동원, 조한선,이동건, 김정훈, 이기우), who will turn to 29 years old this year, attract peoples’ attentions that they will be called to enlist in the army.


Military Service


Those stars who started to serve in the army in 2007 will return to entertainment world with highly-spirited images this year.


The most noticeable than anyone else is singer Psy (싸이) who re-enlisted in the army after he was found false in performing his military service since December, 2002 for 35 months.  He will complete his military service on 11/11, 2009.


Kim Tae Woo (김태우), one of the members of musical group GOD, will be discharged on 2/25.   Son Sung Hee (손성희), one of the members of musical group Buzz, will be discharged on 6/12.


Actor Suh Ji Suk (서지석) will complete his military service on 5/3.  He gained fame for his performance in 2006 KBS1 daily drama “Pure 19”.  After he reported to the army, he chose to give up being an ‘Entertainment Soldier’ but instead became an ‘Ordinary Soldier’, which attracted people’s attentions.  Actor Yu Hyun Soo (여현수) will be discharged from military on the same day.


Actor Chun Jung Myung (천정명) and singer Noh Yoo Min (노유민) will be discharged on 11/27.


Actor Gong Yoo, who had success in drama “Coffee Prince No. 1 Shop”, will complete his military service on 12/8.  Currently, he serves for ‘military publicity’ and is active in military radio broadcasting programs.


Singer Jang Woo Hyuk (장우혁) who serves in National Pension Service and singer Kim Jong Min (김종민) who serves in Seoul High Court are scheduled to be discharged from their military services on 12/18.




Update (8/24/2009):


Lee Dong Woo enlists in the army on 8/24/2009:



Update (8/13/2009):

Kim Rae Won enlists in the army on 8/13/2009:




Update (4/14/2009):

Kim Jung Hoon (김정훈) will enlist on 4/28. 

Kim Jung Hoon

Lee Jin Wook will enlist on 5/6.

 Lee Jin Wook

Update (2/16/2009):

Shin Ji Ho (심지호) was enlisted in the army on 2/5:

Shin Ji Ho

Kim Jae Won will be enlisted in the army on 3/23:

Kim Jae Won

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