New albums and singles preview 2009 – January week 3

Boys Over Flowers (KBS Drama OST) (January 20)
01 Paradise – T Max
02 Because My Head is Bad – SS501
03 Do You Know – Someday
04 Stand By Me – Shinee
05 Lucky – Ashily
06 Star Tears – Kim Yoo Kyung
07 Little Bit – Seo Jin Young
08 One More Time – Wooden Bicycle
09 I Know (Sax Inst) – Lee Jung Sik
10 Dance With Me (Inst) – Oh Jun Sung
11 Blue Flower (Inst) – Oh Jun Sung
12 So Sad (Inst) – Oh Jun Sung
13 Opening Title – T Max

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Korea’s top idol groups including T-Max, SS501, and Shinee have taken part in the mini drama series, “Boys Over Flowers”. This drama’s story plot is derived from the Japanese manga written by Kamio Yoko. The title track of the album is Paradise, sung by T-Max, which one of the F4 members, Song Woo Bin is part of. Another theme song is Because My Head is Bad, sung by SS501 whose members include another of the F4, Kim Hyun Joong. Shinee have also taken part in this soundtrack with Stand By Me. Other participants include Someday and Seo Jin Young, who has also sung for various dramas including “Summer Scent” and “Gumiho.”

Gavy NJ – Romance Story: Vol. 3 + Bonus CD (January 20)
CD 1
01 Lie
02 Blue (feat. Blue)
03 There Must No Such Thing as Love
04 Shake Shake
05 Starlight
06 Fool
07 The Beginning
08 Payback (feat. Carlos)
09 Tear Rain
10 Fox’s Diary
11 Since You Don’t Know
12 Violin (Your Song)

CD 2
01 [Bonus CD] Romance Story
02 Suddenly
03 Romance Story (Orchestra Version)
04 Suddenly (Orchestra Version)
05 Romance Story Music Video (starring Park Min Young & Lee Soo Hyuk)

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Female trio Gavy NJ have returned with a new single, Romance Story. It is expected that listeners will get emotional with this song since it is composed of two words which affect people’s hearts most. Gavy NJ’s vocal talents and their ability to bring out the meaning of the song well will only make this song more enjoyable. This limited edition includes their third album, “Romance Story” and “Suddenly”, which was part of their latest released single.

May Doni (single) – 7 Teen (released)
01 ID (I’m Maydoni)
02 Mola-ing (feat. Jo Kwon and Jung Jin Woon from 2AM)
03 Like the First Time (feat. July)
04 Mola-ing (IS Mix) (feat. Jo Kwon and Jung Jin Woon from 2AM)
05 Mola-ing (MV Edit) (feat. Jo Kwon and Jung Jin Woon from 2AM)
06 ID (I’m Maydoni) (Inst)
07 Mola-ing (Inst)
08 Like the First Time (Inst)

For Maydoni’s first single album “7teen”, top composer Yoon Il Sang took charge in producing it. In order to show Maydoni’s charms and style, various genres were tried out. The title track “Mola-ing” especially features 2AM members Jo Kwon and Jung Jin Woon.

Other releases:

The Day (mini-album) – Soulights (released)

Jessica H.O. (single) – The Rebirth (released)

Kim Sae Young – 지난간 (January 20)

Jiggy Fellaz Vol. 2 – The Black Album (January 20)

Skasucks – New Generation of Ska (January 20)

LP Vol. 1 – The Legendary Revolution (January 21)

Jang Hye Jin – Masterpiece Series 2 (January 22)

After School – New Schoolgirl (January 22)

Club Play Gayo Remix Vol. 8 (January 22)

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