New albums and singles preview 2009 – January week 4

After School (mini-album) – New Schoolgirl (January 29)
01 Play Girlz
02 Ah
03 Bad Person
04 Ah (Inst)

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Hot issue group After School finally debuted with their first single album after 2 years of training. Each of the five members has her own charms and image which garnered much interest and attention from netizens. The first song is Play Girlz, which is a song with hip-hop beats that show off the girls’ strong image. The second track is Ah, which was produced by the famous Brave Brothers who are known for hits such as Crazy and How. The song has electric, hip-hop, and powerful characteristics that follows the American trend popular at this time.

Voice One – Remembrance (January 30)
01 My Bad Love
02 For a Long Long Time
03 Winter Fairytale
04 You Are Descending
05 One Tear Drop
06 Only You
07 My Bad Love (Inst)
08 For a Long Long Time (Inst)

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Project Group Voice One, which consist of diva Jang Hye Jin, Monday Kiz’ Lee Jin Sung, and romanticist Ilac, have released their mini album Remembrance. The title track is My Bad Love. Through this song and album, Voice One hope to liven up spirits during the cold winter season. Producer Sun Jung Hwan is in charge of the music video, which will feature segments of Voice One singing with great harmony. Rookie actors Son Ho Joon and Yoon Joo He are to take part in the video as well.

T (single) – Don’t Leave (released)
01 Don’t Leave
02 Don’t Leave (Inst)

R&B, hip-hop and soul artiste T (Yoon Mirae) finally returns with a digital single, Don’t Leave, after her third album release, giving her a chance to show off her vocals skills once again. Yoon Myung Sun, who is known for composing Eru’s Black Glasses, composed this song and Bang Shi Hyuk, who has composed Baek Ji Young’s Like Being Hit By a Bullet, took charge in arranging it. This song is about remembering the hurtful memories about love.

Other releases:

Ran (single) – Never Say Bye (released)

Taw (mini-album) – I Made A Fool Of Myself Because I Love You So Much, I Cannot Live Without You (released)

M Street (single) – Forever (released)

Dynamite Vol. 1 – Ultimate Dynamite (January 29)

Rainy Sun Vol. 4 – Origin (January 29)

Bae Jin Ryul Vol. 1 – Jr Groove & Piano (January 30)

Guckkasten Vol. 1 – Guckkasten (January 30)

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