New albums and singles preview 2009 - February week 2

Shin Hye Sung Vol. 3 – Side 2: Keep Leaves (February 17)
01 Keep Leaves…Part 1
02 Even If It’s a Lie
03 Why Did you Call
04 I’m Dying
05 Love Sick
06 Keep Leaves…Part 2
07 Love Letter
08 Beautiful Girl
09 In Place
10 Still

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Last summer, Shin Hye Sung released Side 1 of his third solo album. This year, Shin has released Side 2 of the album which consists of the heart-wrenching ballads he is known for. There are a total of ten tracks with lyrics and melodies similar to that of a sad movie. The title track is Why Did You Call and it was composed by Ha Jung Ho, who also wrote A Good Day to Love, a duet track with Miss Korea Honey Lee. The song is about being unable to forget one’s love after a breakup.





F.T Island (mini-album) – Jump Up (February 17)
01 You’re a Bad Woman
02 Like a Doll
03 Magic
04 Missing U
05 You and I
06 What Do You Want Me to Do

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With hit songs such as Love Sick, idol band FT Island return with their first mini album, Jump Up. This is also the first album featuring new member Song Seung Hyun, who is capable of singing, rapping, as well as playing the guitar and the piano. The title track is “You’re a Bad Woman”, which was composed by Vibe’s Ryu Jae Hyun, who also wrote “Love Sick” and “Until You Come”. One can hear Lee Hongki’s emotions through this rock ballad. Another song worth mentioning is “Missing U”, which samples Vivaldi’s Winter of the Four Seasons. “You and I”, on the other hand, has vocals contributed by guitarist Choi Jong Hoon and bassist Lee Jae Jin. Lastly, new member Song Seung Hyun contributes his rap in “Magic”. There are a total of six tracks on this release.





Kara (mini-album Vol. 2) – Pretty Girl (Special Editon) (February 19)
01 Honey
02 What Is This (Plastic Ver)
03 Pretty Girl (School Rock Ver)
04 Pretty Girls (Bani Ver)
05 Good Day Season 2

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Last November, Kara released their second mini album Pretty Girl and it has been doing very well on the music charts. This month, Kara will release a special edition of the album where the second single will be Honey. The song has been arranged a bit differently from the one originally included in the mini album. There are electronic sounds and a sad melody. Also included in the album is a 32-page photo booklet.





Monday Kiz Lee Jin Sung (single) – Letter (released)
01 1 Step

Monday Kiz Will Forever Be Remembered…Lee Jin Sung is to now stand alone.

Lee Jin Sung has produced his first solo album within six months and also took part in composing, penning lyrics, arranging, and playing the instruments himself. The title track features Korea’s top black gospel group, Heritage, thus allowing Lee Jin Sung to show a new side of R&B ballads.





Other releases:


Jumper (single) – Yes! (released)

Kim Dong Hee (single) – Collection (released)

Dia (single) – Ocarat (released)

9th Street (single) – 9th Street Birth (released)

Flamini Vol. 1 – Big Shining (released)

Boo Hwal – Song Book: 25th Anniversary (February 18)

99 Anger – The Anger And The Sadness (February 18)

Kim Eun Young Vol. 1 – 그리움을 말하다 (February 18)

MC The Max – Invincible Moon: Live CD + DVD (February 19)


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