New albums and singles preview 2009 - February week 3

Dynamic Duo – Ballad For Fallen Soul Part 1 (February 25)
01 Nagging (feat. Simon Dominic For Supreme Team)
02 L.B.A (feat. E – Sens For Supreme Team, Kim Yun Woo)
03 Beyond the Wall (feat. Supreme Team)
04 Nagging (Inst)
05 L.B.A (Love Breakin’ Apart) (Inst)
06 Beyond the Wall (Inst)
07 Nagging (Accappella)
08 L.B.A (Accappella)
09 Beyond the Wall (Accappella)

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Dynamic Duo have released their first single album, titled Ballad For Fallen Soul Part 1. This single is about undergoing the mistakes and breakups of love. Through this album, fans can feel the duo’s truthfulness. The title song is Nagging.





Lee Jin Sung Vol. 1 – Letter (released)
01 Miracle
02 Sorry (With Heritage)
03 If That Person Was Me
04 1 Step
05 Without Anyone Knowing (Duet V.O.S Choi Hyun Jun)
06 Letter
07 If That Person Was Me (Inst)
08 Sorry (Inst)

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Monday Kiz Will Forever Be Remembered…Lee Jin Sung is to now stand alone.

Lee Jin Sung has produced his first solo album within six months, during which he took part in composing, penning lyrics, arranging, and playing the instruments himself. The title track, Sorry, features Korea’s top black gospel group, Heritage, thus allowing Lee Jin Sung to show a new side of R&B ballads. Singer Ilac penned the lyrics to this song. If That Person Was Me, on the other hand, was composed by the famous Park Hae Woon and penned by Kang Eun Kyung. 1 Step is another song worth recommending, and like the title, it shows Lee Jin Sung’s first step as a solo singer; it has a strong melody line to it. Without Knowing Anyone is a duet track with VOS’ Choi Hyun Jun, which incorporates hip-hop beats and pop melodies.





Wheesung (single) – Insomnia (released)
01 Insomnia
02 Insomnia (Inst)

Korea’s top R&B artiste, Wheesung has remade world star Craig David’s hit track, Insomnia. The song was originally released last October as a digital single, and Craig David personally asked Wheesung to sing the Asian version. Insomnia is a dance pop track which incorporates the famous bassline trend which is quite popular in Europe. The song was produced by Jim Beanz and Timbaland. The Korean version of the song was re-arranged by Kim Min Soo and penned by Wheesung himself.





Other releases:


Sori – Lip (released)

Kim Eun Young Vol. 1 – 그리움을 말하다 (released)

Technicolor Vol. 1 – The Brilliant Future (released)

Krygen (single) – 말날 줄 알았죠 (released)

Lee Ji Hye & Jang Suk Hyun (single) – Love 100% (released)

Joo Hyun Mi & Seo Hyun (SNSD) (single) – 짜라자짜 (released)

Lee Sun Hee Vol. 14 – 사랑아 (February 24)

Molly.d Vol. 1 – Mollywood Classic Vol. 1 (February 24)

Epitone Project Vol. 1 – 긴 요행의 시작 (February 24)

All That – Touch Me (February 24)

G.I. – Unexpected Explosion (February 24)

Lee Hyori – Live (DVD) (February 24)

DJ Unjin – Dokdo (February 25)

Noblesse (mini-album) – Sadness (February 25)

Kim Dong Wook – 감성적 포유류 (February 26)

Skald Vol. 1 – Antichrist (February 26)

Koffee – Koffee Addition (February 26)

Lee Han Chul Vol. 3 – 순간의 기록 (February 27)

Hwa Na Vol. 1 – Fanatic (February 27)



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