3/7/09 — Park Yong Ha, Park Shi Yun, and Kim Kang Woo will lead the Monday-Tuesday drama “Men’s Story (남자 이야기)” scheduled to be aired by KBS2 on 4/6, following the final episode of “Flower-like Men”.

Men's Story


This drama portrays a man’s ups and down life of revenge after his family was impacted by the bankruptcy of a conglomerates group.


PYH plays the role Kim Shin (김신) who lost love, money, and family all of a sudden and then he declares war to the world.  KKW plays the role Chae Do Woo (채도우) who unavoidably confronts with Kim Shin.


Actor Philip Lee (이필립) plays the role Do Jae Myung (도재명) who is an overseas Korean proficient in English and law.  Jae Myung helps Kim Shin to chase large corporations.  It is expected that Jae Myung would bring intensity to the drama from the beginning.  Philip Lee’s previous drama was “Four Legends of the Great King”.


Actor Park Ki Woong (박기웅) plays the role Ahn Kyung Tae (안경태) who is a queer genius helping Kim Shin to revenge.  Actress Lee Tae Yim (이태임) plays the role Chae Eun Soo (채은수) who has tough and determined personality.


This drama is written by Song Ji Na (송지나) who is well-known for her works for the successful dramas such as “Sandglass (모래시계)”, “The Great Hope (대망)”, and “Four Legends of the Great King (태왕사신기)”.


Philip Lee

Philip Lee

Park Ki Woong

Park Ki Woong

Lee Tae Yim

Lee Tae Yin