New albums and singles preview 2009 - March week 1

Davichi (mini-album) – Davichi in Wonderland (released)
01 8282
02 Got Into an Accident
03 My Man
04 Is Love Funny to You
05 Music Box
06 Crazy Woman

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Last February, duo Davichi debuted with “I Still Love You Even Though I Hate You” and continued with “Sad Promise” and Love and War, achieving 2008’s Korea’s best female rookie at the end of the year. One year later, Davichi have returned with their mini album, Davichi in Wonderland. The title track is 8282, which was composed by Korea’s top lyricist and composer, Kang Eun Kyung and Kim Do Hoon. The song is about the anxiety one gets while waiting for the call of a loved one. It has trendy trance rhythms with powerful vocals from the girls. Another song to watch out for is “Got Into an Accident”, which was also composed and penned by Kang and Kim. There are total of six tracks on the album.





Park Hyo Shin (Best Hits Album) – Gold (March 10)
01 Good Person
02 After That Time
03 Yearning
04 Snow Flower (I’m Sorry I Love You OST)
05 Butterfly’s Winter
06 You & Me
07 Fool
08 That Is My World (with Kwon In Ha)
09 Words for Plenty of Love
10 Buried Pain
11 Show Me Your Love
12 Love Is Blind
13 Things I Can Do For You
14 Stalking
15 Far Away
16 Change of Mind (With Jun So Young)

It is said that male singers’ vocals are best when they are in their 20s. This upcoming best album, titled Gold, includes songs that Park Hyo Shin has sung from the time of his debut (which was in his teens) to his 20’s. Fans who miss Park’s golden era can enjoy this album during the year of 2009.






Seotaiji 8th Atomos Part Secret (March 10)
01 Bermuda (Triangle)
02 Juliet
03 Coma
04 Bermuda (Triangle) (Remix)

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Seo Taiji’s 2nd single album’s title, 8th Atomos Part Secret, and jacket cover have finally been released to the public! Like the title states, the single’s theme will be on “truth” with the genre being “nature found,” similar to that of his first single, Part Moai. On the 14th and 15th of this month, Seo Taiji will be performing at Olympic Hall where tickets were sold out within 20 minutes of sale.





Lim Chang Jung Vol. 11 – Return To My World (March 11)
01 Person Like You Is..
02 Want..To Not Want
03 It’s Been a Long Time
04 I Miss Those Days
05 Smiling Once As I Think of Her
06 Let’s Marry
07 The Name In My Heart
08 To Hyun Joo
09 Sad Fate
10 Not Alone – feat. Lee Ssang
11 To Your X-Boyfriend
12 In the Club – feat. Jed

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Veteran Lim Chang Jung, who is known for many hits including “Already Came to Me” and “Back to That Time”, has finally come back after 6 years, with his 11th studio album. After the release of “One Shot of Soju” in 2003, Lim had left his music career temporarily, leaving many fans thirsty for more. Because of this long hiatus, lots of thought and effort were put into the 12 beautiful songs in the album. Seven of the songs, including “Sad Fate”, “I Miss Those Days”, and “The Name In My Heart” were penned by Lim himself. In addition famous musicians Yoo Gun, Lee Ssang, and composers Hwang Sung Jeh and Jwang Chan Hee took part in the album. The title track is “It’s Been A Long Time”, which was composed by Lee Dong Won, who also wrote the previous hit “One Shot of Soju”. This well-made ballad number is about a man who has reunited with his lover, but sadly has trouble approaching her. Another number to watch out for is “To Hyun Joo”, which Lim wrote for his wife, golf player Hyun Joo, promising his lasting love for her. 





8Eight Vol. 3 – Golden Age (March 11)
01 The Light of My Life – Intro
02 Poor Sunflower
03 Don’t Endure
04 Don’t Have a Heart
05 The Sadness Is Now Enough
06 Numbers
07 Can’t Stop
08 You Said You Loved Me
09 Meeting
10 Freedom

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The winners of Show Rival, 8eight have returned with their third music album, Golden Age. It was produced by Bang Shi Hyuk, who composed and penned “Like Being Hit By a Bullet”, thus upgrading and making it more professional. The title song is “Don’t Have a Heart” and it was once again produced by Bang Shi Hyuk. The music video features the Wonder Girls’ So Hee, who transforms into a vampire.





Kim Jong Kook (single) – Happiness Sickness (released)
01 Happiness Sickness
02 Happiness Sickness (inst)

Kim Jong Gook returns in the warm spring time with “Happiness Sickness”. This loveable song is about a world where everything is beautiful, with everyone being happy simply for being touched and hugged; it is a gift from the heavens. Recently, Kim had wanted to sing a bright song. He mentioned how sad songs are good in that they offer comfort to those in need, but he wanted to send out happiness that people can sing along to. 





Rumble Fish (single) – Heart For One Person (released)
01 Heart For One Person
02 Heart For One Person feat Misty

Last year, Rumble Fish garnered much love with their remake album Memory For You, with their title track “You and The Rain”. Unfortunately, the band was unable to perform their follow-up track, Heart For One Person” and so they have re-released a March version of this song as a digital single. Originally sung by Lee Seung Hwan, this version showcases female vocals by vocalist Choi Jini, bringing a new flavor to the song. Her husky yet beautiful voice complements the song well.





Other releases:


Bi (Rain) Vol. 5 – Rainism: Recollection (released)

Tobacco Juice Vol. 1 – 쓰레기는 어디로 갈까요 (released)

Choi Jung Chul (single) – 그렇게 (released)

Carlos – Still Standing (March 9)

Biuret Vol. 2 – Dreams Come True (March 11)

M.H.IS – 2night (March 12)

Oysterboys Vol. 1 – Tiger Soul (March 12)

Lee Eun Mi (mini-album) – 소리 위를 걷다 (March 12)

Seoul Electric Band Vol. 2 – Life Is Strange (March 13)

Uptown Vol. 6 – New Era (March 13)

Sweet Sorrow Vol. 2.5 – Songs (March 13)



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