Artist of the week – T-Max

Member : Shin Min-cheol
Date of birth : Feb. 5, 1982
Height : 177cm
Weight : 64kg
Hobbies : Taking portrait photos, watching movies
Talents : Making accessories, reforming clothes

Member : Park Yun-hwa
Date of birth : Jan. 31, 1986
Height : 175cm
Weight : 52kg
Hobbies : Collecting accessories, playing games, watching movies

Member : Kim Jun
Date of birth : Feb. 3, 1985
Height : 183cm
Weight : 64kg
Hobbies : Playing online games, playing basketball
Talent : Snowboarding

The name T-Max comes from the first letter of triple and trinity, the words that mean perfect balance and harmony, and “maximize”, which implies that they will maximize their talents and abilities. Their debut song was a J-pop style dance track about the moment that new love blooms.

Even before they debuted, they’d been known by netizens because they filmed a video of themselves dancing to Arashi’s Love So Sweet and gave it as a gift to their producer.

The trio is composed of Shin Min-cheol, noted for his exceptional songwriting talent; Kim Jun, who plays Song Woo-bin in the KBS drama “Boys Over Flower”; and Park Yun-hwa, a talented musician in his own right. Their latest album contains pieces that best represent the versatility of these three promising musicians, covering a wide range of genres from trendy pop to funky rock dance. Title song “I Love You” from their latest album will also be featured in the teaser video for the film “Pitiable City” due out in early 2009.

They also sang ‘Paradise’, which is the title song for KBS drama “Boys Over Flower”.


* Blooming (single, 2007-06-13) : Blooming, Bang Bang Boom, etc.

* Lion Heart (single, 2007-11-30) : Lion Heart, Open Up My Heart

* Run to You (single, 2008-12-29)

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