“Commanding Women” come out in dramas scheduled to be aired in March … from unyielding “ajuma (아줌마)” to historical heroine.

 Dramas in March, 2009

“Flower-like Men” has made evening dramas hot. Now, it is time to dispatch “Commanding Women” in front of TV viewers in March.

Starting from March, TV dramas present ‘Women’s World’. Actresses Yoo Ho Jung, Kim Nam Joo, Lee Hye Young, Chae Rim, and Jung Ryu Won (유호정, 김남주. 이혜영, 채림, 정려원) all come back to TV dramas after each of them took a long break. They transform by playing charismatic characters showing tough and commanding images instead of preexisted sophisticated ones.

Kim Nam Joo leads MBC drama “Queen of Wives (내조의 여왕)”. This is Kim Nam Joo’s comeback to TV drama since her last drama aired 8 years ago. In the past 8 years, she has always presented urban and polished image in CFs. In contrast, she plays a tough married woman who has strong will to deal with life in this new drama. Her role endeavors to help her husband who is a bum with indecisive personality to adapt to the society.

In the same drama, actress Lee Hye Young has already attracted peoples’ attentions for her exceptional transformation for her new role. In the beginning of the drama, as an ugly high school student, she had short hair, wore glasses, had freckles and black-stained teeth on her face. Then she changes to a stylish married woman.

In her new drama “Love to Anybody (사랑은 아무나 하나)”, Yoo Ho Jung plays a completely cool-headed doctor. She says, “This time, my role is an interesting one. The tenacious acting skill hidden inside me will come out by playing this character.”

Chae Rim plays a courageous unmarried mother in her upcoming MBC weekend drama “Job Well Done (잘했군 잘했어)”. Her role Lee Gang Joo lives proudly without the attentions from her lovers and family. In order to well portray this character, Chae Rim has her long hair cut short to the root of her ears.

Similar to the said characters of working or unmarried mothers, Jung Ryu Won plays a historical heroine Naklang Princess Ja Myung who receives loves and respects from citizens of her country. To protect her country, she ventures into enemy’s territory Gogooryu. Jung Ryu Won demonstrates Princess Ja Myung’s skills of archery and swords through her passionate performances.

The wide range of female characters transformation from working mothers and unmarried mothers to historical heroine has already captured the hearts of TV viewers.



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